If you have an in-depth understanding of the judgments aboutstupidity, many scientists and psychologists agree that stupidity is more a temporary state of the soul with which a person does not live all his life. But here the time interval for such a "problem" may be different. One month is sufficient to change one's state and back into the rut of a wise and intelligent person. Others will not last for five years.

If you put the question a bit from a different angle andto consider stupidity from the point of view of the problems it brings, then we can definitely say that there are very few positive moments in stupidity, both for the person himself and for his surroundings. So how do you recognize a stupid person? Most often, if a person is stupid, then you can see a few signs that recognize him.

Stupid person signs

Signs of a stupid person

There are many superficial reasons to consider a person a fool. But all of them can be combined into the main six signs of a stupid person.

Clever and stupid people of difference

So, by what signs can you understand that a person is stupid? Let's understand.

Permanent monologue

Dialogue is the exchange of useful information betweeninterlocutors. Ability to listen and hear your companion is an important component of communication with people in society. This component is absent only for a stupid person. For those who do not understand and do not take the main factors that promote healthy communication between people, it will be difficult to find an interlocutor and take a high place in society.

None of the people will not want to regularly contact a person who constantly uses monologues in his speech and is not able to listen to the interlocutor.

Conviction of the rightness

Stupid people seldom focus onversatility of the world. They do not take into account other people's opinions and views. Moreover, many of them believe that the planet Earth is absolutely round and there are no any flattenings in it. This view of the world is the highest degree of stupidity.

Convince something stupid people with this kind of thinkingsimply impossible. Whatever evidence they are provided by an interlocutor or scientific literature, such people will stand on their own and turn a blind eye to all the arguments of the opposite side.

Indifference to another's opinion

A person suffering from stupidity is deeply convinced ofinterest of the interlocutor in person. He completely disregards the needs and interests of his opponent. The reasons for this behavior lie in the conviction that they are right. The consequence of this is the lack of need for feedback and selfishness.

Signs of an intelligent person interesting facts

Separation into bad and good

The sign of a stupid person is in himself and he whocan divide life only into black and white, bad and good. Ignoring shades and nuances can make a fool in difficult life situations and despondency. After all, in a person's life, there are sometimes more negative moments and situations than positive ones. But in them it is necessary to identify the positive sides and take them into account in the future. But when a person has only a negative in his life (according to his judgments, of course), one can start a life in a dead end or even fall into depression.

Life is very multifaceted, and is not divided only into black and white. It all depends on the situation, the world outlook of a person and his capabilities.

A gross violation of the rules of etiquette

The basic and most important rules of etiquetteare introduced to every person as a child. But if it is also permissible for a child to neglect these rules, then an adult educated person must adhere to them.

A sign of stupidity is loud behaviora person in places where this is not permissible: in the workplace, in public transport, in the theater. There are, of course, exceptions in the form of charismatic people with a "loud" temper. But they also allow themselves such behavior only in the places permissible for this purpose.

By what signs can you understand that a man is stupid

Lack of fear

In our society we have to facepeople who are absolutely not afraid of anything. Jump from the cliff, endless fights and insane behavior? Of course, this is about them. The absence of fear is comparable to the lack of the instinct of self-preservation, and this is not only a sign of stupidity in man, but also a signal of a serious mental illness. A person in any situation should control his actions and analyze them, so as not to harm his body. It is inherent in us by nature itself.

The reverse side of this medal is permanentfears not based on panic attacks. A person with signs of stupidity is afraid to make a phone call, go out to a crowded place, read a poem publicly or go to an interview. This behavior is most often not associated with psychological illnesses, but speaks of a person's lack of understanding, why he needs it at all. It is necessary to overcome difficulties and gain experience. Without this experience and certain skills, a person will not be able to break through in society and overcome his fears.

Signs of an intelligent person: interesting facts

Stupid people signs

What are the principal differences between smart and stupid people? In views on life and behavior in society. With smart people, things are a little more complicated. As mentioned above, stupidity is a temporary mental state. For clever people, the main distinguishing feature is memory, thanks to which a person quickly remembers information, and brain activity, which contributes to the rapid processing of information. The following is a detailed list of signs of an intelligent person.


In modern society it is important and necessary to knowinformation not only that which is necessary for the person here and now, but also that which can help in the future. This is one of the main factors by which the human mind is evaluated. The point is not only the need to know a large amount of information, but also in the interest in many aspects of life.

For example, working as a teacher of Russian,people are also engaged in the study of foreign languages, anatomy and scientific literature. At the same time, such a person has a hobby - embroidery and shooting classes. This example shows the versatility of an intelligent person who does not focus only on himself or his main work.


Smart people focus on their owninterlocutor and his interests. Also, such people like to take information rather than give it away. A person who has an interest in communicating with different people becomes smarter.

Moral values

Humiliation and immorality for smart peopleis considered unacceptable, no matter what the other person is. Such citizens understand that they will not exalt themselves by humiliating or insulting anyone. Similarly, smart people do not specifically show all their dignity and skills for the sake of recognition by society or any benefit. They will hide their talents until they really do not need them.

A responsibility

For intelligent people, care is very important andresponsibility, especially when it comes to work. They are able not only to develop independently, but also to help their colleagues in moving up the career ladder. This is based on the desire to work with intelligent and educated people in a healthy team. For an intelligent person, the quality of work is first and then the number and career ladder.


For today, education is fundamentala fact for a career. Without higher education, it is almost impossible to get a managerial position or a highly paid job. That is why most people believe that getting higher education is one of the most important aspects in a person's life. But even if smart people have a few crusts, they will not take it for a general review, since for a person with a mind, permanent self-education is more important than a narrow specialty for the whole life.


Scientists have long proved that our thoughtsare interconnected with events in our life. Of course, this does not mean that you just want a huge cottage on the Caribbean coast, as tomorrow the person will have the keys to it. Thoughts are material in the sense that a person tunes his thinking to the desired outcome of an event.

For example, in advance prepared for a reduction,there is a high probability that a person will really be dismissed. And it's not in magic, but that after learning about the reduction, a person begins to fill all his thoughts with this negative, while doing nothing in order not to be dismissed.

Smart people know that the right mindset andoptimism helps in life and makes it easier. Positive thoughts contribute to the rapid assimilation of information and the resolution of problems. Even when there are bad moments in the life of smart people, they think ahead and, most likely, already know the ways to overcome the crisis.

List of signs of an intelligent person

How to distinguish an intelligent person from a fool?

It is quite easy to check the mind of a person. One has only to carefully observe his behavior in different cases of life and talk with him. If a person with the mind is easy to identify in a short pastime, then the fool needs to contact longer. After all, the human mind is visible right away, and stupidity can not always be manifested. But a person does not always have free time to compare smart and stupid people. And sometimes you want to immediately understand who you are dealing with, and do not waste your free time and emotions on fools. So how do you distinguish a stupid person from an intelligent person in a couple of minutes?

  1. The first thing you should pay attention tointerlocutor, so this is with what kind of emotions the critic takes a person. Smart will calmly accept all claims to your account and try to listen to someone else's opinion. A fool will reject all negative comments about his personality and will stand on his own.
  2. Tell a person that he is not competent in hisspecialty and does not have special mental abilities. Stupid people are selfish, who believe that they fully understand not only their job responsibilities, but also many aspects of life. A fool never confesses to himself or to others that he is one. Smart people often believe that they do not know much and do not recognize themselves as gifted people.
  3. For a person with a basic mind of lifeis the constant development and processing of new information. Such people can not stay without sources of new information and people for a long time. Smart people see society as a colossal source of knowledge, they learn from other people and do not be afraid to ask for help from them. Fools, on the contrary, have a rather narrow horizon, the result of which are the same thoughts and standard thinking. Such people do not develop at all, considering themselves sufficiently educated and gifted.
  4. Smart people do not drown in illusions and do not wear"pink glasses". Actually, only fools who are not able to soberly assess the situation and make the right choice are engaged in this, because of which they constantly sit on the spot or step on the same rake. People with intelligence are able to quickly analyze the situation, find the right way out of it and see the prospects for their solution.

How to distinguish a stupid man from a smart man in a couple of minutes

Refer yourself to a particular category of peopledifficult, because most people do not see themselves from the outside. Help can be asked from relatives and relatives. If certain signs of a stupid person have been noticed, self-analysis and constant self-development will help to cope with the problem. It is also necessary to listen to the opinion of your own environment and analyze it. After all, sometimes what seems black, at a certain angle becomes colored.