New Year! We all look forward to it. And it's not even fun, but what everyone hopes: the next 365 days will be much better than the previous ones. And as you know, you will meet a year, and you will spend it. Therefore, a holiday on this night should be special. Now we will introduce you to how the New Year is celebrated in Montenegro, what entertainments and surprises are offered here to tourists, what special can you see here, hear and what exciting moments to experience. And if you have a question about where to celebrate the New Year, then you will find out why Montenegro is very suitable for this.

New Year in Montenegro

The New Year is, above all, incendiarycelebration. New Year in Montenegro is a special tradition, but they are related to our Russian customs. In the Christmas week, tourists are greeted with colorful festive programs, a richly laid table and friendly gatherings, remote dances and much more. That is why the holidays, as well as the nights at this time are very interesting.

Most of the Montenegrins prefercelebrate the beginning of a new year at home, in a cozy family atmosphere. However, young people, as well as middle-aged people spend this holiday in their own way - in noisy companies, with fun and grandeur. Youth rest in Montenegro on New Year's Eve - in a restaurant, in a hotel, on a square or at a disco - is the most popular nowadays.

During the New Year's holiday, the cities in Montenegro are dazzling. Each yard is decorated with ornately decorated Christmas trees. They sparkle with festive illumination and ornaments.

where to celebrate the new year

On the squares New Year in Montenegro meetstraditionally, both in the north and in the south. Famous musicians and singers perform with concerts, and exactly at midnight you can see exciting fireworks. Emotions and fun - this is what gives a meeting of the New Year in the square. The holiday lasts until the morning. In some cities, the celebration program continues on the first and second of January. Meeting the New Year on the street has another plus: you do not need to think about the price of a ticket - you get everything for free. Not important and the form of clothes, here the main convenience and warmth. And, of course, a good fun company.

And now a few words about discos. Fans of such fun have to spend money on such entertainment. The price of the New Year's program in each year is the same. However, in addition, you will still have to buy a dress, make a haircut, make-up, etc. After all, this is one of the brightest holidays of the year, and everyone should look just dazzling!

youth holidays in Montenegro

It is here, in Montenegro, in the country of carnivals andfestivals, the most southern fjords, the deepest canyons, the sea and the sun can take place one of your unforgettable holidays. After all, this region is one of the most interesting tourist centers in Europe. Many tourists have already visited here, and many of them come back here again. And more often in the winter.

Winter, and especially the New Year in Montenegro will giveeach holidaymaker has an unforgettable experience, will remember the sensation of delight and speed from the trails passed on skis. Picturesque landscapes, cozy houses with bright mysterious fireplaces, romantic walks in the evening and smiling friendly locals will leave nostalgia for this land for life. And what does a person who is tired of everyday vanity need? Clean mountain air, snow-capped peaks that stretch for hundreds of kilometers, expanses that seem to have no edge, and beyond them - eternity ...