Every time we are faced with the needsomething to buy, whether it's clothes, equipment, cars or products, we think about who will buy. And in mind, we involuntarily reproduce the name of the company or brand, or rather the brand, which is so well remembered and causes the necessary associations.

What is a brand?

There are many stories whencompany with a sonorous name, and the buyer immediately remembered it. But most often the name arises due to some rules that are related to psychology, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary, because there is even a whole direction in creating a brand name - naming.

brand name, how to come up with

On the one hand, it seems that it is a simple task to come up with a name, but it's not for nothing that they say: how to name the boat, so it will float! And the meaning in this saying is very deep.

For the first time the word "naming" appeared not in the XXI and not in the last century, but in the XIX century, when economic competition began to develop and producers fought for their customers.

Today this is a special direction, according to whicha lot of books have been written, and first of all this is due to the fact that the competition is very large, and therefore it is necessary to be the best in everything, having a unique and original name.

A brand is not just a name, and not onlythe brand name is often thought to be something more, because it includes both the name, and auditory, and visual components. When a person hears the name of a brand, he immediately has a liking or dislike.

A few rules on how to come up with a company name

Naming is a whole science, and therefore in it for a long timehave already developed the rules how to come to a unique and original name. To understand what to create, you need to imagine that a person can know no more than 10 titles from one product line, and on the move he will name one or two brands, and dozens of products can be presented in the store.

how to come up with a company name

The name of the new brand should be embedded in the memory of future consumers and correctly directed to associations. This means that the name should indicate:

  • what is the idea behind the company;
  • for whom this brand is created;
  • what are the motivations to buy the goods.

At the same time, it is necessary to choose the name for the brand so that it does not carry negativity, does not offend anyone and does not mislead the buyers.

It is worth remembering about the legal side and checkingon official websites and portals, whether there is already this name. Although there are firms that have a legal entity that can be called anything, and the trade name is different. So often do companies that have several areas in their activities, where goods or services are not connected in any way.

Most often, for their company, the following is taken as the basis of the title:

  • names (children, loved ones, surname);
  • direction of services (plumbing, windows, products);
  • geographical objects or the category name (a factory such-and-such, a store of that or that).

But, as a rule, such names are too simple andlittle are remembered, although they may be unique in part, so it's worth using not only the rules, but also the tips to make them beautiful and original.

How to come up with a brand name: a few tips

A brand is the name of a company that can be enclosed in one word, phrase or abbreviation. Here you need to think about several components:

  1. Phonetics - the word should be rhythmic, sonorous and easily pronounced, and also differ from the names of competitors.
  2. Phonosemantics - when a person pronounces a name, this should cause certain associations, i.e. if he says "products", then he should think not about furniture, machines, but about food.
  3. Vocabulary - in addition to the fact that the word should be easily pronounced, it can also be easily written down, without suffering, for example, by asking which syllable to emphasize.

At the same time, it is necessary to treat thisconcept as a fashion. After all, today there are only words in fashion or in a trend, and in five years they will be replaced by others, and the new generation will no longer understand what the name says. We must not forget that the first thing the client will face is the name, and he should like it.

brand name

Another rule of how to come up with a namebrand, reads, check it on your friends and acquaintances. Ask them whether it is easy to read, whether the person understands what it is about, what associations he has. To check it is necessary on several levels: stylistic, phonetic, visual.

Perhaps beautiful Italian words will be chosenfor the name of the brand (this is a very melodic and sonorous language), but only a small part of the population knows Italian and can immediately understand what this company is connected with. Here if the firm is connected somehow with Italy, for example, it is the tourist firm which is engaged in creation and selection of tours in the named country, it is safe to use the Italian as the name.

Do not forget to check the title in the search enginessystems. The less the result of issuance, the better, because so associations will arise precisely with your firm, and not with a few dozen.

Several stages

There are certain rules how to come up with a company name, and they should be adhered to during the process of creating a brand. It also consists of several stages:

  1. Goal setting - analysis of the target audience to understand how it reacts to those or other phrases phonetically and aesthetically.
  2. Development - you need to come up with several options, then conduct a semantic and phonetic analysis, which will help to exclude several suggested options.
  3. Evaluation and approval - after the selected optionit is necessary to conduct an objective assessment on such criteria as perception, conformity of the name of the company's activities and modern concepts, as well as the status of the company. The company that produces building materials can not choose the name "Antoshka" for itself, as it is not solid, but for a store in a residential area it is perfect.

Common Mistakes

Often people think that to come up with a name isthe question of a few minutes or hours, and make certain mistakes, choosing the name that is not associated with either strategy or positioning. The most common mistakes are:

  • Wrong association - before choosing words for the brand name, ask yourself what you will present, whether you are on the client's site.
  • Inconsistency with the name. For example, what you can imagine when you hear the name "the best among ...", but instead the client will see a peeled door and a tiny office where one person works.
  • Complex name and pronunciation. The simpler, the better, and today it is gaining momentum. If the whole offer is hidden in the name, then it is definitely not pleasant to the potential client.
  • Doubles. To come up with a name by changing one letter in a word is very easy, but sooner or later the client will understand that he is deceived and does not provide the quality that he expects. So once they decided to come up with a name for the clothing brand, taking the well-known Adidas brand and replacing the letters to get it - Adimas and Abibas. This option only calls for criticism and is suitable for increasing short-term capital.

Is it worth it to entrust this task to professionals

Science naming was invented for a reason, so today there are various agencies that are engaged in creating a brand for different companies. These can be PR or branding agencies.

But before entrusting the case to professionals, it is necessary to put before them a clear technical task, to provide some information about the company and to express their wishes.

words for the brand name

Experts in several stages will come up with a brand: generate options, select, test selected, conduct legal due diligence and register.

Ideas for the brand name may be different, but which ones turn out to be winning, the professionals know.

How to come up with a name

Naturally, someone would prefer to independentlydeal with this task and think about how to come up with the name of the brand, because only the owner himself knows what he does and how best to present it to the consumer.

select brand name

But here all the same the work of not one person, but the team, is required. Together with it it will be necessary to conduct brainstorming, to work out a lot of ideas and options to subsequently choose the best.

Help when creating

How to create a brand name - yourselfor to entrust business to professionals? Everyone decides what to do, but it should be remembered that there are several good programs that can help in this important matter. There are several generators of names that suggest several directions, but this does not mean that the proposed generator should be used immediately, because someone else can take this option.

ideas for brand names

Here are some zi online generators:

  • earn24;
  • "Branded generator";
  • "Megagenerator";
  • "English-speaking online generator."

They are simple enough to use - all steps are suggested here and offer several options.

Good examples

If you study brand names in completely different areas, you can replace some of the trends and principles by which names are created.

come up with a name for a clothing brand

Below are good examples of well-known brands not only in a certain country, but all over the world:

  • Name, surname - "Heinz", "Mercedes", "Alenka".
  • The names associated with geography or natural phenomena are "Molniya", "Bangkok Bank".
  • Description of activity - "SurgutNefteGaz", "Apple Computers".
  • Historical personalities are the Earl of Eagles, Lincoln.
  • Rhyme and rhythm - "Coca-Cola", "Chupa-Chups".
  • Mythology - "Mazda", "Sprite".
  • Acronym (the word from the first letters, part of the word) - "MTS", "VAZ".
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