Vacation is always associated with me with the shoresea, warm sand and gentle warming rays of the sun. That's why the beaches of Montenegro have become for me an ideal holiday destination. Beaches Dobrec, Porto and Cuba libre, located in Herceg Novi, as well as Sveti Toma, Ocaso and Mogren in Budva are recognized by UNESCO as ecologically clean zones, which makes them even more attractive.

beaches of Montenegro
In Montenegro, a huge number of beaches. Some of them are concrete, others are sandy, but mostly very small pebbles (the size of buckwheat groats) predominate. You can choose to relax a secluded place or go to a crowded sea shore. Also here you can find a large number of beaches for lovers of sunbathing topless. In general, out of all this diversity, everyone can discover the beaches of Montenegro, which he will like.

I, of course, also have their favorite places in this country, of which I want to tell you.

Great beach

Sandy beaches of Montenegro with a total length of33 km stretched almost along the entire coast of this country. But the biggest of them is the beach, located near the city of Ulcinj. Its length is 13 km, and the smallest sand in this place is rich in minerals and healing properties. The sea is rather shallow, and the splendor of the landscape is amazing.

For rest too everything is provided. Comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, availability of locker rooms, various sports and children's playgrounds, as well as a reliable rescue service make this place just perfect. In general, this beach is not simply called great.

Beach Becici

the best beaches in Montenegro
Listing the best beaches in Montenegro, be sure toit is worth noting this place. This sandy beach is located just a few kilometers from Budva. It is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Next to it is a forest park, under the trees of which you can always take shelter, tired of the sun.

In addition to sun beds, changing rooms, shower cabins andtoilets, on the territory of this beach you can enjoy local culinary masterpieces in cozy cafes, taste national drinks in bars, and have fun at the center of sports games or water activities.

Pizana Beach

sandy beaches of Montenegro
Choosing to relax the city beaches of Montenegro,be sure to stop your attention in the town of Pisan. It is located on the territory of old Budva, near the tower of Repeno. Although the beach does not have large dimensions, it is incredibly popular with tourists.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the availability ofnear a magnificent restaurant, famous all over Budva. You can enjoy the most delicious dishes of this establishment right on the beach. Also near the beach there is an outdoor pool in which the local team of water polo players trains.

Ploce Beach

And if you are tired of a lot of people andlooking for the beaches of Montenegro outside the city, I can advise you the place Ploče. There is a rocky shore, and the seabed is pebble. The place is really amazing. A variety of cafes and bars, several swimming pools for adults and children, which are always in excellent condition, a massage therapist and free entrance to the beach - all this will make your stay unforgettable.