Relying on paired opposite signspersonality, socionics identifies "Balzac" as an intuitive-logical introvert. This means that such a person is able to ignore objective reality, all sorts of little things, but at the same time can penetrate into the very essence of things.

socionics balzac
Naked facts, not emotions, are for him the yardstick of everything.

Socionics. "Balzac": appearance

Representatives of this type can be first of allidentify by posture. He can be lean, and heavy, and medium complexion, but rarely there is "Balzac", who would not slouch, would not drag his head into the shoulders. Eyes expressive and sad. It creates the impression that a person feels like a victim. The logical subtype looks untidy: slovenly clothes, worn out shoes. But intuitive, on the contrary, neat, clean, tastefully selected outfit. According to socionics, "Balzac" woman does not observe diets, does exercises, imposes barely noticeable make-up and rarely visits a hairdresser. Clothes choose low-key and comfortable. Only promotion can force her to change this rule. In this case, she has to ensure that clothing and appearance correspond to the situation in society.

socionics balzac of relationship
Socionics. "Balzac": the manner of communication

In this respect, two subtypes are also significantdiffer from each other. So, the logical behaves more aggressively, actively, sometimes even deliberately rude. Intuitive same subtype is soft in communication, often smiling, leaves an impression of himself as a man educated, intelligent, knows how to arrange for himself. "Balzac" is talking slowly, sluggishly. It does not escape the slightest discrepancy in some views or theories. "Balzac" can easily predict how events unfold in the near future. He never hurries and can not stand, when he is driven, forced to fuss.

Socionics. "Balzac": features of behavior

Activity of this type manifests only in the solutionissues of a commercial nature. That is, if in everyday affairs "Balzac" is passive, then in those who promise profits, it starts to act. This is a very thrifty person. He does not like to take his things, does not like to spend money on gifts, to lend money. However, nothing regrets itself. Do not go out without things that provide him comfort. Works slowly, digs to the details.

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Socionics. "Balzac": relationship with dual

That a person could realize all aspects of hislife, he needs a partner complementing him. In socionics, it is called "dual". At "Balzac" such comfortable relations can develop only with "Napoleon". In this case, they will complement each other in the most natural way. What is easy for "Balzac" will be perceived by "Napoleon" as a miracle and accepted with gratitude. And vice versa.

Socionics. "Balzac": some recommendations

The main problem of this psychotype is disbelief inany undertakings, especially if their implementation requires significant expenditure of enthusiasm, energy and money. "Balzac" is generally inclined to perceive the world from a pessimistic point of view. He needs to learn in difficult situations not to contemplate, but to be active. Constant grumbling repels people. In order not to remain without friends at all, it is necessary to look for dignity in everyone and, if possible, ignore the shortcomings.