Rostov-on-Don is the largest city in the southEuropean part of Russia, it is home to over one million people. One of the most famous of its monuments is the Kumzhensky memorial. Rostov-on-Don is one of the few cities in Russia that experienced two occupations during the Great Patriotic War. And the memorial complex in the Kumzhenskaya grove is a living reminder of that difficult but heroic period in his biography.

Hero-City on the Don

In 2008, Rostov-on-Don received an honorarythe title of "City of military glory." The most important strategic significance of the "gates of the Caucasus" was understood by everyone: both Stalin and Hitler. Having occupied this city, the fascist troops got access immediately to two important resources: the Kuban fields and the Caucasian oil.

For the first time, German troops approachedThe lower reaches of the Don in mid-November 1941. For three days young and inexperienced fighters held back the enemy's onslaught. But on November 21 the Germans entered the city. The first occupation of Rostov lasted only a week. However, this week entered the history of the city as "bloody". Enraged fascists have carried out here not one punitive operation, shooting people directly on the streets.

Counteroffensive under the leadership of Marshal Seeds Tymoshenko allowed to drive out the enemy from the city. By the way, it was one of the first major victories of the Red Army in that war.

The Kumzhensky memorial

Soviet Rostov-on-Don remained until the middleJuly 1942. July 24 Wehrmacht troops entered the city again. The second defense of Rostov was no less fierce. And she, pulling a large part of the German troops, gave her time to prepare for the battles of Stalingrad.

The second occupation of the city lasted about sevenmonths. During this time, up to 40,000 citizens were killed, about the same amount was sent to forced labor in Germany. In February 1943, a large-scale military operation began to liberate the city, which later historians would be called "a real hell." After all, for this, the Soviet troops had to go to the opposite bank of the Don along a frozen and unguarded terrain.

On February 14, 1943, Rostov-on-Don was completely liberated from the German fascist invaders.

Where is Kumzhenskaya Grove?

One of the monuments of modern Rostov-on-Don,which remind his inhabitants of those bloody battles, is the Kumzhensky memorial. It is located in Zheleznodorozhny district, on the south-western outskirts of the city.

Geographically, this is a cape (or "arrow") between the channels of two rivers - the Don and the Dead Donets. To the townspeople this place is known as Kumzhenskaya grove.

Grove is not only the Kumzhensky memorial, but also a great place for summer holidays. It is famous for its spacious green glades, which offer a picturesque view of the river and the city.

The Kumzhensky memorial Rostov on Don

Kumzhensky memorial: photo, history and description

The complex consists of several objects: the main monument, four stelae of Glory, a mass grave, five marble pylons and numerous memorable plates. The names of the combat units that took part in the battles for Rostov were engraved on them.

The central place of the memorial complexoccupies a monument called "Storm". It is depicted in the form of a huge 20-meter arrow that indicates the direction of advance of the Soviet troops. If you look at the monument from the side, it is clearly similar to the arrow used in classic military maps.

Kumzhensky memorial photo

The monument is decorated with a sculptural composition,consisting of several figures of Soviet soldiers going into battle. Interestingly, the real faces of people who took an active part in the operation for the liberation of Rostov in 1943 are depicted here.

The Kumzhensky memorial was opened in 1983. The authors of the project were R. Muradyan (architect), E. Lapko and B. Lapko (sculptors). In the mid-nineties the memorial complex gradually decays. Only in 2015 it was completely restored and landscaped. Now the territory of the memorial is decorated with beautiful lawns, flower beds, equipped with lighting and video surveillance systems.

memorial Kumzhenskaya Grove reviews

Memorial (Kumzhenskaya Roshcha): reviews of tourists

After reconstruction, the attendance of the memorialcomplex has increased several times. Here, with pleasure come as guests of the city, and its native inhabitants. Traditionally, the central monument is laying flowers to the newlyweds. All the avenues of the complex are lined with beautiful paving slabs, and the main monument is decorated with spectacular illumination.

The Kumzhensky memorial is very popular amongtravelers. "Beautiful, large-scale, touching" - such epithets are most often found in the tourists' reviews about this place. Most of all travelers are impressed by the huge stele in the form of a curved arrow.

Most people who visited the memorialcomplex, advises to come here in the summer and dry days of the year. Since it is difficult to get to the object in rainy weather without getting dirty. But with food on the "arrow" there will be no problems. At the entrance to the Kumzhenskaya grove there is a large restaurant.