Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula,which is washed by six seas, but directly Montenegro has access only to the Adriatic Sea, as well as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Albania and Italy. The story of what kind of sea in Montenegro, it is preferable to start with geographical characteristics. The Adriatic refers to semi-enclosed seas, in the south this part of the ocean connects with the Mediterranean. The depth increases from north to south and varies from 20 to 1230 meters. The bottom looks like a hollow, deepening hollow.


Many people know firsthand about the seain Montenegro, because hundreds of tourists come here every year. The Adriatic coast is generally a resort zone. In Montenegro, between the mountains and the sea, the strip is quite narrow, so the settlements here are literally just around the corner, the buildings are crowded along the shore and the amphitheater climbs the slopes. Due to the severely rugged and uneven coastline, there are many bays and coves here. The largest bay is Boka-Kotorsky, the area of ​​which exceeds 87 kilometers.

what sea in Montenegro

Climatic features

Rest on the sea in Montenegro leaves no oneindifferent, because the water here is distinguished by a high level of transparency and crystal clearness. Just imagine, in some places the transparency reaches 40 meters or more! Near the shore the water temperature reaches 18 in May aboutC, the sea in Montenegro is warming up even more in June, so by the beginning of July the water already has a temperature of +24 ... + 26 aboutFROM.


Along the whole Adriatic, beaches stretch to Montenegro: and sandy, and stony, and large and small pebbles. There are here as very small stripes, which can be called just places to go to sea, and truly huge, for example, "Slavic Beach" length of 5 km in Budva. At the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro in total there are 117 beaches, the total length of which is 73 km.

sea ​​in Montenegro in June


Tourists arriving in Montenegro receivethe opportunity not only to soak up the sun, but also to actively spend time. And if by riding on water motorcycles, scooters and other attractions there are not many who can be surprised, then the survey of the underwater world of the Adriatic Sea undoubtedly catches the spirit even for seasoned divers. Oh, what a sea in Montenegro! Diving in this area began to develop relatively recently - only ten-fifteen years ago, so there are so many unexplored corners, unique caves, underwater reefs and ancient wrecks.

Even non-professional scuba divers are able towill explore the Sentlstvan ship sunken off the coast of Montenegro at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, explore the lagging in the Adriatic Sea, near Petrovac, during the Second World War, the destroyer of the Zenta; An unidentified two-masted ship was surveyed at Cape Platamuni; See the military ship Dag at the port Bar.

holiday at sea in Montenegro

Fauna and flora

The Adriatic Sea is rich in inhabitants. There are mussels and oysters, crabs and sea urchins, octopuses and lobsters, sea stars. Of fish, tuna, mullet and others are found. And recently ecologists have found a pleasant fact: dolphins have returned to the coast, and they even sometimes swim in the Bay of Kotor, which means that the water in these places becomes even cleaner.

Tell about the sea in Montenegro,can be long. In addition, anyone can see it in the photos. However, silent images are unable to transmit a hundredth part of the true splendor of the Adriatic coast. Come to rest in Montenegro, to personally enjoy the beauty of the local nature! You definitely will not be disappointed by the marvelous seascapes!