For many people, shopping ispastime, for pleasure commensurate with beach holidays, walking and sightseeing or visiting the spa. If you are in Montenegro, then you can easily pamper yourself with new purchases. The largest selection of branded and designer clothes, as well as a variety of accessories is presented in such cities as Podgorica, Bar and Budva. But boutiques and branded shops of various brands can be found in almost every town in this country.

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If you decide to go shopping in Montenegro, havein view of the fact that basically the assortment of shops and boutiques consists of goods brought from Italy. As for designer clothes, here it is very expensive, as, indeed, in domestic boutiques. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can stroll around the local markets and shopping centers, which feature a wide range of Chinese and Taiwanese products.

Going shopping in Montenegro, takespecial attention to perfumes, leather products and jewelry. These goods here are of high quality. In addition, you can buy good textiles, cosmetics, bed linens and dishes. Collections of past seasons are sold with good discounts, and the range is constantly replenished.

Montenegro Budva Shopping

Due to the fact that shopping in different cities of this country is different, then we suggest to dwell on its features in the three most successful cities for shopping.

Shopping in Montenegro: Bar

As the Montenegrin Bar has a direct ferrycommunication with the Italian cities of Ancona and Bari, most of the goods go to the boutiques and shops of this city straight from Italy. Therefore, the Bar has long retained the palm as the Montenegrin center for the sale of inexpensive and very high-quality designer products: both clothes and a variety of accessories. Here, if you want, you can always find things of such world famous brands as "Prada", "Armani", "Pal Zileri" and others with good discounts.

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Shopping in Montenegro: Podgorica

In the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica there arethe largest in the country shopping centers "Delta City" and "Mall of Montenegro". They are a large number of boutiques and branded stores of world famous manufacturers. Also in the city there are a lot of small shops offering both designer items and products made by foreign and Balkan producers. Most of these boutiques are concentrated on the streets of Negosheva and Hercegovachka. In general, Podgorica presents, perhaps, the largest selection of clothes and accessories that Montenegro can boast of.

Budva: shopping

Despite the fact that this city is a realthe tourist capital of Montenegro, it can not boast of the same number of boutiques and shops of brand clothes and accessories, like Bar or Podgorica. However, in Budva near the Old Town there is an opportunity to purchase a variety of goods, from clothing to various souvenirs.

In general, shopping in Montenegro, reviews about whichyou can find in abundance in the vastness of the Internet, it will give you many pleasant moments, and sometimes it will save you on very high-quality branded products.