"Dark water" - so from Bashkir translates Ufa. The ancient Russian city was founded in the late 16th century. The locals call the city "Efe". In the territory where the city of Ufa is located, two rivers flow: Belaya and Ufa. The city is located on the Ufa Peninsula and is the capital of Bashkortostan. By area, Ufa is second only to Moscow, Volgograd, Peter and Perm. The city's flag depicts the marten as a symbol of pride and wealth.

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Monument to S. Yulaev

Salauat Yulai is a national hero of Bashkortostan. He was known as a sesen (a poet-improviser) and a fighter for the rights of the Bashkirs. The monument to Yulaev is the visiting card of Bashkortostan and the most memorable sculpture in Ufa. The monument was built in the late XX century by artist S. Tavasiev. In Russia, where Ufa is located, this monument is the record holder.

where is the city of Ufa

The height of the equestrian statue is almost 10 meters, sheis the largest not only in Russia, but also in Europe. Tavasiev worked on the monument for more than 30 years, and this is his best creation. The monument is located in the central part of the city, in front of it is a magnificent fountain.

Fountains of Ufa

Bashkiria, where Ufa is located, is known for itscreative fountains. In the city there are more than 20. The season of fountains opens in early May. The fountain at the Palace of Youth is the oldest, it is more than 60 years old. Thanks to the reconstruction, it became musical, and in the evening a bright laser light turns on.

The sarcastic expression "sell everything, buy a kurai!""Became the unofficial name of the fountain" Boy with Kuray ". Kurai is an ancient musical instrument of Bashkirs and Tatars. The central part of the fountain is represented by a nude elegant figure of a teenager, he holds a Bashkir reed pipe in his hands.

Botanical garden of Ufa

The area where Ufa is located is characterized bytemperate continental climate. Wet air, cold winters and warm summers create favorable conditions for plants. Ufa Botanical Garden is 85 years old, it is located in the local forest park. The park pleases visitors with rare and unique exhibits of flowers, trees and plants. Entrance to the territory of the Ufa park is paid. If you liked the plant, you can buy it.

where is ufa

Interesting facts

  • In Ufa there are two creative monuments: the monument to the Janitor and the sculpture "The House of the Marten".
  • The marten on the coat of arms of the city was to be replaced by a white horse.
  • The highest construction in Ufa is Bank Uralsib (more than 100 meters).
  • In Russia, where Ufa is, there are no problems with humor. The city is jokingly called "Three screws".
  • It is curious that the street of Freedom in Ufa ends exactly with the "Fate of Freedom".
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