Latin word latente in translation means"hidden". Latin is used in medicine and jurisprudence. Therefore, the terms "latent" tuberculosis, "..." diabetes, "..." hepatitis, "..." syphilis or "latent" crime are completely unsurprising. This word can be found dozens of synonyms and phrases explaining its meaning - dormant, invisible, in potency, inaccessible to external observation and, finally, secret.

The modern meaning and application of the concept of "latency"

meaning of the word latent
But if this is a "fashionable word", then it can beto call anything that takes place to be, but not observed clearly. Hence, a latent person is a person with a double bottom, leading a double life, having a second "I". You can say - a charlatan, or you can - a latent person.

Now this adjective most often occursin combination with the noun "homosexuality." A latent homosexual is one who does not know or is not sure of having secret inclinations. Although with such "colorful" gay parades, what "latent" does not become obvious.

The latent person is more often the personunfortunate, and his double life can be forced by surrounding circumstances, his own indecision, inability to change the conditions of existence, so to speak, the conflict between a person and society. In a short story "Latent Man", the hero perceived the hateful reality as a dream, and the dream as a beautiful life.


Strictly speaking, a latent person is a scout, a partisan, anyone, "thrown into the enemy's rear".

The word "latent", the meaning of which isthe moment absolutely replaces the word "secret" in the fashionable tusovka, entered the life recently, but spread almost everywhere. With new times, new words come. They come and go. That is, they remain, but no longer occur at every step. For example, "creative". Most recently, except that only a pig was not called this word. There also - "pathos" and "rudimentary".

Longevity of fashion concepts

Probably, the concept of "latent personality" can be interpreted as "mysterious" or "unexplored", and there is no possibility to study it. Then the "latent yeti" also has the right to be.

latent person is

The term "latentintellectuality ", which is applied to a person who does not want to stand out from society. An intellectually latent person is a person who either hides the presence of the mind or does not suspect his presence.

The concept of "latent learning" is interpreted asa causal relationship between two indifferent incentives that are unconditioned explicitly. All this is used to enhance the imagery of the language, often in the absence of their own imaginative thinking.

Fashionable words

The meaning of the word "latent" is interpreted as somethingtemporarily not observed, but which, under the appropriate circumstances, will necessarily manifest itself in the future. This is definitely a professional term. In physics, he characterizes specific processes, here there are concepts - "latent (latent) heat of melting" and "latent heat of vaporization".

But the "latent misanthrope" is a phrase,which was called Chubais, - sounds intriguing, cool and incomprehensible. And what is advertising - "A talented man by definition latent schizophrenic." At a time when the word becomes trendy, the nausea of ​​its use in speech exceeds all the limits of permissible, its real meaning is lost and becomes really latent.