A huge number of people every year preferrest on Bora Bora to any other. After all, this island is a real paradise for tourists and it is a recognized pearl of the Pacific Ocean. He received such a title thanks to the divine pearl lagoon. Bora Bora has the richest nature, and the cleanest waters have created around him a lot of small islets, which are called motu. They are hotels of Bora Bora, as well as the airport. In the middle of the island there are twin peaks, and around them stretch palm thickets. Such a holiday is extremely attractive for honeymooners, who can also perform a wedding ceremony according to the Polynesian custom. But not only couples come here to enjoy the beauty of the local nature. Pineapple plantations, luxury chalets, clean pools, tropical parks, hospitable restaurants and hotels of Bora Bora attract many people.

This island is full of life and entertainment is waitingguests at every turn. Tourists like to see the ancient temples, go to the mountains, make excursions, during which you can feed the stingrays and sharks, visit the coral garden. And the magnificent cuisine of the local people evokes a storm of emotions: various sweets, dishes from fish and breadfruit, fresh pineapples and other goodies. The island also lures those who can not imagine life without scuba diving. In Tupitupiti you can dive with scuba diving, and even see barracuda, tuna and sharks. And the magic chalets, as if floating on the water are ideal for a relaxing holiday.

The problem of placement here is not on the agenda. Reviews about hotels in Bora Bora are mostly good. Perhaps the guests of the island are so fascinated by the magical atmosphere and the beauty of nature that they do not notice anything around. But some tourists still sometimes complain about the slowness of hotel staff. But the problem is that this is a feature of the whole nation, so you need to be patient and not take offense at hospitable local residents.

As in any other place, the hotels of Bora Boraare different in categories. Five-star hotels have great demand. The wonderful Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort is located on a small motu and has 70 bungalows. Some of them are in the garden, some on the shore, and the rest are set on the water on piles. Despite the unusual for Europeans view, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, refrigerators, telephones and minibars. In addition, the hotel provides a Jacuzzi, two bars and restaurants, a swimming pool, a tennis court and a cinema. Guests can enjoy water sports, participate in entertainment programs, go fishing and cruise around the island.

Four-star hotel Sofitel Coralia Mararalocated on the island of Bora Bora. It offers 64 cozy bungalows that are decorated in Polynesian style. As in other hotels, they are located in the garden, on the beach and on the water. The interior uses only valuable tree species, which creates a pleasant environment. Tourists will be able to visit the restaurant, swimming pool, evening show programs, fly by helicopter, go fishing and play volleyball or tennis. Fans of sports recreation on the water will enjoy windsurfing, diving, water skiing, motorcycles or bicycles.

For a good holiday and comfortablethree-star hotel Le Matai Polynesia. Visitors are offered 28 comfortable rooms, among which standard with a view of the boundless ocean and bungalows on the water or just on the beach. The rooms have a TV, telephone, bathroom and even a safe. Guests of the island can go to a restaurant, shops, take a boat trip on water, or take a water bike ride or go on a jeep safari.

To the disadvantages of local hotels can be attributed all thatthe notorious slowness of the staff, which is not to everyone's liking, rather high prices for accommodation, as well as a special atmosphere and interior of the rooms. After all, people accustomed to the standard European design do not always remain satisfied with the local color.

Vacation on the island is a dream come true for any tourist, it is an opportunity to transfer colorful drawings from postcards to reality. A Bora Bora hotels will leave a positive impression only.