Many girls, when standing, cross their legs. It can look beautiful or inappropriate. And men have a completely logical question: "Why do girls cross their legs when they stand?" In fact, everything should be perceived depending on the situation.

Common causes

The explanation can be either completely banal orhave a psychological overtones. First of all, it should be remembered that little girls are taught to keep their feet together as a child. And as you grow older, this habit can be so entrenched that it can cause such a posture.

There is another unremarkable option: the outside temperature is below zero. Girls like to wear short skirts or shorts, despite the weather. Gradually, this habit disappears, but while I want to show the beauty of my legs, ladies can not notice the cold. Especially in the winter, when everyone is dressed and wrapped up, a short skirt instantly attracts attention. And in this case, even think about why the girls cross their legs when they stand, because the reason is obvious. That's just not all girls know that in this case, you should radiate optimism and not shake from the cold, because then no effect will not work. And if the street is really cold, and it is not at all winter clothes, then crossed legs can be the only way to not shake.

why do girls cross their legs when they stand

Psychological factors

Each of us knows that crossingany part of the body speaks of the desire to close from the outside world. And the more pronounced this gesture, the stronger the person's inner desire to isolate himself. In what cases do people close?

Often a girl sits cross-legged, not because,that is trying to close. She is sure that she has excellent shorts, pantyhose, shoes and shows them around. But in this case a positive protest mood emanates from it. But in itself this position is closed, and may indicate a reluctance to maintain any contact or touch a certain topic in a conversation.

It should also be borne in mind that the position of crossedlegs in the first place indicates a lack of confidence and internal imbalance. In a harmonious personality, the feet are on the width of the shoulders, and the load is distributed evenly between them. It is this idea that is key in the perception of the question of the question of why men are crossing their legs when they stand? "

the girl is standing with her legs crossed

Impact of specific causes

Crossing of legs occurs at conversation withan uncomfortable interlocutor. And if the reason is precisely this, then in no case can a person show such a pose. Even if he is not a connoisseur of psychology, he will read it at a subconscious level and also take a defensive or completely closed position.

Also, a person can close if he expectsto hear unpleasant news. The harder for him to perceive the news, the more closed the external position can be. If the girl is standing with her legs crossed, then this can occur before the scoring of the exam marks, the diagnosis from the doctor, the amount of debt or other information that is perceived as unpleasant.

Also the girl can be in a bad mood. And this position testifies to her desire to close from her own negative thoughts. She can be absorbed in thinking about a certain situation and retaining a friendly expression. But crossed legs signal about internal discomfort.

the girl is sitting cross-legged

How can you not stand at the workshop

If one leg of the girl remains flat andis the center of gravity, then you can witness the bored state of the interlocutor. Just uninteresting conversation or the girl is in impatience.

To stand so at any meeting beforethe management team is not recommended. People intuitively perceive such signals. But if the management understands the sign language, the subsequent attitude towards the employee, who is not serious about official duties, will not be very benevolent. Count on the fact that suddenly the boss does not know why the girls cross their legs when they stand, it's not worth it. Now there are many trainings, many of which he, of course, managed to visit.

if a girl crosses her legs while talking

The most closed poses

When a girl crosses her legs and armsat the same time, it clearly indicates the desire to close from what is happening. Such a position is usually accepted by those people who are so unwell, that they no longer consider it important for themselves to "save face" with others.

If the foot of one leg is located behind the other,then there is a "lock". Thus, the girl takes an obvious defensive position, while fixes her with an internal effort. That is, she is determined not to defend herself in the conversation, and not to surrender her positions. In this case, it is not easy to be able to disclose it.

In most cases, the position of the crossed legsspeaks of uncertainty and internal imbalance. Even if it's cold in the street, this position is also a sign of discomfort. And if a girl crosses her legs during a conversation, because she does not control this gesture or does not consider it necessary to hide it, then do not blame her for disrespectful attitude to the interlocutor. In fact, the reasons can be quite different.