The People's Republic of China is the most populatedcountry of the world, and this, of course, is not its main feature. The country has its own special political path, which it has been going on for many decades. Chinese medicine, Chinese sages and much more interesting and surprising attract tourists to this country.

Taking into account the friendly relations between China and Russia, the question arises: "Do I need a visa for the Russian citizens in China, and how can I get it on my own?"

Visa to China by yourself

Visa to China is made independentlyis quite simple, since the visa regime does not differ from the rules of entry to many other countries. It is necessary to collect a certain package of documents and indicate the goals of your visit. To visit regions with a special status, for example Tibet, you need to obtain additional permission.

Visa application

A visa to China can be obtained on your ownany interested person. It is enough to apply to the embassy or consulate of the PRC in your country. Then you need to submit the necessary documents and determine the type of visa. For example, for a business trip, you need a business visa.

Visa to China cost

Documents for visa registration

A visa to China is issued by itself with the following documents:

  1. Foreign passport, valid for at least six months.
  2. Color photos.
  3. A completed and signed application form.
  4. A certificate from the place of employment, in which the position held by the applicant and the size of the average monthly salary should be indicated.

Types of visas for visiting the PRC

If you are planning to travel outside of thetourist group, but on your own, then you need an individual visa. In addition to the required documents, you must provide an invitation from a travel agency registered in China and a power of attorney for the removal of the child from his / her parent / parent.

If you prefer to have a rest in a fun companycompatriots, then you need a group visa. To receive it, you must have an official invitation from a travel agency registered in China, and a list of groups (3 copies). The list should contain the data of each tourist (full name, as in the passport, date of birth, number of the foreign passport, the date of issuance and the expiry date of the validity period).

Procedure for issuing visas

Residents of territories bordering on the PRC can count on a special procedure for issuing visas. Visa for China is independently issued for them without invitation.

In rare cases, a visa can be obtained directly from thethe airport of Beijing. To do this, it is necessary to confirm receipt of an urgent invitation certified by a Chinese body or to show evidence that it is impossible to obtain a visa at the consulate physically due to lack of time.

How much does a visa for China cost?

How much does a visa for China cost?

For the registration of an individual commercial, tourist or transit visa to the PRC, when filing documents with the consulate, pay a fee in the amount of:

  • 1,5 thousand rubles for a single entry visa;
  • 3 thousand rubles for a double visa;
  • 4,5 thousand rubles for a multiple visa.

Group tourist or commercial visa inChina cost is slightly lower - 1.2 thousand rubles per person (single entry visa). For urgent registration in addition to the consular fee must pay in addition to nine hundred rubles (3-5 days). If you need to get a visa within 24 hours, the fee is increased by 2100 rubles.