Monitoring of prices for the services of Moscow brandingagencies, showed that the prices for the development of the name vary from 30 to 200 thousand rubles. Such a spread of prices may surprise. In this article, this price policy will be explained and justified.

Prices for naming are determined by competition,not only between agencies, but also between freelancers. Previously, many customers tried to manage on their own, independently inventing for their firms, stores and goods. They wanted to register their "creative" names, but on the way there was FIPS, which refused to register, referring to the "unoriginal" name. It turns out that someone has already invented and registered this word, but is willing to sell it at a high price. So it turns out that it is necessary to contact a specialist who can create an unoccupied herm.

It is not difficult to come up with a name, it is difficult to collectinformation necessary to create this name. It is not easy to come up with a name that would meet not only all the formal requirements for a quality name, take into account all the marketing pitfalls, but also had a chance to become popular.

Another factor that increases the price of words -"Non-resemblance" of the Russian dictionary. Good names are not enough for everyone, and those that are, have long been occupied. In this regard, the copywriter can not be found, and compose new words. Writing is another factor that raises prices for naming. Neologisms should be tested in focus groups, because It is not known how they behave in real life. Conducting tests and focus groups is another expense item that affects the appreciation of naming.

Sometimes the title requires that it be well translated into other languages. The price of naming is again rising.

Each name has its own geography. The wider it is, the more expensive the name. If you need to name a district store - this is one thing. Another thing is if you need to come up with a name, for example, for a new delirium of vodka, where competition is the highest. The name for a new vodka can reach all 200 thousand rubles, and this is only the price of pure creativity. The price tag will increase even more if international companies or "brand companies" act as customers or contractors. In these cases cost of naming can reach several million rubles.

Responsibility for illegal useanother's name - up to 5 million rubles or calculation of losses, according to the claim of the injured party. It is better not to violate the law, and create your own name or brand, relying on the help of professionals in the field of branding.

The audience of the company or brand also affects the pricedevelopment of the name. The wider the audience, the more and more diverse the associations caused by the title should be. The use of common words is meaningless for two reasons: they can not reach the entire audience; such names have long been occupied and registered in FIPS.