Every person in the soul is romantic. Who said that an inveterate bachelor does not dream? Or that the burned businessman does not dream at night of the romantic landscapes of the islands and sunsets on the seashores? And, of course, almost all people like to travel. Widespread popularity is gaining rest on secluded islands, on the so-called "uninhabited resorts" of the planet. Indeed, it is a quiet journey away from everyone, including civilization, that gives a real opportunity to rethink many vital priorities, to look at the problems that have arisen on the other hand, or for some time to forget about the pressing troubles.

Bali visa
One of the delightful places that captivatesthe heart of millions of tourists, is Bali. Tours to these magical islands of Indonesia are made in almost every agency. There also travelers will be offered a large selection of hotels, events, tell about the delights of rest in this earthly paradise.

The question of whether a visa is needed in Bali is paramount and most important, which arises in people planning to travel to this tourist mecca. Let's consider it in more detail.

Visa for Bali is compulsory, and receive itIt is necessary before departure to all citizens of the CIS, except for Russians. Residents of the Russian Federation have some indulgences in this matter. They can receive the coveted stamp both before departure and on arrival.

Do you need a visa for bali
The visa for Bali upon arrival is issued at the airport. At the same time, it is mandatory and necessary to have a passport, the validity of which ceases at least six months after the end of the trip. An indisputable attribute is the individual signature of the passport holder. Open in this way, a visa in Bali entitles you to stay in the territory of the Indonesian province for a period of up to 30 days, and its cost is $ 25.

You should pay attention to the reservation of air tickets,because sometimes there are incidents: a tourist who flew to the islands on the 1st day and ordered a return ticket for 1 day, as a rule, forgets to count the days of departure and arrival, taking into account only the days of rest. As a result - more than 30 days of staying at the resort and problems at the customs. In this case, there are two options:

- Book tickets at the rate: day of arrival + number of days of rest + departure day = 30 days;

- extension of a visa.

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A tourist visa for Bali can be renewed. It's very easy to do this. For this, the tourist needs to come to the airport of Jakarta or Denpasar, where for $ 25. a passport will be glued to the visa, allowing you to stay on the island for another 30 days. In the end, it turns out that without spending time on bureaucratic issues, you can enjoy rest in this Indonesian paradise for two whole months.

If the traveler wishes to spend more time in Balitwo months, he needs to issue a social visa at the Indonesian Embassy before departure. However, it does not authorize work or engage in entrepreneurial activities. As a rule, for such a visa it is necessary to invite a sponsor - any citizen of Indonesia. A visa that allows you to open your business or work on the territory of the islands is a worker. People who have reached the age of 55 and want to live on the islands can apply for a pension visa. A bank account is required to open it.