How to organize a seminar?

Many advanced managers (and not onlytraining) once realized that a seminar is a great way to promote a company! And indeed, one small seminar on the actual topic in a short time makes three wonderful things that expert promotion specialists madly appreciate: first, you are assigned the status of an expert, and secondly, the trust to your company grows significantly. And thirdly, right at the seminar you can make sales for a very tidy sum, especially if you plan your plan correctly.

The difficulty in conducting seminars is usually only one - how to gain a lot of listeners? And, not any, but those who can then buy your product. This article is devoted to this article.

There is a great way how not just to collectseminar, and organize a real excitement of those who wish. I will share with you my many years of experience in collecting seminars. And I am more than sure that if you have fulfilled at least part of the recommendations, you will see a very pleasant result.

So, let's not pull the cat by the tail and go directly to the sacraments and tricks of collecting any event.

Council 1. Little by little.

Most of the activities are disrupted by tworeasons. They are called: little and late. About them in detail told in his works a brilliant, from my point of view, philosopher and humanist L. Ron Hubbard. The bottom line is this: if you started advertising your seminar one week before the event - you have already failed.

You should always start very early. For 3-4 weeks will be just right.

In addition, many organizers think that if they placed their advertising in one or two sources, customers will crowd at them, stuck in the doorway.

Sorry to upset you, but it does not work. It can only work if the speaker's name is well known and is very popular with the general public. And even that is not guaranteed.

Conclusion. Begin collecting the seminar very early and distribute a very large amount of information.

Council 2. Slaughter theme

Not interesting, not intricate, but slaughteringtheme of the seminar. There is such a widespread misconception that the more difficult the topic sounds, the more attention of the business public it will attract. Sorry to disappoint, but it's a fatal mistake. One of the most popular seminars for business owners is called "How to create a boom of customers right now." In terms of literacy, of course, you can criticize for a long time. But it is this theme that brings the desired result. So is there any point in arguing?

To come up with an ideal theme, you need to firstto find the common and very painful problem that worries your customers, and which you can solve with your product or service. The problem must be acute and real! It is best to conduct surveys.

After you feel a sick callus, draw up a topic that makes it clear that participants will be able to solve this issue at the seminar.

Now I will open one more little secret frommasters in the collection of events. Almost nobody knows him, only a few chosen gurus of his business. You can apply the following chip: when the date of the seminar is not yet known, make an e-newsletter to your customers. In the mailing list write that you plan to hold a chic seminar and want to know whether the topic will be interesting (describe it in the most colorful tones in detail). And you can end this way: "Only if there are enough people willing and interested in this topic, the seminar will be held. We are waiting for your feedback and requests! ". The main thing is that a lot of people get the newsletter. Then, by the number of applications, you can determine in advance how interested the topic will be, and at the same time get the core of the participants even before the appointment of the event date. This is called "aerobatics"!

Tip 3. Super-secret system of "3-touch"

So, the theme is assigned, the date is too. Now we move on to the recruitment of participants. We will now analyze the magic method, which is proudly called "System of 3 touches".

What is its value? It's simple. This method allows you to conduct an advertising campaign at no extra cost, with great benefit. However, there is an important point! You need to start no later than 3 weeks before the seminar.

So, let's take a look at the steps.

First of all, you need to run in the dispatch of 3 to 5 thousand paper letters. It is not necessary to tear yourself, it will be easier to order in specialized company. They will make and send themselves. And even the base of the recipients will be picked up.

Letters will reach the recipients from the week beforetwo. During this time the following work is carried out on the same base: 2-3 people sit and continuously send faxes with the advertisement of your seminar. And already those who received faxes, call the management team, which also consists of 2-3 people. Here is one of the variants of this remarkable method.

That is, first the client received from you a letter, then a fax, and then a call to the manager.

The point is that your message touches oneperson at least three times. This is very, very, very important. One of the greatest revelations that can turn your whole life around and permanently rid yourself of the lack of profit is that most people are ripe to place an order for 2 and 3 times !!!!!!

And here's another way to recruit a seminar using the 3-touch method.

Select a database from, for example, thousands of recipients. And send them a letter. In two weeks they receive from you one more letter, the continuation of the first. And in two weeks the last letter, the continuation of the first two. This is also a great way, included in the "3-touch" system.

Is the essence clear?

It can also be an e-mail-call, for example. Or a fax-elec- tronics-bell.

Does not matter. I repeat, the task is to touch one client at least 3 times!

This way is truly magical! It allows not only to recruit any seminar, but also to make a grandiose sale, for example!

So, now you know how to assemble a seminar. You are open to all the main secrets of this uneasy skill. Take and use!