Montenegro offers tourists an active holiday andbeautiful natural scenery, a huge number of attractions and excellent service. This country is chosen by travelers who want to not only lie on the beach, but also get acquainted with the local culture, visit the sights, which are a huge number. Asking about where it is best to rest in Montenegro, tourists understand that here they will be interested and comfortable in any resort.

In this country, Russian citizens for a period ofmore than a month you can enter without a visa. In addition, the mild climate and comfortable pebbly beaches contribute to comfortable rest. The most popular places for travelers are the monastery Ostrog and the island of St. Stephen. Speaking about where it is better to relax in Montenegro, you need to note the resort of Budva. Here you can meet a lot of young people from different countries. This city often hosts mass entertainment events, so it attracts those who prefer active recreation, as well as travelers who first visited the country.

where it is better to rest in Montenegro

When asked how much it costs to relax in Montenegro,it is impossible to answer unambiguously. It depends on the preferences of tourists regarding the pastime and the level of the chosen hotel. Among the hotels offered as budget options, and comfortable apartments. The "All inclusive" food system is not very common here, so you need to be prepared for visiting cafes and restaurants, which, incidentally, have a large number.

Families often recommend Petrovac. It is located in a picturesque bay and offers tourists a quiet pastime among the most beautiful nature. Municipal beach is often crowded with vacationers. Travelers who prefer more secluded places can visit Lučice, which is nearby. There is a well-equipped quay.

how much does it cost to relax in Montenegro

For those who have thought about where it is better to rest inMontenegro, it is worth paying attention to Herceg Novi. In this locality grows a huge number of relict plants. At the disposal of tourists are many different beaches: not only gravel, but also artificial with fine sand, created by man. Montenegro's climate is fairly mild. Refreshing sea breeze contributes to the fact that the heat here is almost not felt even at the height of the season.

Montenegro climate

Cruise on a yacht is a bright fascinatinga trip combined with a beach holiday. In Montenegro, all conditions are provided for this. Yachts are offered in various classes and price categories. In addition, the team can choose a Russian-speaking or English-speaking.

Naming places where it is better to rest in Montenegro,in order to improve health simultaneously, you need to remember about the beaches in Ulcinj. Sulfur sources in combination with basalt sands have unique healing properties.

So, in Montenegro, a wide variety of entertainment is available, the choice depends only on the needs, imagination and financial possibilities of tourists.