Placement of advertisements in social networks isone of the most effective mechanisms for promoting online stores or large communities. However, in order to maximize the effect of your ads, you need knowledge of the basics of targeting. In this article, you will learn what targeting advertising is and how to make it a real source of income for your business.

Targeting Targeting

For starters, it's worth understanding what targeting is.

The advertising mechanism, whose work is aimed atidentifying the target audience, calls targeting. The most popular and effective way of its implementation are social networks, as it is where most people spend their time on all ages and preferences.

targeting advertising

Targeting is direct and indirect. Direct allows you to identify those people who are able to be interested in the purchase of the proposed product, while the indirect one is aimed at related categories with the products or services being sold. Of course, you can use any of the types to develop your business. However, direct targeting is the most effective.

The effectiveness of terget advertising

The effectiveness of advertising on the principlethe selection of the target audience has already been evaluated by thousands of webmasters. After all, this approach allows you to select potential customers among numerous Internet users.

For the effective operation of the advertising mechanism, you needregularly conduct testing and analysis of their ads. In other words, you need to keep track of which users and at what time most often go over your ads and make an order. Only practice and observation are capable of giving a powerful result.

For placement of advertising campaigns, as statedearlier, it is worth choosing the social networks. For example, targeting advertising in "VC" is recognized by webmasters as the most effective engine of trade for online stores. It is in this social network is the ability to track ad statistics, their correction and the limit of views per day, which allows you to control your funds.

targeting vkontakte

Analyzing search queries

Only after studying all the subtleties of online marketing,you can create an effective advertising campaign. And it is the analysis of search queries that is one of the most important links in planning the promotion of your business.

For example, you are developing your online store, inwhich sell products for fishing. Accordingly, you need to study the frequency and popularity of search queries on this subject in order to attract as many customers to your store. You can conduct such an analysis on Google services or Yandex, which help to create statistics of user input phrases in the search string. Those phrases that are most popular should be used in the description of your online store and its advertising.

It would seem that everything is very simple. But it is this important detail that can multiply the number of potential customers and force the business to grow and develop actively.

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Setting up targeting ads

To the stage of setting up targeting advertisingto approach very scrupulously. After all, the wrong parameters can cost thousands of rubles lost. So, for the competent placement of the advertisement, you need to specify the following:

  1. The subject of advertising. Here you should specify a link to an external resource (your site) or group.
  2. The title of the ad, which should cling to customers and be interesting.
  3. Description of the ad, consisting of several phrases describing the main essence of your message.
  4. Subject of the announcement.
  5. Advertising picture.
  6. Parameters of the target audience (country, city, gender, age, marital status, interests, communities).

The last point should be given special attention,because it depends on it the effectiveness of your advertising. You can adjust the described items as you like. The main thing is that the chosen people really fit the criteria of your target audience. The "VKontakte" targeting advertisement, for example, allows you to change the settings of geolocation and the parameters of the right users at any time.

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How much does it cost?

Placement of targeting ads is definitely a paid service. After all, in order to develop your business, you need to make initial investments in its promotion.

Payment for targeting ads is made for the number of views. As a rule, for the starting point is 1000 impressions on the pages of users from the category of the target audience.

If you set up advertising yourself, thenthe average price for one viewing will be from 1 to 3 rubles, which in the amount per thousand views will be a fairly round sum. However, if you doubt your abilities, it is better to entrust the matter to a professional who will fully provide your business for 7-10 thousand rubles a month.

targeting advertising in the VC

Targeting advertising "VKontakte"

Social network "VKontakte", founded 9 yearsback by web developer Paul Durov, is the most popular site for placing targeting ads. After all, it is here that the overwhelming majority of representatives of target audiences spend their time for any kind of business.

Placement of VKontakte advertising is quite simple. It is enough simply to create an advertising campaign and replenish your balance. After that, a window for creating an advertising banner becomes available. When filling it, you need to be careful and specify the most accurate data and indicators of the target audience.

Targeting advertising "VKontakte" is capable ofbring thousands of customers to entrepreneurs with a competent approach to its placement. The main thing is to think over each point of its setting in relation to the goal.

targeted advertising

Targeting advertising in "Classmates"

The social network "Odnoklassniki", in contrast to"VC", has an older audience, what you need to consider when placing ads. Perhaps this is why webmasters do not recommend advertising campaigns here.

In addition, there is no possibility in Odnoklassnikiself-targeting. To order an advertising campaign, you need to send an email to the postal address of social network administrators and wait for a positive or negative answer. In general, the functionality of the system leaves much to be desired. And, if you understand, this approach will be optimal only for large companies and corporations that are willing to spend millions of rubles on their development.

In the opinion of specialists, it's worth targeting advertising "VKontakte", the competent placement of which will bring the entrepreneur thousands of clients every month.