For many Russians, the favorite vacation spot isYalta. The seaside park, the magnificent embankment, unique palaces and castles, sanatoriums and boarding houses all attract thousands of tourists to this fertile land. Today we want to tell you about the most popular park in the city, where people like to spend time not only guests of the South Coast, but also citizens.

yalta seaside park

Yalta, Seaside Park: history of creation

After the end of the Second World War, the restoration of the beautiful Yaltaand its green plantations became the most important direction of work of many leading bodies of the country. In the newspapers, reports on the restoration of parks and parks in the Crimea appeared more often. The main burden fell on the shoulders of plant workers on the greening of the city - it was necessary to decorate the all-Union resort as soon as possible.

For this, the Yalta landscaping trust in late 1946year has received 1 200 000 rubles. This allowed the construction of a new park on the site of the massif near the beach of Zheltyshevsky in the city restoration plan. The need for a general city park in Yalta was spoken before the war. The decision to build it was taken by local authorities in February 1947. It was planned that the official opening of the facility will take place on May 1, 1947, so the residents of the city - students and schoolchildren, workers and engineers - actively worked on preparatory works.

 seaside park in Yalta

The layout of the park

The architectural design of the object determinedterracing device. It was planned to install a fountain on the upper terrace, to equip the shadow areas in different parts of the park. The project provided for the installation of the pavilion "Soyuzpechat" and kiosks with refreshing beverages. At that time the Seaside Park (Yalta) started from the Oreanda Hotel, from the Livadia Bridge, and not from the obelisk.

The present embankment in 1950 was the very first promenade of the park. All the tracks were sanded during construction, asphalt was not used.

Sculptural compositions

The first sculpture appeared in the park in 1950. It was "Girl with a core." It is interesting that the authors did not preserve the history of this composition. The first sculpture was followed by others - "Girl with the ball", "Athlete with a towel", "Children playing".

To the 49th anniversary of the death of AP. Chekhov Seaside Park (Yalta) received a valuable gift. Announced in 1947, the competition to create a monument to the writer was won by sculptor GI Motovilov. The monument was opened in 1953. The solemn event was attended by the sister of Anton Pavlovich Maria Pavlovna, OL Knipper-Chekhov, the artists of the Moscow Art Theater.

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The palm avenue that was popular today was laidin 1952. At that time, it consisted of 100 copies of ten-year trachycarpus. In addition to palm trees, more than 3,000 trees were planted - plane trees and cedars, plums and pines, etc. Plants were imported from the nurseries of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. Old postcards show that during the construction of the obelisk the old trees were kept to the maximum, and the terraces were planted with roses. Already in 1954, more than 8,000 bushes were planted in the park. Preference was given to the varieties of N. Kostetsky's selection Ukrainka, Rodina, French roses Lyons, La France, Mareshal Niel, Belle de Nikita.

Crimea Yalta seaside park


Gradually restored after the war andYalta became more beautiful. Seaside park since 1955 becomes not only the main general park, but also the main nursery of "Kurortzelenstroy". Effective work on decorating the territory of the mentioned cultural object allowed the collective of this orchard organization to get the right to become a participant of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition held in Moscow.

Thirty-four workers became participants in the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. In the early spring of 1955, perennial pines, magnolias, cedars, as well as shredded roses and evergreen bushes were sent to the capital. At the end of the year, most of them were awarded medals of the VDNKh participants.

seaside park of Yalta

After finishing the design of the lower section wasopened one more entrance to the park (third) from the side of Livadia. A sculpture of a deer was installed here. Why a deer? There is no answer to this question. Probably, according to the creators, the sculpture was supposed to remind of the Foros park, where similar sculptures met.

In 1974, in the western, lower part of PrimorskyThe park was broken up by a rose garden. Twelve thousand bushes were planted by NI Verevochkina. To ensure that the rosary blossomed continuously from May to December, selected certain varieties of roses - late, middle and early flowering. The following year the garden was blinded by its splendor, but, unfortunately, this triumph was the only one. In winter, more than half of the bushes were stolen, and other flower gardens were planted there.

Park in our days

Seaside Park (Yalta), according to the majoritylocal residents, is the most beautiful in the city. From the side of the Sevastopol highway entrance to it is a majestic arch-colonnade with observation platforms and stairs. From here you can go down to the central alleys of the resting place. The railing of the staircase is decorated with flowerpots, and along the length of seven marches majestic oriental plane trees are planted.

seaside park yalta apartments

In the center of the park, in its highest point is theThe platform is decorated with a pool of original shape. With its outlines, it resembles the contour of the Black Sea. On both sides of it are two semicircular rotundas. Particularly elegant and interesting is the central part of the park, where along the avenues are planted luxurious rose bushes and sprawling palms. On the central alley in 1956 a monument to Maxim Gorky was erected.

Its rich vegetation has always been famousCrimea (Yalta). Seaside Park today has more than one hundred species of trees. Among them are rare species such as the Himalayan cedar, the Juda tree, the Alpine pine, the Sharp Ash, and others. In this magnificent park you can perfectly relax. There are bowling clubs, tennis courts, discos and cafes, attractions and playgrounds.

Yalta: hotels in Primorsky Park

We are sure that everyone who decided to spend their holidaysin Yalta, is interested in the issue of accommodation. We want to reassure you: in this respect you will not have any problems. On the territory of Naberezhnaya - Seaside Park (Yalta), apartments can be rented for every taste and purse. It can be a separate room or comfortable apartment. Most of our compatriots are accustomed to this kind of accommodation on vacation. However, we recommend you pay attention to one of the sights of the city, which rightly prides Yalta: "Seaside Park" - a delightful hotel, which is located in the heart of the park.

spa hotel seaside park of yalta


The complex has three buildings: "Parus", Wellness & SPA and "Hotel". The rooms are decorated in soft pastel colors. All of them are furnished with environmentally friendly furniture made of rattan. The following accommodation options are offered in the Hotel building:

  1. Standard - 1-room double roombed and a comfortable sofa bed. In the combined bathroom there is a shower, a bidet, a washbasin. The interior is made in the Japanese style - strict colors and a minimum of furniture. The original design is emphasized by very light walls and furniture made of natural wood of dark tones. The decoration uses natural materials, as well as Japanese accessories and lamps. Room size is 25 square meters. m.
  2. Junior suite - one room with a sofa bed and a double bed. Room size - 29 square meters. There is a shower.
  3. Apartment - 2-room apartment with terrace,overlooking the sea. There is a living room combined with a kitchen and a bedroom. The rooms are equipped with LCD TVs, refrigerators with mini-bar, air-conditioning. The apartment area is 72 square meters. m.
    hotels in seaside park

The Wellness & SPA building offers its guests:

  1. Apartment - 2-room apartment with balcony. There is a living room combined with a kitchen, a bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom with a shower. The rooms are equipped with telephones with domestic and intercity communication, refrigerators, mini-bars, TVs, air conditioners and washing machines.
  2. You can choose a more spacious apartment. "Seaside Park" (Yalta) can offer a two-room suite with a terrace that runs all around the perimeter. It consists of a large living room, a bedroom combined with a kitchen, two bathrooms with a shower, a jacuzzi and a bidet. The premises are equipped with a refrigerator with mini bar, air conditioning, washing machine, LCD TV with satellite TV, safe. The area of ​​the room is 150 square meters. m.

Spa hotel "Seaside Park" (Yalta): services

This remarkable hotel presents the latest modern developments in the field of beauty and health industry.

spa in the seaside park of Yalta

Bath cultures of the world:

  • Turkish (hammam);
  • sanarium (dry aromabanya, low-temperature);
  • the Roman steam; Finnish (dry-air);
  • salt (a salt pillar and an aroma cloud);
  • mud (applications using 6 types of mud);
  • Russian (with ice font);
  • grassy (using mountain hay with Ai-Petri).

Thermo-SPA rooms in the "Seaside Park" (Yalta):

  • hydromassage bath with herbal extracts, aromatic oils;
  • non-contact bath of seaweed and herbal wraps, peelings;
  • soul impressions (needle, "tropical rain", etc.);
  • snow room (constant temperature -18 ° С, snow for wiping, soft light);
  • jacuzzi with jet and bubble massage;
  • indoor and outdoor pools with sea water;
  • massage rooms - aroma massage and relaxing, stone massage and anti-cellulite, tonic and Australian, Spanish and Japanese - only 30 types.

At guests' service is a phyto-bar, which offers herbal infusions, cocktails, teas.

Vacation with children

Small tourists will not have to miss the hotel"Seaside Park" (Yalta), a photo of which you can see in this article. For them, a special entertainment program was developed. It involves sports classes for children over three years old. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce kids to a healthy lifestyle.

Classes are held in two age groups (fromthree to five and six to nine years). Training takes place in an exciting form, as they combine elements of physical education, aerobics, rhythm and choreography. For children, a separate playground is created in the fitness club, where children from 5 years old can spend interesting time while moms are engaged in sports.

Swimming Pools

The hotel guests can visit two excellent swimming pools - indoor and outdoor. They are filled with sea water. In addition, they created waterfalls, massage jets and counter flow.

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In the hotel there is a cozy restaurant"Fabrikant", which has its own brewery. Magnificent chefs offer delicious dishes of Czech, German and Russian cuisines. In addition, here you can try beer snacks - pickles and smoking, home-made sausages.

And the unique restaurant "Saigon" certainly will interest the fans of cuisine in the style of Asian fusion. Here you will be offered exotic dishes of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines.

The restaurant, located on the beach, pleases with a huge selection of soft drinks and cocktails, and offers to choose meat dishes and a variety of desserts.

And of course, we can not say about the pride of the hotel - the wine cellar, which offers a huge collection of wines. Tastings are held here on a regular basis.

As you can see, the "Primorsky Park" hotel (Yalta) has created ideal conditions for comfortable living and recreation both with family and in the company of good friends.