In the south-eastern part of Europe, on the Adriatic coast there is a small sunny state of Montenegro. What to see in this country a curious tourist who first came to rest?

Despite its very modest by Russian(the total area of ​​the country does not exceed 14 thousand square kilometers), Montenegro is rich in sights. On its territory there is a large number of ancient monuments of history and architecture.

Historical sights of Montenegro

Budva is the main tourist center of the country. The history of the city is more than 2500 years old. Budva today is a combination of antiquity and modernity. Lovers of history should certainly visit the old part of the city with a perfectly preserved on its territory medieval fortress wall, girded with many small noisy streets. The churches of St. John, the Holy Trinity and Saint Mary are of special historical and religious value. The most ancient building of them today is St. John's Church, dated to the 7th century.

Not far from Budva is the island of SaintStefan, whose story is truly amazing. For many centuries the island did not represent any historical and cultural value, the main part of its inhabitants were fishermen and their families. Today, this small part of the land in the middle of the sea is considered one of the most prestigious resorts of the country. Thanks to the careful attitude to the old times, the local authorities preserved the fishing village practically in its original form. But the interior interiors of the houses have undergone tremendous changes. Each house-hotel is equipped with the latest technology. There are fine restaurants on the island, offering European cuisine, dive centers for active recreation, bars and nightclubs for wealthy young people.

Architectural sights of Montenegro

Herceg-Novi is a prestigious resort located inthe southern part of the Adriatic Sea and famous for the whole world with its unique architecture. The main architectural value of the city is the monastery Savina, built here more than a thousand years ago. By the way, Orthodox monasteries in Montenegro are a separate topic. In their country there are more than sixty. Most of them are now open to tourists. Of particular interest to those who first arrived in these places, also represent: the sea fortress, the "bloody tower", the town hall, the art gallery, the museum of local lore. Get to Herceg-Novi from Budva by water and land transport.

Natural Sights of Montenegro:

Holiday in Montenegro is a great opportunityenjoy the beauty of the nature of the Adriatic coast. Major tourist tours around the country include a visit to the cleanest Skadar Lake, the Lovcen Reserve with the Nigosha Mausoleum located on the top of its highest mountain, rafting on the Tara mountain river with stops in the national parks of Biogradska Gora and Durmitor. Fans of the wild nature can safely go to the mountain Bogicevitsa. Its height is relatively small (2358 meters). On the top of the mountain range you can find relict plants and endemic plants that grow only in these places. The natural sights of Montenegro are very diverse: from caves and deep canyons, created by mother nature, to the largest picturesque parks, lovingly planted and cultivated by man.

Montenegro is a country of contrasts. Its ancient cities are actively built up, creating an amazing ensemble of medieval architecture and modern glass buildings, the virgin forests of its mountain tops side by side with comfortable resorts located far below on the coast. Each traveler will find in it something of its own, which one will certainly want to return and see again ...