Many Russian citizensmoving to any country in Europe for permanent residence. The main issue in this is the choice of a particular place. Among the countries of Europe the most popular for moving are the following: Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. But since the latter is a more prosperous and wealthy state, a large number of emigrants stop their choice on this country.

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Until recently, it was very difficult to obtainthe right to permanent residence in Germany and citizenship, and this required significant costs, effort and time. But after the European Union accepted Germany in its ranks, the costs and norms of emigration became definitely softer.

So, how can you obtain citizenshipGermany and move to Germany for permanent residence? Let's consider some variants. Perhaps the most comfortable and universal way is to obtain higher education at the University of Germany with further employment. In the process of studying the law provides for the payment of scholarships to foreign students, and training is free. In addition, additional language classes for foreigners will be added to the course. But here you should take into account the age limit.

Another option for the implementation of permanent residence in Germany may be the presence of Jewish or German roots, however, the acquisition of citizenship can take up to 8 months, until

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the reliability of the submitted documents will be checked. A similar option can be considered a marriage with a citizen of this country or the presence of close relatives who have German citizenship.

If you go to Germany for permanent residencea professional in any narrow field of activity or is a "piece" specialist, he can try to get a working visa. But in this case it is necessary to find an employer in Germany who will provide the vacancy. There is also a nuance: it is necessary to confirm that a place can not be taken by a citizen of this country for any reason.

Other options for obtaining permanent residence in Germany can beconsider business emigration or obtaining refugee status. But this is probably the most conditional way, since in the first case a sum of about half a million euro is needed, and in the second case, there will be many restrictions and modest content before getting citizenship (and even if there are enough facts of its plight country).

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In any case, if obtaining permanent residence in Germanypassed successfully and citizenship was received, "the newly-made German" gets the full right to medical care, receiving cash aid for the purchase of items necessary for life (clothes, furniture, food), and also has the right to receive unemployment benefits, which is 500 euros.

The timing of citizenship depends onwhat reason a person has arrived in the country. If there are German or Jewish roots, citizenship is issued upon arrival in Germany. Legal wives or husbands receive citizenship after seven years. The period for obtaining citizenship by political refugees is decided by the state individually, depending on the situation.