In Belarus there are a variety of medicalprofile of the sanatorium. "Narochansky Bereg" is one of the best institutions of the country of its kind, very popular not only among its residents, but also among citizens of neighboring countries. There is a sanatorium in the Minsk region, in a coniferous forest, on the shore of a beautiful lake with crystal clear water. The territory of the sanatorium is part of the National Park "Narochansky". The combination of unique natural factors and the beauty of the terrain attracts here every year a huge number of residents of Belarus and the former Soviet republics who want to improve their health.

Location Features

Naroch - a resort village, built in 1964. in the north-west of Belarus, 140 km from Minsk and 265 km from Vitebsk. In the immediate vicinity of it is an ancient village with the same name. The village itself stretches along the shore of the lake for several kilometers. There are shops, cafes, and a small market. Sanatorium "Narochanska Bereg" is one of the largest and most visited in this area. It belongs to the Unitary Enterprise "Belprofsoyuzkurort" FPB.


General information

On the territory of this health resort there are 7 buildings:

  1. Three separate medical buildings that host vacationers.

  2. Main building. Here are the dining room, treatment rooms and administration office.

  3. Hydropathy.

  4. Sauna.

  5. Rent of inventory.

In total, the sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg"(Byelorussia) can accept about 430 people. Meals for the rest are provided five times: individual, according to diets. Menu in the dining room - custom, with elements of a buffet. Children for treatment and accommodation are accepted from three years.

Profile of the institution

In the sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg" it is necessary to come to people suffering from diseases:

  • GIT;

  • respiratory organs;

  • nervous system;

  • of cardio-vascular system.

naroche resort village

Therapeutic complex

In the sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg" there is an opportunityvisit the cabinets of aroma and phytotherapy, undergo such procedures as inhalation, irrigation, massage. There are also dental, exercise therapy and physiotherapy rooms in the main building. If necessary, the employees of the sanatorium will conduct laboratory analyzes of the tests, consult a resting person with regard to his illness, and prescribe the necessary procedures. Guests of the institution have the opportunity to take medical baths, including dry carbon dioxide. The majority of holidaymakers for therapeutic purposes drink mineral water "Narochanskaya", similar in composition to the famous "Truskavetska".


In the sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg" you can not onlyto correct health, but also to have a good rest. On the territory of the institution there are children's playgrounds, volleyball courts, tennis courts. Also guests of the sanatorium have the opportunity to visit the gymnasium, cinema, bar, sauna. There is also a laundry on site. Unfortunately, there is no swimming pool in the sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg". However, lovers of water treatments can visit the well-equipped beach. The swimming pool is located on the territory of the recreation center "Belaya Rus" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Not too high prices - this is what differ almost all Belarusian sanatoria. "Narochansky shore" is located right next to the recreation center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Therefore, it is not necessary to go far to his lodger in the pool. Pay for the session will need only about 150 rubles.

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Convenience of stay

Sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg" offers itsguests have several categories of rooms. You can buy a ticket to a one-room one-room, two-bed two-room, two-bed one-room. All rooms are equipped with modern comfortable furniture, TVs and refrigerators. If desired, guests of the institution can use the electric kettle and a set of dishes belonging to the sanatorium. Each room has a shower and toilet.

Reviews about the beach and the lake

There are very good sanatoria in Belarus. "Narochansky shore" is considered one of the best. Constant visitors of this institution visit it also because it is located in a very beautiful area. Reviews about Lake Naroch at visitors of sanatorium simply remarkable. This natural reservoir is one of the most beautiful and clean in Belarus.

On the beach of the sanatorium, stretching along its shore,there are cabins for changing clothes, shady awnings and umbrellas. The safety of tourists is provided by a rescue service. The enthusiasm of the beach and the lake will be especially those who love waterfowl. Swans and ducks are floating just a huge amount. Among other things, there is a boat station on the beach.

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Paid services

A good rest in this sanatorium can be, just paying for a ticket. However, many guests of the sanatorium book here and paid services. These include:

  • manual massage;

  • phototherapy;

  • hydro and phytotherapy;

  • instrumental diagnostics;

  • Visit the sauna and spa capsules.

Sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg": reviews

The opinion of this institution is for those who have alreadyto visit it, it was simply magnificent. Former guests of the sanatorium respond well both about its infrastructure and medical facilities, and about the level of service. In particular, praise the dining room of this complex and the opportunity to purchase excursions to interesting places.

As already mentioned, I like visitorssanatorium and its location. And not only for the beauty of the area. Almost all Belarusian sanatoriums were built in pretty comfortable places. "Narochansky coast" and in this respect surpasses most similar institutions of the country. His guests can easily buy everything necessary in the shops of Naroch or in the local market without any problems. To get to the sanatorium is very easy. To do this, from the railway station in Minsk, you need to go to the bus station "Central", located nearby, and take a shuttle or intercity bus.

health resort nudechansky coast reviews

Sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg": prices

They speak well of this institutionguests and because of not too high cost of living and treatment. The price for a single room, for example, is 1650 rubles. per day, on a double - 1320 (per person - 1980). Two-room for two people will cost 1720 rubles. Improved - in 2060 p.


Excursions in the sanatorium "Narochansky Bereg" are also offered to guests, but for an additional fee. So, you can look at:

  • The church in the village Budslau.
  • Memorial complex Khatyn.
  • Mosar church.
  • St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk.

There is also a bus sightseeing tour "Narochansky Ring". Guests of the sanatorium can get acquainted with the natural features of the region, with a historical past, with a resort area.

Also in the sanatorium you can buy a tour of thesignificant places in the city of Minsk. Naroch - a resort village, attractions in which, unfortunately, no. Here, guests of the sanatorium can only look at the rather interesting monument to the snail, set on the square near the shops.

rest in Belarus sanatoriums

Rest in Belarus (the sanatorium here in factexcellent) can become truly unforgettable. Places in this country are really beautiful. Related to their number and the neighborhood of the complex "Narochansky shore". All those who wish to receive quality treatment and admire the Belarusian nature, it is necessary to visit this sanatorium.