Probably, all people can be divided into those whoused to spend free time at home, work and relax at the cottage, and those who like to travel, trying not to miss a single vacation. If you belong to the second category, then, perhaps, many have already visited. How many independent trips did you have? Do you often conquer foreign countries on your own car? Did you go to Montenegro by car? And the other transport?

To Montenegro by car
This article will briefly describe the positiveand the negative sides of the trip to the country with unique nature and sights. A trip to Montenegro by car will be described. This country is known for a huge number of national parks and monuments (both natural and historical). Here is the world-famous hotel-island, literally cut in the cliffs of the monastery, the second deepest canyon in the world, one of the highest bridges in the world. Many say that everyone should visit Montenegro at least once.

So, when planning a trip, you need toprepare certain documents. When going to Montenegro by car, make a route and learn which of the countries you travel require a visa (standard or transit). You need insurance - medical for each of your satellites and a "green card" for your transport. In addition, it is necessary to stock up with detailed maps of not only the destination, but the entire route. This when traveling by car to Montenegro will reduce the risk of getting lost somewhere on the road.

To Montenegro by car
If you use a navigator, do not forgetstock up on topical e-cards for him. When planning a trip, if you wish, you can include in the route some famous cities outside of Montenegro, which are also very worthy of tourists from all countries (for example, the birthplace of Dracula in Romania - Sighisoara, or Krakow - an unprecedented beauty in the south of Poland). It is necessary to book in advance the places in hotels (hostels, campsites).

First, consider the advantages of traveling to Montenegro onmachine. Firstly, it is an opportunity to somehow "join" the atmosphere of the traveled settlements, where you will stop for the night, breakfast and dinner, talk with the local population. Secondly, it is sufficient freedom in the choice of actions, directions, time allocated to one or another tourist attraction, this or that city. Thirdly, in this case, you are not limited in the amount of souvenirs and other things that you bring from the trip home. Another plus is the lack of the need to go and return to the airport and depend on the time of departure or arrival of your flight.

By car to Montenegro
The main disadvantage of traveling to Montenegro by car- this is the relative high cost of pleasure. You have to spend money on gasoline, housing, toll roads (but, as a rule, very good quality). In addition, it is better when two drivers drive in one car, as long sitting at the wheel is very tiring. Special caution and care must be shown when driving serpentine.

Thus, the price of such a trip is approximately equal toprice offered by modern travel companies. However, traveling on your own car to such a magical land will bring you unforgettable emotions and impressions. Have a good trip.