Travel is an opportunity to study, relax,to know the world and be a free person at the same time. This is the best thing that can happen in life, and it is unlikely that there will be a person ready to argue with this. The best way to travel is to buy a plane ticket and go to some distant or not quite country to spend time with good and leave good impressions and warm memories after the trip.

Many people choose as a transportaircraft. It is practical, convenient, fast, safe and comfortable. But, alas, this is one of the most expensive modes of transport (although there are exceptions here). In any case, a flight on an airplane can make up almost half of the entire budget for a vacation somewhere in the southern country. But in life everything happens. It happens that the trip is canceled.

What to do in this case? Can I hand in a plane ticket? Can I return at least a small part of the money spent on booking a flight? What do I need to do? Let's try to figure it out together.

can I get a ticket for the plane

For how many days you can return an air ticket

So, there are two news, traditionally one of themgood, the second - not so. Let's start with the first one. Yes, it is possible to take a ticket for a plane purchased via the Internet or in any other way. The bad news is that you can not always do this, in some cases you will be refused, in others you will be reimbursed only part of your costs, and with some airlines you will have to tinker and even walk around the courts.

But do not be in a hurry to get upset, with literateapproach everything is possible. The main thing is to observe a few very simple but important conditions. First time. Yes, the phrase "time is money" is not just a metaphor, but a rule. If you contact the airline on the day of departure or a few hours before departure, you can practically not count on anything. In fact, every company has its own rules. Of course, they are regulated by laws, but in some cases, the time for refunding the ticket is regulated by internal charters. And you, by buying a ticket, automatically agree with the terms of this airline.

So be careful and study this questionas carefully as possible. For how much you can take a ticket for a plane - the question is not simple. The earlier the better. Even more successful is the operation to return money if you tell that you will not fly this flight, at least two days before departure. You can, of course, try to do this before registration, but in this case the process will become more complicated, as airlines are not profitable to lose money. After the registration is over and the more so after the departure, tickets become irrecoverable.

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How much money can I return

Can I hand in a plane ticket? Can. But is it possible to receive, or rather return, the money spent? In theory - yes, although here too everything depends on the airline. They have their own tariffs, shares, conditions and so on. People, as a rule, do not pay attention to such things, and then complain about what a bad airline that does not want to return money, although by law it seems like it should do it. Few people know that there are initially irrecoverable tickets, but we'll talk about them later. They can not be called completely irrecoverable, so at least a small part of the money can still be returned.

direct flights

Also not subject to return are service charges,which are paid for when buying an air ticket. Also, many airlines impose a penalty for refunding the ticket, while its size is not fixed in any regulatory act, so here each company has its own "appetites". If you want to know how to hand in a plane ticket and get 100% of the amount back, you should check with the reason for refunding the ticket, which in most cases guarantees a full refund.

Reasons for refunding the ticket

There are two types of refund: voluntary and forced. In the first case, the passenger handles the ticket for no particular reason. Maybe he has it, but for the airline this reason is not respectful. For example, if you quarreled with a companion, flew to fly to this country or your boss changed his mind about giving you a vacation, then in most cases you will not be able to return the full cost of the ticket. But at the same time, there are a number of reasons why the airline must consider your application and return all money as soon as possible. This is the so-called forced return of tickets for a direct flight.

to pass a ticket for a plane bought through the Internet

For valid reasons that guarantee a return,for example, official denial of a visa. At the same time, you must confirm this refusal by providing all the necessary evidence. If the passenger is urgently hospitalized and on this account he also has all the information, he can expect a refund. At the same time, his companions who did not fly precisely because of illness of their friend or relative will not receive full compensation.

The death of a close relative (wife, parents,children) also allows you to get the money spent on tickets. Only it will be necessary to prove the relationship and provide a death certificate, so that the airline had grounds to make a refund. There are also several reasons why the carrier itself is at fault: cancellation or delay of the flight is the reason for refunding the ticket and getting compensation for its cost.

All such cases are considered inindividual order. The most important thing is to say in time on the return, at least one day before departure. This is written in all the rules of refund. In some companies, your application can be reviewed on the same day, but be prepared for the whole procedure to take a week or even a month. This happens very rarely, but no one is immune from this.

When will the money come?

As noted above, the most important -provide all the necessary evidence for the reasons for the return. You need to do this as soon as possible, then there are all chances that the airline will meet you and solve the problem as soon as possible. But it also happens that returning tickets for a direct flight is a difficult and time-consuming task. What to do in this case? Alas, it remains only to wait. But as soon as your refund is officially recognized as forced, the process of transferring money to your bank card will begin immediately. Usually it takes several working days, in some cases, money has to wait about a week.

how to pass an electronic ticket to the plane

How to take the electronic ticket

In our time, they are very popularcalled aggregators - services that are looking for the cheapest tickets and help to book them right at home. This requires only the Internet. But what if the ticket purchased on the Internet needs to be returned urgently? How do I take an e-ticket for an airplane?

In fact, the process of returning such a ticketnothing is different from what was described above. You need to tell the airline and the desire and reason for the return of the ticket, provide proof that it is a forced refund and expect the money on the bank card. The main thing - do not forget to check if it's worth noting on your electronic ticket non ref, which means "irrecoverable". What to do if you find these words, and whether it is possible to hand over a ticket for a plane of this type, we will consider right now.

Non-Return Tickets

Irrevocable tickets are in high demandamong passengers of air transport. The reason here is one - these air tickets are much cheaper than usual, so their purchase is more profitable. You fly an ordinary flight, but at a lower price. As a rule, people get non-refundable tickets knowing that they will fly. But, as mentioned above, life is unpredictable, so sometimes there is a need to return such tickets.

for how much can I take a plane ticket

How to return money for non-refundable tickets

Fortunately, the law provides for cases in whichwhich you can claim for a refund and describes how to hand over a ticket to an airplane in case of its "irrecoverability". Of course, the airline suffers losses, but nothing can do about it and must return the money, otherwise the state will deprive it of its license and the right to transport people. In fact, nothing fundamentally new here, the money for the return of such tickets are provided in the same cases as in the case of an ordinary ticket. Forced return is recognized in case of your hospitalization, death of a loved one or in the event that the carrier himself has violated his obligations and delayed or canceled the flight.

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Alas, no one is immune from force majeurecircumstances. Even today it is possible to plan a trip, and a few days before departure everything can drastically change. That is why there is an opportunity to return the ticket and money for it. Remember that it is best to contact the airline representative as early as possible, to provide all the evidence that you will not be able to get on the flight and expect a return of money. Of course, it's best not to get into such situations and always get only positive emotions from travel, but just in case, you should know whether it is possible to take a ticket for the plane and how to do it correctly.