The "Filevsky Park" station, which opened in 1961on the line "Fili-Pionerskaya" of the Moscow metro, is located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow between the stations "Pionerskaya" and "Bagrationovskaya" directly under the Minskaya street.

The article will give some information about the metro station "Filevsky Park", but before that we will provide general information and a brief history of the region with the same name.

general information

In Moscow, apart from the metro station withwith the same name, there is a district and a park. All of them are located in one area of ​​the capital, and their names originated from a small village of Fili (there are some versions relating to the rivers with the same name), in the place of which this huge and picturesque green corner is located. In addition, the huge Filevsky Park is located on the lands of the former villages of Mazilovo and Kuntsevo.

In this cozy green area set upequipped trails, paths and grounds, convenient for walking, resting and practicing a wide variety of sports: dance floors, rope parks, bicycle paths, zorbing tracks, stables, mini-zoo, etc.

The metro station and Filevsky Park (one of the largest metropolitan recreation areas) are, as noted above, on the western outskirts of Moscow, representing a cozy place for many townspeople.

Metro Park Filevsky

Brief history of the region

In the middle of the 17th century, forests surroundingthe village of Fili, were hunting royal lands. At the end of the century, Peter the Great transferred the village to the property of Naryshkin, Lev Kirillovich (brother of the Tsar's mother). The land of the Naryshkin family belonged more than 150 years, moreover, in the subsequent they also acquired the neighboring village of Kuntsevo, where their homestead was founded. The year 1763 is significant for the fact that Catherine II, who favored him at that time, visited Leah Naryshkin's Fili.

Fili in history also entered as a venuemilitary council during the war of 1812. It was on him that the commander-in-chief of the army, M. Kutuzov, decided to surrender the enemy to Moscow. A meeting took place in the hut of a simple peasant Frolov.

It should be noted that the soldiers of Napoleon inThe process of the offensive desecrated the village church and burned a part of the village. The consequences of that fire were eventually eliminated. Significantly, this village and the fact that by the end of the XIX century on its territory housed a large dye-stuffed enterprise of merchant Sergei Kuzmichev.

Fili in Moscow was included in 1935, later, in 1947, there was laid that very magnificent park of culture and recreation, which is known now.

Exits from the metro Filevsky Park

Subway station "Filevsky Park"

You can see the picture above. The name given to the station was given by the name of the nearby park. This is one of several stations in Moscow, where cash desks are located just behind the turnstiles.

The station has two fully glazedThe entrance hall can be reached from the central zone of the platform. Both exits from the "Filevsky Park" metro lead to the same street, but it should be noted that one of them closes earlier (at 22:00).

Design and layout

Designed by the project of the island platformThe ground station is installed on a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame. The columns hold the overpass of Minskaya Street and the canopy over the platform. We worked on designing a ground station with an island platform by the architects Cheremin and Pogrebnoy. The construction was conducted in a fairly economical way, in connection with which the works at the rates were inexpensive compared to other stations.

Metro Filevsky Park: photo

From the entrance halls of the staircase they look out onto the street. Malaya Filevskaya, Oleko Dundich and Seslavinskaya. The eastern lobby was completely reconstructed in 2003. The western vestibule, as mentioned above, closes at 22:00.

The metro station is in the Western District of Moscowin the area Filevsky Park and Fili-Davydkovo. According to the 2002 statistics, the daily total passenger traffic through the "Filevsky Park" metro (the scheme is presented in the article) is 26,000 people.


The platform itself is covered with asphalt, and concreteThe plates, standing only in the central part, are painted yellow. The plinths, columns and staircases of the pavilions are covered with light gray marble. The luminaires are neatly hidden in the ribbed ceiling.

From this metro station you can get to the streets of Malaya Filevskaya, Minskaya, Oleko Dundicha and Seslavinskaya.

Moscow, metro Filevsky Park


In Moscow near the "Filevsky Park" metro station the nearest attraction is a recreation area with the name of the same name. It appeared in 1947 as a park of culture and recreation.

It should be noted that quitean interesting place is the Kuntsevo hillfort located on the territory of the park itself. This is a unique historical landmark, one of the oldest fortified settlements of the capital.

Here, too, is the aforementioned estateNaryshkin is a historical monument, which, as noted above, was visited not only by Catherine II, but also by Alexei Mikhailovich (Tsar), and also by the Prussian King Frederick William III.

There are also threeOrthodox churches: the Church of the Intercession (the end of the XVII century), the churches of All Saints and Seraphim of Sarov. Also noteworthy is the so-called Gorbushka - the House of Culture. Gorbunov.

Filevsky Park, metro station

A park

At the "Filevsky Park" metro station the best place forrecreation and walks is the park, which is filled with holidaymakers all year round. The total area of ​​its territory is 280 hectares, along the Moscow River it extends for 5 kilometers.

There are various playgrounds andattractions, a lot of cafes, where you can eat well. Also in the summer time you can have a good time on the beach, equipped with a boat station.

Despite the huge number of pavedpaths in the park can be quite lost. On weekdays, when the number of vacationers decreases sharply, it creates a feeling that this is a real forest. In fact, the green zone occupies almost 90% of the park's territory.

In the park you can ride and bike, using the services of hire, located right at the entrance.

Filevsky Park is unique, since it is veryis picturesque and located on the magnificent bank of the Moskva River with steep slopes, equipped with stairs for visitors. In the green zone grow a variety of types of trees: age-old limes, oaks, maples, pines, birches, etc. This is a real Russian nature!

Filevsky Park: metro scheme


The metro station Filevsky Park is located onlyonly 300 meters from the green park zone, so it is a convenient starting point for the numerous citizens and guests of the capital who want to visit this green cozy corner of Moscow.

The unique historical and cultural complex,which is a monument of the 17th and 19th centuries, represents the garden and park art of those times. This is one of the most favorite places of rest for both residents of the capital and guests of Moscow. Every year more than 3 million tourists visit it.