Newcastle is a city that is one of the mostthe largest in the UK, a powerful industrial and industrial center of the country. Its full name sounds like Newcastle upon Tyne. The city is located on the north-eastern coast of the state, along the river Tyne, on its northern shores. Area Newcastle - more than 113 square meters. km, the population of about 278 thousand people.

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A bit of history

Newcastle (photos of the city can be found in the article)enough old. It arose in the II century AD. e. The founders of Newcastle are the Romans, who gave the city the name of "Pons Elius". During the Middle Ages it was called the "New Castle". Currently, it is the largest city in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear.

Climatic features

Newcastle is a city located near the Peninsulamountains. What does this mean and how does this relief affect? The climate in this region is slightly different from the other part of England. It is as warm and auspicious as it is throughout the country, with warm winters and moderately cool summers, but here the fogs are much less. The mountains make the city's climate less damp, as if protecting it from rain. Average temperatures in January are within + 3 ° C, in July - + 13 ° C.

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How Newcastle-upon-Tyne developed

Newcastle is a city (England is proud of thisheritage), which is now known as a major industrial center of the country. His development in this regard, he began in the XIX century. It was during this period in Newcastle that coal production is improving and production capacities are being built up. And during the British Industrial Revolution, this city becomes its center. However, by the middle of the twentieth century, heavy industry is beginning to lose momentum. Some time after the reduction of work in this industry Newcastle and the entire northern region experienced an economic crisis. However, by the end of the century, industrial production had been re-established in the city. Only now they are based on lighter industries. At present, Newcastle is a city whose industry is represented by the following areas: shipbuilding and production of marine engines, turbine construction, mining equipment manufacturing, chemical and food industries, and office products.


Together with the cities of Hebburn, Jarrow, Saund-Shields, Nord-Shields, Gateshead, Newcastle is the largest metropolitan area of ​​Great Britain - Tyneside. Its population is about 800 thousand people.

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Because of its close position to the River Tyne andNorth Sea Newcastle is considered a river port, being a major transport hub. For the convenience of movement, city dwellers use bicycles. Also there are two bus stations.


Downtown Newcastle is considered his businesscenter. Here are all the administrative buildings of this region. Automobile traffic in the area is prohibited, and you can only take a walk with your own motion.

The power in the city belongs to the mayor, whoelected by the city council. The indigenous inhabitants of Newcastle are called Giordi. More precisely, that's the dialect they speak. It differs significantly from the ordinary English accent by the pronunciation of certain words. The formation of such a dialect was facilitated by the proximity to Celtic and Scandinavian roots.


Newcastle upon Tyne is a city that istruly student. The fact is that there are two old universities here - Northumbrian and Newcastle, as well as the Newcastle College, which is famous all over England, which welcomes students not only from all over England, but also from other European countries and not only. The college is developing in many areas, and the number of students, students in this institution, exceeds forty thousand people.

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Newcastle is a city that is considered sufficientdeveloped in terms of attractions. There is something to see here. The world famous for the city brought the famous Millennium Bridge (Millennium). It passes through the river Tyne and connects the cities of Newcastle and Gateshead. The peculiarity of this structure is that it tilts. The design is considered unique, as there are no bridges of this design anywhere else in the world. It was built in the 2000s and timed to the beginning of a new millennium.

In addition to an interesting bridge, in Newcastle, you canvisit a large number of art galleries and theaters. Also in the city is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe, located in the central part.

On a religious level, twothe magnificent cathedral - the Anglican Church of St. Nicholas and the Catholic Church of St. Mary. Both cathedrals exist in the city since the middle of the XIX century and for the first time served as ordinary parish churches.

Twin Cities

Newcastle upon Tyne has 8 twin cities inUSA, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Israel, Sweden, France and Australia. In the latter state, the twin city has the same name and is considered the "younger brother" of Newcastle English. It was founded in 1804, on the east coast of the mainland. Like the English city, it is near the water, it is washed by the Tasman Sea. The population in it is about 290 thousand people.

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Newcastle (a city in Australia) is considered enoughA major center by the standards of this state. By population, it is second only to the former capital, Sydney. But the main industry of Australian Newcastle remains, oddly enough, coal mining. The city is a favorite place for tourists who visit this country.