Often you can hear from the guests of Adler differentreviews of its promenade. Sometimes it seems that people talk about different places. Adler, whose embankment covers different regions due to its rather impressive length, is one of the most visited cities in the summer. And if you consider that in fact there are two embankments (near the Mzymta River and the sea), then different impressions and reviews are obtained from the guests of these amazing places.

Description of the embankment of Adler

In such an old city as Adler, the embankmentreunited two beaches: "Seagull" and "Ogonek." Its length is a couple of kilometers. This place is ideal for day walks, when the gaze admires sea beauty and circling gulls over the water, and for the evening, when hundreds of bright lights flare up around. In the evening to find a free shop here is unreal, as all the parapets are filled with those wishing to have a good time and admire the beauty.

adler quay

The embankment of Adler, whose photo is presented inthis article, offers all comers to visit local cafes, pizzerias, restaurants. There are a lot of them here, and guests can always pick up an institution to their taste and purse. In addition, nearby there is a shopping and entertainment complex, souvenir shops, the central market, etc. But what you can not find on the waterfront or nearby are hotels and sanatoria. Construction is prohibited here, so only on the streets of the Enlightenment and Lenin can you find the nearest guest houses. Adler (embankment) annually waits for its guests to offer them an unforgettable vacation.

How to get to the embankment of Adler

So, let's find out where the embankment is(Adler). It is useful to know how you can get there. The easiest option is to travel by train. You can also fly by plane. From the local railway station or airport, the trip takes 10-15 minutes. By the way, you can take a taxi at the station, or you can use the services of public transport, which regularly goes in this direction at any time of the year. The embankment of Adler can give not only colorful memories with beautiful landscapes, it is possible to observe the arrival and departure of planes to the airport. From a short distance, this is an unforgettable sight.

The central part of the embankment

In the ancient town of Adler, the embankment is acceptedconditionally divided into parts. The one that is referred to as the central one is more aimed at tourism business. There is a huge number of public catering establishments, boutiques, shopping pavilions. Some use this place for evening and morning jogs, and more passive vacationers prefer to sit with a glass of fine wine or tea and admire the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. By the way, these places create an excellent background for photo sessions.

quay of Adler

Nearby is the central market of Adler. It is considered to be almost the only place in this area where you can buy goods without huge twists, which are done by businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Adler, the embankment in particular, alsoprovides an opportunity for tourists to go straight on from here on an excursion. To do this, simply go to one of the tents located here, choose the direction of interest and the appropriate time and sign up. There is also another great entertainment - the town of attractions. He will not leave indifferent children who come here with their parents.

Embankment on the river Mzymta

In the town of Adler, the embankment is also near the riverMzymta, but its extent is much smaller than that of the central one. There are benches and street lights, palm trees planted here. There are also quite a few fountains. The shopping center "Mandarin" adjoins this embankment. It allows tourists to immediately choose gifts and souvenirs, which will be remembered for an unforgettable vacation in Adler.

quay adler photo

Not far from this promenade is quiteknown here is the Alley of Glory with the monument erected on it by the heroes of the Second World War. Also in this area you can find a large number of guest houses and hotels that will gladly accommodate lovers to relax on the Black Sea coast.

Infrastructure of Adler

In a place like Adler, the embankment, likethe city as a whole, has its own well-developed infrastructure. Here everything is focused on the development of spa life. With the beginning of the season there is a lot of water entertainment, a small town of attractions is opened.

Adler Quay reviews

On sandy and pebbly beaches there is always a hugenumber of holidaymakers. Now the local authorities have decided to limit trade here and clear the territory for recreation, which caused positive reviews of tourists.

What they say about the embankment of Adler

At visitors of such resort place, asAdler, embankment reviews are the most ambiguous. Perhaps this is explained by the fact that in different parts of it it is presented in a completely different way, and those who have not seen it completely judge a little one-sidedly. Nevertheless, most of the visitors are positive about the rest in this wonderful place.

Most tourists like what is nothave a lot of time to spend in search of a decent institution, where you could have a snack. Here you can satisfy both the tastes of a true gourmet and connoisseur of fine cuisine, and a fan of fast food.

guest houses adler embankment

Also, based on the reviews, guests like thatthe moment that there is entertainment on the waterfront for children, and you do not have to think about what to do with them. The only thing that can cause inconvenience is weather conditions, which sometimes can almost ruin a whole vacation. However, this is extremely rare, so the chances of being upset are reduced to a minimum.