Abroad holidays in Turkey in the last fewdecades became for the Russian tourist habitual and no less accessible than at the domestic resorts. The country is pleased with hospitality and benevolent reception, affectionate climate, a variety of nature, colorful shopping, sights, and, of course, high-level service. The hotel infrastructure is well developed, everything is done for the maximum comfort of visitors. Most Turkish hotels offer guests an all inclusive or ultra all inclusive meal system and a variety of daytime and evening entertainment, both free and paid for guests of all ages.

Features of the resort Beldibi

A small green village of Beldibi is locatedbetween Antalya and Kemer on the Mediterranean coast, refers to the resort area of ​​Kemer, so in the descriptions of the hotel often indicate the location of Kemer. The tropical and coniferous vegetation amazes with its diversity, together with the Taurus mountains create incredible landscapes. The air here is clean, fresh and healthy.

For the last ten years, the development of tourism inBeldibi impetuous: a large number of modern hotels (today there are more than 60) for European and Slavic guests with a decent level of service. In addition to the infrastructure of hotels, the village is rich in shops and restaurants of local cuisine. The most popular products are tourists: spices and Turkish sweets.

Among the attractions of the village - a wild beach and the Mosque, but the offers of sightseeing tours are enough for travel agencies and hotel employees.

The most favorable months for sea holidays - from May to October inclusive, for the excursion fits all year.

general information

Hotel Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 * is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, at 10kilometers from the resort zone of Kemer in the village of Beldibi. The distance from Antalya airport is 40 kilometers. Directly near the hotel there is a bus stop and you can get cheap and fast to the nearest cities and to the Goynuk canyon. Wireless internet coverage is available throughout the hotel, and free parking is available near the hotel. The area is relatively small - about 20 thousand square meters and can not boast of rich vegetation, like many hotels in this region. On the territory there are 2 outdoor and one indoor swimming pool, water slides, children's club and playground, gym, sauna, hammam, animation works all day. For an additional payment you can get a complex of SPA-procedures, massage, do water sports and use the services of a nanny.

Dining at the hotel Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 * (Turkey) It is offered on the system of "ultra all inclusive"round the clock. There is a main restaurant (apart from European and Turkish cuisines there are diet menus and vegetarian food), 2 à la carte restaurants, 4 bars.

There is its own sand and pebble beach, the first coastline, sun beds, mattresses and umbrellas are provided free of charge.

Hotel Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 * (Kemer) consists of two four-storey buildings with a commoncapacity of about 330 small but cozy and comfortable rooms, including 3 rooms for people with disabilities. Views from the balconies of the rooms are stunning - there are on the sea, on the mountains or on the territory of the hotel. Each room has a private bathroom with toilet, bath / shower, sink, sink and hairdryer, air conditioning, TV, minibar and safe. Cleaning daily, change of bed linen - twice a week.

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Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 *: reviews

A more accurate picture of the actual conditionsrest at the hotel can be obtained by reading the objective reviews recently on various tourist sites. For ease of use, reviews are divided into categories:

  • Location and territory of the hotel.
  • Accommodation, condition and comfort of rooms.
  • The beach and the sea.
  • Dining at the hotel.
  • Animation.
  • Staff work.
  • Paid services.

Location and Amenities of the Hotel

There is Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 * in verybeautiful by natural data, a quiet and cozy place on the outskirts of the village of Beldibi. At a distance of one minute walk there is a bus stop with which you can easily reach Kemer for half an hour, to neighboring settlements - for 5-10 minutes. According to tourists, the location of the hotel is very convenient and successful for recreation, especially pleased with the fact that the hotel is right on the beach.

The territory itself Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 *small, which, in the opinion of tourists, is more of a plus than a minus, because you can walk anywhere in the hotel in 1-3 minutes. It is uncharacteristic for this region that there is practically no greenery around the perimeter of the yard, but guests do not consider this fact as something critical.

Slides on the territory work according to a specific schedule, this time, as tourists think, is quite enough.

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Accommodation, condition and comfort of rooms

Guests who have just arrived at the Grand Park are immediately cordially treated with champagne, so filling out the documents becomes more fun.

Check-in time is according to hotel rules - after 14:00. Different tourists varied from 9 am to 2 pm, from which it can be concluded that the numbers are provided as they are released and available, and this is carefully monitored by the staff.

Most tourists notice that all rooms of the hotel Grand Park Kemer Hotel (Turkey) small, but their modest area, 25-40square meters, is indicated in the descriptions. There are also those to whom these dimensions seemed quite spacious. At the same time, the rooms are cozy, there is everything necessary for a decent rest, the appliances and furniture are in good condition. There were individual complaints of guests about the quality of cosmetics for taking a shower - soap and shampoo were not divided, a single jar was dispensed with a dispenser, the facility, according to tourists, was unpleasantly smelling and itching.

View from the balconies of the rooms most of the guestsfound excellent. Pleasant for the guests was the singing of cicadas, which was distributed in the district in the evenings. That very well characterizes the number - when closing the balcony, no street sound is heard inside.

Reviews about cleaning there are different, nothe regularity of its quality from the availability of tips is not, so we can conclude that the purity depended on the professional qualities of cleaners in different shifts. Basically, guests are satisfied with the cleanliness and frequency of changing linen and towels.

In cases of breakage of furniture or appliances in the rooms (refrigerator, air conditioning, safe), repairs occurred in a few hours and during the absence of guests.

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Beach and sea

Most of the tourists appreciated the location of the hotel actually on the beach. That is, I did not have to go to him specifically.

Beach holidaymakers characterize as sandy(pebbles in the reviews are practically not mentioned), wide and clean, with enough sun beds and umbrellas. Although, judging by the reviews, many "resourceful" people still have a habit of taking a place by the sea or the pool and not using it.

The sea deserves the highest praise among holidaymakers -all, as one, claim that it was very warm, almost hot, affectionate, clean. Sunset in the sea on the bridge, people's feet almost do not contact with the pebbles, so special footwear is not needed in fact. For those who like to jump and dive, there is a low pier on which you can also relax on the sun loungers, the place there, according to tourists, is especially comfortable. The big plus was the neighboring location of the sea and the pool, resting on one sunbed, you can swim there and there.

A team of rescuers works on the beach.

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Dining at the hotel

What you will not find in the reviews about the Grand Park HotelKemer Hotel 5 * - so it's a complaint about food. Both food and drinks were available to guests during the day. The use of spices is moderate. There is a diet and a children's table, children's high chairs are provided. The restaurant always has free tables, meals are being replenished all the time as the havoc. Here are the main names listed by tourists:


  • Ready-made cereals and instant cereals;
  • pancakes, pancakes and fritters;
  • fermented milk products: yogurts, kefir;
  • cheeses in assortment;
  • wide choice of baking;
  • several variants of dishes from eggs;
  • jams, chocolate pastes, honey and honeycombs;
  • toasters;
  • tea, coffee, milk, compotes.

Lunches and dinners:

  • The first dishes: vegetable and fish soups, soup-purees from broccoli, borsch, soup. There are 2 versions of the soup base, in which you can put stuffing from meat and vegetable dishes.
  • Meat in assortment: beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, tongue, offal. Ways of cooking: stewing, cooking, grilling.
  • Fish (trout, herring, mackerel and other marine species) fried, stewed, boiled, grilled.
  • Seafood: shrimps, mussels, octopus, squid, crayfish, once a week - sushi.
  • Garnish: potatoes in several cooking options, pasta, rice.
  • Steam, fresh (salads) and stewed vegetables, stew.
  • Greenery.
  • a wide range of fruits: watermelons, melons, citrus fruits, grapes, bananas, dates.
  • A variety of desserts: cakes, pastries, Turkish sweets: baklava, rahat-lukum and others.
  • Ice cream.
  • Baking: sweet and fresh.
  • Drinks in the range.

Poolside bar: most of the dishes from the main restaurant + fast food in the form of French fries and pizza, from noon to 4 pm - ice cream in unlimited quantities.

Wide choice of alcohol: whiskey, gin, tonic, liqueurs, red and white wine, beer, barmen prepare any cocktails.

Parents of young children and people with special diets were very pleased with the assortment of Swedish tables.

A la carte in the restaurant is of two kinds: Italian and local with a fish slope. Problems with the record was not, the dishes are cooked very delicious, the service is excellent.

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The animation team in the summer of 2017 consisted entirely ofthree people and led in Turkish and English, in the autumn two Russian-speaking girls were added to the children's club. Separately there were entertainments for adults and for children.

In the afternoon tourists were invited to participate in sports: aqua aerobics, volleyball, water polo. Those who want to dive with aqualung can train for free under the guidance of animators, and after diving with a diving club employee.

Children during the day can spend time in the children's club, where they made crafts from different materials, draw aquagrim and conduct dance classes.

In the evening for children a disco was held,the opinion of tourists, boring and monotonous, and the responsible animator girl did not try at all. For adults, a frothy show, a neon disco or a program with performances by guest artists: Cuban dancers, local artists. After the evening programs, adults were offered a transfer to a nightclub in Kemer.

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Work of the personnel

Hotel staff Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 * (Turkey, Kemer) polite, friendly and hospitable. Most of the staff speak English and Russian. It has already been mentioned that every guest is met with champagne, immediately wear bracelets and send food and inspect the territory if the number is not yet ready for settling. Tourists admit that the staff of this hotel is absolutely unobtrusive, as it sometimes happens, but strictly observe the subordination, which, of course, is a plus.

Special praise deserved the girl, whose workplace was near the reception. According to the guests, you can address it on any issue, it will help and protect the interests of vacationers.

Territory of hotel Grand Park Kemer Hotel (reviews 2017 confirm this), including swimming pools are always perfectly cleaned, staff is constantly busy with something. The rooms are cleaned mostly well, cleaners are modest, but always smiling benevolently.

The kitchen staff look nice and tidy, clean the dirty dishes instantly, immediately serve a table, listen attentively to requests, advise and desire a pleasant appetite and a good rest.

Animators are also friendly and friendly with each other, some tourists were very sorry to say goodbye to them.

Among all the reviews, one of theyoung families who had problems with settlement, cleaning and who were evicted a few days before the end of the tour. Among other impressions of tourists, this review is completely atypical, does not coincide with the opinions of many, based on certain facts. It is likely that by mistake wrote a review not about this hotel or the situation has developed an individual, in which it is possible to understand, having listened to only two sides.

There was also noticed a single complaint from a tourist about the fact that the hotel did not show any sign of attention to her husband on his birthday.

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Paid services

There is a SPA salon on site, where you canfor additional funds get a massage. In earlier reviews, information is found that a masseur-Turk showed little more attention to female clients than was required by his professional rules, but after correction he corrected and apologized. Apparently, the hotel administration has done some work and improved the rules, because in the reviews in a month they write that the masseur can choose the most on the basis of sex, and women and men work conscientiously, the customers were satisfied.

In shops on the territory of the hotel is quite reasonable prices for the entire range of goods, identical with the prices of shops in the village of Beldibi.

On the beach for an additional payment you candive with scuba diving, parachute, ride a banana or scooter, and book a boat trip on a yacht. All those who tried these entertainments on their own, left positive comments.

In general, feedback Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 * receives both positive, and negative, ifto trace their dynamics, it becomes obvious that the problems of one period (the absence of Russian-speaking animators, the behavior of the masseur in the SPA salon, the malfunction of the equipment) were eliminated in the future, as reported by tourists who were here later. Given all the advantages, you can safely recommend this place to rest for young people, companies, families with young children and older people - everyone will find for themselves in the Grand Park Kemer Hotel 5 * what he needs.