Ray Crock is a man thanks to whom in the worldNow there are 29,000 fast food restaurants serving more than 45 million people a day. But he met with the McDonald Brothers at the age of 52, having behind him an impressive list of diseases and problems. The history of the development of McDonald's is at the same time the history of the development of Ray Crock, who managed to earn a very respectable age of $ 600 million! This man managed not only to quickly and fabulously get rich, but also significantly change the lifestyle of many people in the world.

The beginning of the road - the brothers McDonald's

The MacDonald Brothers are the founders of the famousnetwork of restaurants. It was with their help that the history of McDonald's began. The first institution for fast food they opened in 1940. In the cafe of that time, traditionally served 25 dishes. The brothers greatly simplified the menu, leaving in it hamburgers and cheeseburgers, French fries, pies, chips, coffee and milkshakes. All this was prepared and served very quickly in the restaurants McDonald's. The history of the creation of the famous brand also began with the transition to self-service of visitors, the alteration of the kitchen and the reduction of food prices.

history of McDonald's

By the way, in those days the girls could not work in thelike institutions, since the brothers believed that they would distract the male staff from work. MacDonald's were able to catch the desires of people in the difficult post-war time. Their business went well. The brothers were very active in promoting the McDonald's restaurant. The history of the logo began its journey from the mid-1950s, when the icon of the red and yellow color, known to all, appeared. But the institution still lacked scope. It was then that Ray Croke appeared - a man who changed the fast food restaurant forever.

Thanks to whom did McDonald's develop?

Ray Crock is not the inventor of fast food oranything else. The only thing that he could do in his life perfectly is to trade. He spent 17 years selling paper cups of a well-known firm, and then he set up his own business that sells ice cream machines. However, soon competitors released a new model of the device, and Ray had to close the firm. In despair and searching for money, he began to travel around the country and once he heard interesting news.

History of McDonald's
A small restaurant ordered as many as ten of itinstallations for ice cream. When asked about what is happening there, his acquaintance replied: "People earn money". Crock, without a moment's hesitation, got behind the wheel and left for sunny California. "McDonald's", the history of the creation of which began back in 1940, was waiting for great changes.

Franchise in San Bernardino

Once in the small town of San Bernardino,Ray hurried to see the desired cafe. "McDonald's" was a small roadside establishment with a high-speed service system and disposable dishes. Ray saw there an iron kitchen counter and a very small menu consisting of nine positions. But most of all he was surprised by the prices, which were half the price of competitors. The McDonald Brothers were doing everything here, which, unfortunately, were real mattresses. The income that they had, they quite satisfied, and they did not want to achieve great success. If Crock did not appear in their life, the McDonald's story would simply stop. The brothers did not look for investors, and those sponsors that appeared on their way themselves, discouraged to invest large sums in building restaurants.

makdonalds history of creation
Selling the franchise for the right to open for a completelysmall money (up to 2.5 thousand dollars), they did not even require a percentage of the income of this institution. The ruined Ray Crock took matters into his own hands and offered the brothers a new pattern of interaction.

The history of the McDonald's: selling franchises Crocus

Krok suggested that the owners of the institution sellfranchise across the country with his help. The price for 20 years was 950 dollars. And every cafe should pay a percentage of the profits that was shared between the McDonald brothers and the enterprising Crocus. The percentage was given to new owners for using the logo, brand and fast food system, invented by the brothers.

In those days, when there was a significantthe acquaintance of Krok and McDonald, franchises already sold all the famous chains of fast food restaurants. It was believed that this is an easy way to earn good money. Many people who sold franchises were not interested in further development of the brand and did not follow the terms of the contract. They only care about getting money. Krok also wanted the history of the McDonald's brand to follow a different path. He wanted the restaurant to bring a steady income, without disreputing the brand throughout America.

history of the origin of McDonald's
He refused to sell franchises for largeTerritory, selling the right to open only one restaurant. If the owner of the establishment showed that he could be trusted with the brand, Ray allowed him to open another cafe. He did not cash in on restaurateurs, forcing them to buy the equipment and products he had chosen, but he strictly monitored the quality of all the purchased products. It necessarily had to meet the standard standards of the company McDonald's.

However, buyers such conditions did not please. Rich investors wanted to get a license for a whole staff, and people with less opportunities did not like the fact that the franchise is only 20 years old under the strict control of Crocus. In the first year of the new business, Ray sold only 18 franchises. And, half of the restaurateurs did everything they wanted, selling even pizza and hot dogs in the cafe. Ray Crock dreamed of something else. An unexpected incident helped him-an acquaintance with Sanford Agatha.

McDonald's: The Success Story of Sanford Agate

The 46-year-old journalist Agate has accumulated an amount equal to 25thousands of dollars, and I wanted to create my own business. Crock sold him a franchise for the opening of a restaurant in the city of Vokega. Agate paid a contribution for construction, bought equipment, and his money ran out.

history of the McDonald's brand
In May 1955, a small restaurant opened andhad an unexpected deafening success. Every day his income was about a thousand dollars. The man who leased the land was outraged. He did not realize that a small institution in a small town would bring an income to the owner, equal to 30 thousand a month. He himself received only one thousand for rent. Soon Agate bought himself a luxury house and began to live in pleasure. This success inspired many people who had little savings, but a great passion for work and wealth. People began to line up for Crock, hoping to repeat Sanford's success. The history of McDonald's has moved forward. Krok sold people not a new business, he gave them success! The restaurant paid off in about six months, starting to make an excellent profit. For this, people were ready to carry out all of Ray's orders and demands, as he wanted. His dreams began to be realized.

The ransom of the rights of the founding brothers

The history of McDonald's has taken a new path,when in 1961 its founders agreed to sell Kroku a well-known brand and the right to manage it independently without their participation. The letter "M", considered a sign of all institutions, they estimated at 2.7 million dollars. Of course, the former salesman did not have that kind of money. Although the restaurant chain brought a huge income, Ray's percentage was negligible. In addition, the amount of debt already in excess of 5 million dollars. Kroku urgently needed a large loan. Sonneborn (a network financier) persuaded several well-known universities to invest 2.7 million in business development. But the day before the receipt of money came a refusal, motivated by the unreliability of this enterprise. Then Zonnneborn came up with the idea to combine the restaurant business and the real estate market. The company's goal was to obtain ownership of all the restaurant buildings and the land on which they stood. And it was very difficult business!

Acquisition of land and buildings

The history of McDonald's would not be suchIt was radiant, if not Harry Sonneborn. He made a huge contribution to the development of the network. Finding an experienced accountant, Harry creates on paper the appearance of a very prosperous company. This was necessary for the banks to agree to give good credit. Having told creditors that the main business of the company is not fast food, but real estate sales, in 1961 Krok was able to take out a loan of 2.7 million dollars. Finally, the brothers got their compensation and completely retired. The history of McDonald's moved further without its founders.

University of Hamburger

In the 1970s, the fast food chain becameunusually popular. Krok's income is growing day by day. The famous Forbes publication published a note stating that his fortune is $ 340 million. But the former traveling salesman did not stop to stop! Despite a fairly old age, he does not stop working and improving.

history of McDonald's

In 1961, he opened a laboratory forthe University of Hamburger. There was a study of all the parameters of cooking potatoes, rolls and cutlets. "University" works and now, however, in it are trained top-managers of the company. In the 60s, a famous clown named Ronald came to replace Speedy. The history of McDonald's nowadays means nothing without this character, loved by all children in many countries of the world. Kids go to the restaurant on weekends, wanting to see this merry fellow!

In 1984, Ray Krok died. Today, a huge corporation is run by James Skinner (the fourth person coping with such a difficult task).

Fast food restaurant in Russia

For a very long time people of our country could nottry the same cheeseburgers as the Americans. The owners of the network explained the refusal to sell the franchise with the instability of the Russian economy and politics. The history of McDonald's in Russia began with long negotiations in 1976. This happened during the Olympic Games in Montreal. In the end, the Soviet Union signs a contract with a large chain of fast food restaurants. In 1990, the first McDonald's in Russia was opened, located on Pushkin Square. The success of the establishment was amazing - on the first day of work, a line of 30 thousand people lined up in front of the doors! This has not happened in the history of the network. Now there are a lot of these restaurants scattered around our country, and the management plans to open many more establishments.

Interesting facts about the company

The history of McDonald's was briefly considered by us in this article, and now it is possible to devote time to interesting and unusual facts devoted to this corporation:

  • As mentioned above, in fast food restaurantsnutrition was forbidden to work for women. Feminists fiercely fought for their rights and in the 1970s they achieved the right to work in McDonald's. True, their form did not differ from the male one. In addition, they were forbidden to use make-up and wear jewelery and costume jewelry during the working shift.
    McDonald's Logo History
  • The system for attracting children is very active, because all the kids want to get a closer look at Ronald's clown and get a toy from the lunch "Happy-Mil."
  • Coming to the restaurant of this network, always say,what portion of the product you want to receive. By default, you will break through the largest portion of potatoes or soda water. This saves time and adds money to the owner's pocket.
  • Fast food restaurants have repeatedly been subjected to terrorist attacks. In the whole history of the network, 13 such crimes were committed in India, Greece, France and other countries of the world.
  • The company's food is very often criticizedbecause of the calorie and harmfulness. Morgan Spurlock was filmed a documentary called "Double Portion." It tells how fast and tasty food leads to obesity and the development of many diseases of internal organs.
  • The largest restaurant of the corporation in Europe is in Russia on Pushkin Square (this is the very first restaurant in our country, opened in 1990).
  • The management of the company does everything to make profitgrew, people were happy and did not go to competitors. Recently, all institutions have free Wi-Fi. Having unlimited access to the Internet, people stay longer in a cafe and, as a rule, order food for a larger amount than originally intended.
  • The corporation cooperates with such large companies as Hummer and Disney. Their cooperation consists in joint advertising of each other.
  • Ray Crock before meeting with the founding brothersHe sold plastic cups, had his own small firm selling mixers, and also played the piano. He was married three times. In 1974, Crock acquired a baseball team.
  • One of the employees Ray called his son. The young man came to work as a waiter and so gave himself to work that Ray just could not miss him. After Crock's death, Fred Turner will head the largest corporation.

Raymond Krok fulfilled his dream and becamemillionaire, initially having on hand only 950 dollars in cash. To achieve the ultimate goal, he needed: a passion for victory, a keen mind and discernment, as well as a little providence. He has become an excellent example for many people who are going to their goal. The corporation's products are now loved and chosen by millions of people around the world, because it meets all quality standards! And the taste of the Big Mac has not changed since its first preparation.