The island of Bora Bora is rightly called the pearlPacific Ocean. The name of this place comes from a mountain massif with three peaks located in the lagoon, the highest point of which is Oteman - a height of 727 meters.

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It is an extinct volcano, its age is about fourmillion years. Local residents call the island of Pora-Pora, which in translation means "pre-born". The nature in the place where Bora Bora is located is striking in its beauty: absolutely clear water, pure white sand and palm trees, hanging directly over the water. The first discoverer of this heavenly corner of the earth was J. Cook in 1769 during his first expedition. Around the main island there are small islets, like pearls on which hotels are located, as well as an airport. In the local language a small piece of sushi is called "mota".

The area where Bora Bora is located belongs to theFrench Polynesia. It is located six thousand kilometers from Australia and 280 kilometers from Tahiti, if you move to the north-west. The population is about four thousand people.

In the territory where Bora Bora is located,the most expensive hotels. Therefore, this is one of the favorite places of many famous personalities. At one time there were Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady, Pierce Brosnan, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis, David and Victoria Beckham, Catherine Deneuve, and so on.

At present, it is not difficult to purchase permits for Bora Bora. Almost every travel agency offers assistance in organizing travel in this direction.

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On the islands there are exquisite chalets insurrounded by beautiful parks, swimming pools and restaurants with great local and European cuisine. In general, the style of the resort is made in the spirit of the Polynesian village. Some chalets are located directly on the water.

The lagoon, where Bora Bora is located, is considered the largest and most beautiful in the world.

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To better understand the customs of this place andget acquainted with the locals, it's better to go to one of the islands. There you will be told about the peculiarities of the local cuisine, they will acquaint you with the amazing plant and animal world. You will learn how to properly break up coconuts and wear pareos. Feeding "manual" rays and sharks, incredible diving, fishing, exciting jeep ride along steep mountain slopes among the rainforests - all this is Bora Bora! And at the same time, the island is the ideal place for a calm and measured rest. All the beaches are with the cleanest white sand, and almost next to each there is a swimming pool. In addition, they are all absolutely free. For lovers to bring from the vacation as a gift a large number of photos of Bora Bora is an ideal place!

Separately standing houses on the water set up onpeace and peace, give a sense of privacy. In the evening, the terrace will perfectly enjoy the sunset, and in the morning the charming Polynesian will bring you a canoe of breakfast.

The climate is where there is Bora Bora, tropical,Hot air is cooled by sea breezes. From November to February it is very hot and humid, and from March to October - on the contrary. The average annual temperature is +27 degrees Celsius.