To move to Germany for permanent residence can bea lot of reasons, but getting the right to reside permanently in this country is not an easy task. The German government has established fairly strict laws, according to which it is possible to obtain permanent residence in only a few cases.

How to go to Germany

For those who wish to learn about how to leave forGermany for permanent residence, it is worth noting two real opportunities: late settlers and an immigration program for Jews. Of course, you can enter Germany on a visa and later get the right to permanent residence in the country, but about this a little later.

Late settlers are ethnic Germans, people,in which one of the parents is a German. To find out how to live in Germany, one who considers himself an ethnic German must apply to the embassy and fill out an appropriate questionnaire. Based on the results of its consideration, the late settler can obtain the right to reside in Germany, and later German citizenship. Consideration of the questionnaire can be delayed for a fairly long time - up to 5 years.

Those who immigrated to Germany under this program, the state provides quite significant support: housing, language training courses, social benefits and so on.

How to go to Germany for permanent residence
The next option is how to go to Germany -Jewish immigration. Jews also receive permission for permanent residence in the country. But since 2005 the relocation of Jews from the countries of the former USSR has become somewhat more complicated, that's why it was not so easy to move to Germany under this program. To learn how to go to Germany for permanent residence, you need to suppress the statement on the website of the embassy of Germany. It is worth noting that the verification of belonging to the Jewish nationality is now very strict, and one entry in the column "nationality" in the passport is not enough. In addition, it is necessary to confirm the Jewish roots of the parents in a documentary: present extracts from books in synagogues, old photographs and so on. In addition, the required knowledge of the German language, confirmed by the relevant certificate. Jews are allowed to live in the country for three years. Then it is prolonged, but under certain conditions: the presence of a permanent job, knowledge of the language at a high level, etc.

Other citizens wishing to know how to leave forGermany for permanent residence, must first enter the country on a visa. Then, after the expiry of a certain period and subject to certain conditions, they can expect to obtain the right to permanent residence in Germany.

How to go to Germany to live.
Until Germany was part of the European Union,German citizenship became possible only after 15 years of permanent residence in the country. Now most of the immigration laws have undergone a number of changes. Getting citizenship has become much easier - enough to live in Germany for eight years.

The simplest answer to the question of how to leavein Germany for permanent residence is marriage or family reunification. And it is not necessary that the spouse (a) has sufficient state for the content of the partner. He is entitled to social benefits.

Which option would you choose to move toGermany, you should take into account that knowledge of the German language at a good level is a must in all cases. In addition, you should know that in Germany dual citizenship is prohibited and you will have to renounce citizenship in other countries within a year after the adoption of German citizenship.