To start and develop own business becamea common direction of human activity. It is remarkable that more and more people are beginning to take care of their own well-being on their own. But who would have thought that the well-being of business depends heavily on a factor such as naming? This concept and the questions that accompany it are the subject of our article.

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What is naming?

The concept of naming came to us from the Western world,although, naturally, cleverly inventing names for firms knew how and in our countries. There was a name "naming" ("naming") from the English word name, which means "name".

A new, modern concept implies professional activity in assigning commercial names to brand names. The difference between professional naming and amateur is colossal.

The inventing of names at the level of "everyday"is based on random associations, personal motives. Therefore, the success of such company names is basically a successful coincidence. Brand name specialists consciously study a number of factors, according to which the most effective variants for the further development of the firm are selected.

In traditional, generalized meaning, naming is the process of naming something. This is illustrated once again by the ending of the English (English).

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Random naming and professional naming companies

The value of a competently chosen, eloquent anda memorable name for the company was estimated even at the appearance of the first enterprises of the modern type. However, not long ago it would never have occurred to anyone that for a thought-out name in two or three words (well, the slogan, maybe, to him) would be paid good money.

But now the cost of naming a company with all related services (the context of using a name, analytical work, etc.) averages 400-600 dollars.

Prices for naming services from companies

The selection of names for business firms arevarious creative and analytical organizations: these are big companies, and small agencies, and linguistic studios. In general, we say that naming is not a cheap service. The cost of services depends on the level and experience of the company, as well as on the geopolitical factor.

For example, in Moscow, one full-scalethe project for assigning a name to the firm will cost from $ 1,000. In Kiev, a little cheaper: from $ 500 per order. In the distance from the capitals, you can find creative performers at a price of $ 400 for the project of selecting the name.

The figures, as we see, are not at all small. They are especially impressive, if you do not know at least in general terms what includes the process of professional selection of the name for the future famous brand.

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Factors for effective naming

The development of the company's brand is a long process, inwhich involves a whole team of specialists. Selection of competent perspective name for the company implies sociological, analytical and psychological work.

First, the segment of the market is analyzed,which is the company-customer. For comparison, all available company names and their reputation are taken. The new firm should have a new name, not familiar and not similar to others.

The analysis of the target audience is conducted: consumers of a particular product or service have very specific wishes and requirements for the required product, and therefore, as well as to the firm that provides it.

The title should show attractive features of the company, that is, experts naming need to analyze the work of the company-customer.


Based on the compiled picture are selecteddozens (30 or more) of diverse names. Each carries in itself this or that concept. Further from the available creative material the most successful are selected. This process takes time for a qualitative result.

The best options are agreed with the customer, andthe best of the best are tested on test groups. Such groups can include 10 or more people. They evaluate the brands offered to them from the point of view of the audience's perception: what feelings, associations cause, whether to themselves, whether other factors sound pleasant.

After careful consideration of many optionsthere is only one, and at the final stage the neumery represents the customer the result not in the form of a single name. An important detail is the concept of using the company name so that it produces the right impression on the customer / client.

As we have seen, high-level naming is not a matter of one or two hours.

How else can you choose a name for the project?

The services of professionals for the selection of names are worth a lot. It happens that there is no way to contact specialists directly. Then a cheaper naming development will come to the rescue ..

Choose a name for a small project,secondary (although it can sometimes?) can be done with the help of special linguistic programs. Such a program is called a naming generator, that is, a generator of names.

In the network are available various projects, paid andFree, giving the opportunity to just pick up several titles for your company and choose the most suitable one in your opinion. Such programs can be called in another way, for example, brand generators and other similar in meaning lexemes.

Such methods of choosing a name for a company arequite affordable naming. Examples of low prices (but also unpretentious results) can be seen on some content exchanges that have a special section.

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Developing a name for your business project is one of the paramount tasks of a modern businessman. And today many have understood: the correct name for the project is half the desired result.

In our article, we considered a new phenomenon incommercial world - professional attribution to firms (companies) of names, called the term naming. We also examined how professional work differs from the usual naming of new phenomena and what are the prices for the services of specialists.

We hope that the material has become interesting for you and you spent time updating your knowledge of modern business support tools.