Switzerland is, perhaps, the most developed country inEurope. Many tourists who have visited here call it a miniature Europe. It consists of 20 cantons and 6 semicantones. Switzerland is famous for its amazingly clean air, large transparent lakes, its mountains and the dimension of life. Most often, leisure in Switzerland is chosen by people of mature age, already held in life. There are several medical centers on the territory of the country, in which patients from all over the world are dreaming. Here you can meet both megacities with modern skyscrapers, and small villages that have not changed in the last 200-300 years. The capital is Bern, where practically the entire economic life of the country takes place. Fans of alpine skiing are eager to spend their holidays in Switzerland, as the country is surrounded by mountain ranges.

All rest in Switzerland can be conditionally divided intoseveral directions: health, panoramic, ski and individual tours. There is a large number of thermal springs on the territory of the country, as well as an active scientific activity on the issues of combating aging and maintaining the vital forces of the body. All this served as a basis for the creation of some of the most effective hospitals in the world, where the latest developments in the field of medicine and cosmetology are applied. Finding hot tours to Switzerland in these institutions is quite difficult, because the recording in them is made for several months in advance. For example, the thermal resort of Bad Ragaz is little known to foreigners, but the Swiss and their neighbors are active in it. It is located near Zurich, at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. In the resort are several hotels, a park, several souvenir shops and a couple of restaurants. In a couple of days, tourists are mastering this amazingly beautiful place of nature. The pearl of the resort is the thermal complex "Helena Bad". He amazes with the luxury of his furniture and the way the procedures are carried out. Specialists of this thermal complex are very responsible for their work and scrupulously fulfill it. They radiate goodwill and professionalism.

For people who prefer ski holidays inSwitzerland, the valley "Portes du Soleil" will be interesting. It is surrounded by the Alps. There are several ski resorts, several options for the descent for beginners and professionals. You can stay in the Chalet. Every year, tens of thousands of skiers from around the world are trying to get last-minute tours to Switzerland to get the opportunity to descend from some of the world's greatest mountains. Due to the landscape features of this country, ski tourism is thriving here. Numerous resorts offer their visitors accommodation in a small hotel or individual houses - a chalet. On the territory of the complex there are several small restaurants, where you can have a delicious dinner after a day spent on skis.

Some tourists go to Switzerland tospend a few days on the shore of the lake. This kind of rest will be most interesting for those who are tired of the city's bustle and are looking for peace and tranquility. A week spent on the Lake Geneva among small old houses, neatly mown meadows, will help restore mental and physical strength. Tourists, having a rest here, go on fishing, have dinner in local small restaurants of house food, walk on wood, are engaged in contemplation. Many will consider this holiday boring, but only people who lived a stormy life and have already really achieved something in it, understand its essence, taste. Switzerland is not a country for mass visits. Here you will not see deliberate luxury and crowds of tourists. It, rather, opens only to selected travelers who are ready to understand it.