Visiting a zoo or an exhibition of animals is notalways leaves only positive emotions. Some of the animals hide in daytime sleep, other "exhibits" prefer to stay away from the enclosure enclosure, touch and feed the animals can not ... Quite another matter is the contact zoo. Samara is a large city, in which there are enough entertainment centers of various types, but it is communication with animals that gives children and adults positive emotions and raises the mood for the whole day.

"Cheerful zoo"

Recently, the contact zoo opened in the shopping and entertainment center "Ambar". Its name "Merry Zoo" speaks for itself. On the territory in 350 m2 peacefully get along more than 25 species of birds and animals. And what is most pleasant, all of them can be touched and treated. In the touching zoo visitors can chat with traditional pets: guinea pigs, decorative rabbits, ferrets and eared hedgehogs. There is also a village corner in which live goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, chickens. A separate zone is reserved for exotic birds, here you can see ostriches, Ara parrots, owls, owls and peacock pigeons. Also, the contact zoo (Samara) in the "Ambar" boasts a decorative fountain in which live multi-colored carp, and exotic pets: raccoons, lemurs, porcupines and many others.

Contact zoo of Samara

Visiting rules and additional services

Animals can be touched with hands, ironed. Feeding is also allowed, but only special food, which can be bought here for a nominal fee - 25 rubles per serving. In the zoo, it is allowed to take pictures of your equipment without a flash. For an additional fee, you can use the services of a photographer and get immediately printed photographs. Cognitive excursions are organized for organized groups by appointment. It is important to understand that "Merry zoo" is not an ordinary contact zoo. Samara is a city in which there are several similar animal shows. "Merry zoo" - the institution is not only entertaining, but also cognitive. Near each animal there is a sign with detailed information, also employees are ready to help you choose an exotic pet home and tell about the peculiarities of care.

Contact Zoo Samara barn

Where is the contact zoo (Samara)?

In fact, in the city a few touchingexhibitions of animals. However, the zoo in the shopping and entertainment complex "Ambar" is one of the best. How do I get to this place? The exact address on which the contact zoo is located: Samara, "Ambar" - TRC, South Highway 5, entrance No. 2. Cost of visit: 200 rubles - adult ticket, children from 3 years - 150 rubles.