A few years ago, we did not suspect,how social networks will become firmly established in our lives. They have already ceased to be just a "chatterbox" for teenagers. Increasingly, well-known companies, owners of large businesses, online stores and simply private entrepreneurs create on the web pages and communities to promote their goods and services.

To attract potential customers to subscribers there are various tools. We will talk about one of these methods in this article.

targeted advertising vkontakte

Targeted advertising "VKontakte": general information

What is it? What is it for? Maybe it's just a waste of money?

For a long time there was an opinion that "VKontakte"network for schoolchildren. But recent studies have shown that the situation is changing. Now in the popular Russian social network there is a large number of solvent audience, ready to learn about different goods and services and make purchases. These people need help with obtaining this information. But since the main thing is still rest and entertainment, the proposal should not be too intrusive. What is successfully doing targeted advertising "VKontakte." What it is?

customized targeting of vkontakte

If we talk about the external component - thisSmall ads on the left side of your social network page. Surely everyone paid attention to them, but not everyone knows how they appear and why.

In fact, targeted advertising "VKontakte" is a technology that allows you to attract the right (potential) consumers to certain information.

The ad includes a title, a picture, and a shortdescription. As a rule, no more than two or three pieces will be visible at the same time. To see more, you need to click on the "All Ads" button. Ideally, each of them should correspond to the interests of the person on whose page "VKontakte" it is located. After all, these ads are customized for each user.

But practice sometimes deviates from the ideal, because the human factor interferes.

Valuable recommendations

A very careful approach requires targeted advertising "VKontakte." Tips for its preparation and launch will not be superfluous.

If you do not stick to them, you can easily "merge" the entire planned budget and not achieve any results.

Not any product or service sells well withusing targeting. If these are some rare items, seasonal, not for everyone, or too expensive, it is better to look for other methods of their promotion. Badly sold everything that is related to medicine. Only the consumer goods are suitable for targeting.

targeted advertising vkontakte how to set up

Before you start advertising, prepare andplace it in your group, on the site or on the platform where the user will go, the advertising post (landing page). It is necessary that a person not only came, but also became interested in information, stayed, wanted to study it in detail, registered or joined the group, and ideally - made an order.

The ad itself also requires carefulapproach. A quality photo or graphic image, clear and bright. The task is to attract attention. Play on the emotions of people. The text is brief and concise. It must accurately hit the target, be written in the language of that CA (target audience), to which the bet is placed. Familiarity and rudeness are inadmissible. No calls to "you"! You can not undergo moderation.

Before a full-fledged show is worth firstto test the announcement, having put in expenses no more than 100 rubles. It is best to make several ads on the same topic, but with different pictures, titles and explanations. And from them already during the test to choose the best option.

targeted advertising

Set up targeted advertising "VKontakte"

Let's analyze the detailed algorithm of work.

The preliminary stage is the analysis and collection of information. Browsing pages of users, their search queries, identify interests. On the basis of the data obtained, a portrait of the target audience is compiled, with which it will be necessary to work in the course of campaign advertising.

You can start the work in several ways:

1. Click on the word "advertisement" at the bottom of your "VKontakte" page.

2. If there is a community (group), you can act through it. So it will be faster. Under the avatar there is a line to "advertise the community".

At the first variant it is necessary to make twobefore starting to create an ad. And the second one directly leads to where the targeted advertisement "VKontakte" is located. How to set up further work, the network itself will prompt.

First we load the prepared announcement in advance (text + picture). They must be of a certain size, both in the number of words, and in the length / width of the image.

targeted advertising vkontakte reviews

Then we proceed to the settings for differentparameters of our Central Asia: age, sex, place of residence, interests, marital status and so on. Such indicators can be quite a lot. Which ones to take depends on the specific situation. Below is an example of targeting.

After completing all the fields and creating the first announcement, a personal advertising office will appear in which you can monitor how the advertising campaign is going.

Payment Methods

Another parameter when targeting.

Select it helps testing the advertisements mentioned above.

Set up targeted advertising "VKontakte"There are two methods of payment: for impressions and for clicks. It is best to first make the first option, and later go to the second. Pay per click is most often used when reaching a very large audience. For transitions - cheaper and easier.

Basic concepts and terms of targeting

Coverage - the number of people who saw your ad at least once.

The transition is measured in figures. How many times passed on the proposal. The user who made the transition, the second time the ad will not show.

Impressions - how many times your ad was shown "VKontakte".

CPC (cost per click) is an indicator of the cost of a single transition.

CPM - (cost per mille) - the price for 1000 impressions.

CTR (click-through rate) - this concept shows the effectiveness of the ad and is calculated as the number of views per number of transitions, multiplied by 100%.

These figures appear in a personal advertising cabinet when you run a campaign. By changing the targeting settings, you can manage some metrics.

targeted advertising vkontakte advice


The more you fill in all the boxes, the more effective the targeted advertisement "VKontakte" will work. Cases (real examples) will be considered right now.

Internet-shop of goods for children decided to holdadvertising campaign. The target audience was defined - women aged 20-30, married, have children. Delivery of goods from this store was carried out only through the city of X. All these parameters were introduced. Method of payment - for transfers. The recommended price is four rubles. The reach of the audience is 10,000 people.

The advertising campaign lasted two weeks. The result is 300,000 impressions and 700 conversions. CTR was 0.222%. Not a very high figure.

If the store worked with delivery to all of Russia, the numbers would be different. And in the settings would be specified all the cities, which would definitely increase the coverage area.

Group (community) or site: where should the transition from the ad

Targeted advertising "VKontakte" (guideon the use of which was given above) and the practice of its use show that at a fairly low price and some specific type of goods (services) it is better to send the client to a competently drawn single-page. From where he can immediately make an order.

With a large assortment, for example,online stores, the transition should lead to the group. In this case, the goal is not just a one-time purchase, but a long-term cooperation and permanent sales. This applies to various restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, fitness clubs, sales and delivery of flowers and much more.

targeted advertising vkontakte what is it

New opportunities

Recently there appeared an interesting addition - retargeting, which expands the initial possibilities of advertising goods.

It allows you to show ads to people you already know.

This is possible through downloading in the advertising office of email addresses, telephone numbers of those people whom you know. Data can also be taken by placing a special reading code on the site.

targeted advertising

Targeting Targets

Targeted advertising "VKontakte" allowsvery accurately identify and point to a portrait of the target audience. Many network users like to talk about themselves, give detailed information about hobbies, place of residence, age and so on. Thus, it will not be difficult for millions of subscribers to find "their" on the necessary grounds and offer exactly the goods and services that will be of interest to them.

The accuracy of the choice of the target audience makes it possible to achieve a situation where the ad and the offer itself finds the client, and not vice versa.


So, if you want to increase sales,to tell about a new product or service - the targeted advertising "VKontakte" will help. The feedback of many business owners speaks about the effectiveness of this type of promotion. But only with a well-adjusted and conducted campaign.