Every year more and more Russians prefer to rest in Ukraine. In this connection, many are interested in what our compatriots are bringing from Ukraine.

First of all - sweets. However, one should not think that the popular "Kievsky" cake, once popular in our country, can not deteriorate on the way home. To carry the above-mentioned food product as a presentation, those who have taken care of the refrigerator bag beforehand can.

What are they driving from Ukraine

What do Russian tourists bring from Ukraine? Naturally, the elite varieties of wines, which the Crimea is so famous for. The quality of the above alcoholic drink in the Crimea is the highest. Such a gift will be appreciated by those who are connoisseurs in wine tasting. Of course, vacationers in Ukraine, Russians do not forget to buy a national alcoholic drink gorilka, which is in high demand in our country. For tourists, alcohol manufacturers specially pack gorilku in a red gift box, and it has a rather original shape in the form of a mace or a Cossack figurine.

What is imported from Ukraine as a souvenirproducts? Of course, the dishes made of wood or ceramics. It has a unique decor and painting, executed in national traditions. Moreover, the dishes can be used not only as an element of decor, but also for their intended purpose.

Rules for the export of products from Ukraine

Especially popular among tourists are woven itemsUkrainian craftsmen. Recently, textile accessories decorated with national ornaments are in high demand. If you buy yourself or present to your relatives a beautiful towel, clothes or handbag embroidered in national traditions, then such gifts will certainly not go unnoticed and will certainly be appreciated.

The question of what is being brought from Ukraine will not befully disclosed, if you do not mention one more exquisite souvenir, namely a straw hat, which the locals call "Bryl". Such a gift will be incredibly enjoyed by those who spend most of their leisure time outside the city.

At the same time, it must be emphasized that the rulesexport of products from Ukraine clearly delineate what goods are levied duty and which are not. Thus, Ukrainian products worth up to one hundred thousand euros are not subject to customs duties. Exceptions are spirits, tobacco products and some types of goods, for example, cultural values. As for the wine, whose strength does not exceed 28 degrees, it can be taken from the territory of Ukraine in the amount of two liters per person.

Prices for products in Ukraine

Beer can be brought home in quantities of up to fiveliters, and tobacco products - up to two hundred cigarettes. If we talk about food, then they can be taken across the Ukrainian border for a total of 200 euros per person.

However, it should be noted that the prices forproducts in Ukraine in comparison with a number of European countries continue to grow. The reason for this trend lies not only in the very fact of the economic crisis, but also in the banal crop failure of some types of agricultural products, in particular potatoes and onions.