One of the most popular ways to promotein the Internet is banner advertising. Dimensions of banners placed on all kinds of sites can be very different. But classic banner advertising is a graphic rectangular image created based on JPG or GIF formats.

Banner sizes
Recently, however, ever increasingpopularity is won by banners on the basis of a new format, which is called "rich media". The size of the banners of the new generation differs from the "old" by its "incorrectness", originality and dynamism. As a rule, they have a soundtrack, animation and "reaction" to the slightest movement of the mouse. The cost of creating such banners at times exceeds the fee for working on classical objects, however, as well as the price for their placement.

For some sites, the sizes of banners thatthey put on their own commercial basis, are of fundamental importance. That is, the first thing you need to do when deciding exactly what your banner advertising will be, is to find out from the administration of the resource where you plan to put information about yourself, what sizes of banners they accept. In most cases, you can, of course, agree on that your advertising is taken in the form in which you like it more, but you have to pay for it. Think about these additional costs?

The cost of banner advertising directly depends onthe value of the graphic image, the resource on which it will be placed, the duration of this placement and the location that the block will occupy on the site. In some cases, the performer may include in the price and the number of transitions made through this media facility.

Banner size
If we talk about size, then the most expensive,naturally, is the biggest banner. The standard banner size from the "largest" group is 728 × 90, where 728 is the width in pixels and 90 is the height. This advertising is also called an extension. It has optimal visibility and, understandably, gives the maximum number of transitions. But the long-term placement of this option can fly "a pretty penny," and a short period of demonstration of such advertising will not bring the desired effect.

So think: It may be more profitable to place a banner of a smaller size, but for a longer period. One of the most popular formats in the Russian-language Internet to date - a banner 468 × 60. It has a very small size, but it is also suitable for placing long phrases on it. In addition, its dignity is that it can be placed almost anywhere on the site, as it easily fits into the design.

Standard banner size
But the banner 240 × 350 allows you to implementAny graphical task of the customer, but it has significantly lower conversion rates. It's all about poor visibility, because it is placed, as a rule, in the left column under the menu or in the right column of the site. And these are not the most "fish" places.

But, whatever the size of the banners,through which you will promote your site or business, ordering the creation of banner advertising, contact one developer. It will create several graphic objects in your scenario, different in shape and size. Thus, you can not only save on development, but also have several options in the stock to find more profitable arrangements with different kinds of resources.