Private Hotels and pensions in Vityazevo -resort village near Anapa - start in a kilometer from the sea. The coastal zone continues to be built up by institutions of this kind. All this influences the fact that in Vityazevo the private sector has its advantages and disadvantages.

Among the merits is worth noting the lowcost of rented housing. At the same time, the farther from the coast the institution is located, the cheaper it is to rent a room or room in it. Among the minuses of such housing can be called some distance from the sea.

Most of the inhabitants of the village are Greeks, theirculture had a big impact on local architecture and the overall atmosphere. Despite the fact that close to such a large city, like Anapa, Vityazevo (private sector), it seems, takes the tourist who enters here in another era or country. Many buildings bear the imprint of the architecture of Hellas, and on the streets you can often hear Greek speaking.

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The village is distinguished by a calm atmosphere andlack of fuss, which is so inherent in large resorts. That is why some tourists choose their vacation in Vityazevo. The private sector attracts travelers with reasonable prices and the availability of basic amenities, which are provided by friendly hosts. Excellent settlement for families with children. Here there is a lot of entertainment for kids - both in Vityazevo and on the beach.

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In the village the largest water parkCoast, in which a large number of water slides and attractions, enthralled adults and children. On the beach you can ride a catamaran, jump with a parachute over the water surface, play volleyball. For tourists we offer interesting excursions to the surroundings.

For vacationers in Vityazevo, the private sector offersmany amenities. And, despite the fact that the beach from here is not so close, this problem can be discarded. The village has a well-developed public transport network. There are frequent shuttle buses, where you can get to the beach or to Anapa. At the disposal of holidaymakers there are also small cafes, and chic restaurants, where you can taste local cuisine. Vityazevo (private sector), offers not only democratic prices for accommodation, but also a lot of entertainment. Excursion bureaus are located throughout the village. Choosing a walk around the neighborhood or a trip on a boat, you can be sure that time will fly by unnoticed.

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In Vityazevo, the private sector is considered calmThe area in which you can find accommodation according to your taste. Reviews of tourists who spent their vacation here say that this village is a great place to relax.

The tour desk, located on the territory of the resort,offer not only trips around the neighborhood, but also multi-day excursions around Adygea or Abkhazia. Popular is the walk in Abrau-Durso, to the famous wine factory. Thus, the village offers a lot of interesting entertainment, which you can fill your free time. The main emphasis is, of course, on family holidays. But the active tourists will like the resort. Bright, colorful and colorful village will certainly justify the hopes of vacationers for a comfortable pastime.