Summer is time for rest and entertainment. It was at this time that tourists traveled around the world in search of beautiful beaches, healing air and a relaxing atmosphere. One of the most popular resort countries in Europe is Spain, along with its picturesque islands. In particular, many travelers choose Mallorca as their holiday destination.

In fact, this is a great place to relax,because here the tourist can count on modern comfort, exciting natural beauty and, of course, warm sea waves. The island is pleased with a huge number of hotels and boarding houses of different sizes and price categories. One of them is Bellevue Vistanove 3 *.

Mallorca boasts not only beautynature, but also an interesting history, culture and traditions. When planning a trip, each person naturally tries to learn more about the chosen stopping place. For example, how far will it be to go to the beach and whether there are somewhere near interesting places and sights. How do the rooms look and is it possible to spend time at the hotel really comfortable? Is the hotel suitable for a family holiday?

Location: where to look for a hotel?

bellevue vistanova 3 mallorca

Of course, the location of the hotel is an important aspect. Many tourists are interested in questions about whether it is far to go to the sea, if there are shops, cafes and some sights nearby. So what can the guests of Bellevue Vistanova 3 * hope for? Majorca (Mallorca), Magalluf (Magalluf) - a resort area, which by and large inhabit foreign tourists - it was here that the hotel complex was built. The lively public beach of San Matias is just 150 meters away.

A few minutes walk to the centerThe neighboring area of ​​Palma Nova, which is famous for its luxurious restaurants and entertainment venues. Near the hotel there are shops, cafes and nightclubs, so you do not have to miss travelers. Within walking distance is the Grand Casino de Mallorka. Airport "Palm" is located about 20 minutes drive, which is convenient - after the flight you do not have to long to go by bus.

Short description and additional information about the hotel territory

What to count on travelers, placewhose vacation will Mallorca? Hotel Bellevue Vistanova 3 * occupies quite a large area - here for tourists organized sports grounds, terraces for recreation and, of course, a small garden where you can relax in the shade of trees. The hotel itself consists of several buildings, which in their architecture resemble summer villas on the beach. Reviews indicate that the territory here is beautifully arranged and cleaned regularly, so spending time here is always nice.

How many rooms are in the complex?

For many tourists vacation homebecomes Spain, Mallorca. Hotel Bellevue Vistanova 3 * can provide all the needs of travelers. On its territory there are 198 rooms. For the most part, these are standard double rooms. The difference between them, however, is available - depending on the location, from the balcony you can admire the view of the garden or the sea shore, watch the boiling life by the pool.

In addition, the hotel offers spacious triple rooms, as well as connected rooms, which are ideal for large families or companies.

Description of the rooms Bellevue Vistanova 3 * (Mallorca)

bellevue vistanova 3 mallorca reviews

A photo of one of the rooms you can see above. It is extremely important after an eventful day to return to a comfortable room where you can relax and unwind. So what does the hotel complex Bellevue Vistanova 3 * (Mallorca) offer? Guests can rely on small but cozy and elegantly furnished rooms with large windows. You can count on comfortable furniture and clean linen on the bed, which, by the way, is changed twice a week.

Each room has a set of necessaryequipment, including a television connected to a satellite dish, as well as a telephone. The air conditioning system will help to fight with summer heat, and on cold days, central heating works. Tourists can use the safe with a convenient electronic lock, and this service is not at all expensive.

Room includes a private bathroomroom with modern fixtures. Here you can take a shower at any convenient time. There is a toilet, as well as a washbasin, a mirror and a set of clean towels, which are changed regularly. Guests can use a hairdryer. By the way, reviews say that the rooms are cleaned regularly, and cleaning is really good.

Meals for guests: what to count on?

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Lack of good nutrition, as you know, cansignificantly spoil the holiday. So what can the guests of Bellevue Vistanova 3 * expect? Spain is a country that is famous for its original cuisine and, of course, incredibly delicious wines of its own production.

Booking a hotel room, travelers are freethemselves choose a power scheme. For example, it can only be breakfast, full board or two meals a day. You and can at all refuse food and, nevertheless, have supper in a local restaurant, of course, paying the bill.

How to feed in the hotel BellevueVistanova 3 * (Mallorca)? Guest reviews confirm that in a local restaurant you can really eat delicious. For breakfast, they serve fruits, vegetables, muesli, cereals, light snacks and salads, as well as fresh pastries and delicious drinks. For lunch and dinner, the menu is more diverse - travelers are offered the most delicious dishes of local and international cuisine, so there is always something to choose from. Delicious food is complemented by quality service, because waiters here are pleasant in communication and are always ready to help.

At the pool on the terrace there is a bar, whereoffer chilled drinks, aromatic tea and coffee, exotic cocktails, homemade ice cream and, of course, real Spanish wines. There is also a small cafeteria on site with a modern ambiance and a relaxed atmosphere - it serves light snacks and desserts that children like.

The hotel complex is located in a popular resort area, so there are a huge number of taverns, cafes, restaurants of different caliber, in short, everyone can choose their ideal place.

Beach and entertainment of tourists on the beach

bellevue vistanova 3 Mallorca mallorca Magaluf magalluf

What quality beach vacation can offerHotel Bellevue Vistanova 3 *? Spain, Mallorca, in particular, are famous for their picturesque sea coast, mild climate and warm waters. As already mentioned, the hotel complex is located almost on the beach - a distance of 150 m. Just a few minutes of leisurely walking, and you are on a picturesque beach that is covered with soft sand. Travelers from all sides of the world have a rest here.

It should immediately be said that the beach is public. At the same time, the reviews say that it is not too crowded. Admission is free, but for renting sunbeds, umbrellas and mattresses you have to pay (good, the prices here are not too high). On the beach, of course, there are cafes and bars where you can buy a chilled drink or order a delicious cocktail.

Reviews indicate that the sea is hererelatively calm and very clean. There is a convenient descent, as well as the shallows, where, as a rule, children are entertained. The beach itself is regularly cleaned from debris and algae, and therefore it's nice to spend time here.

Fans of more active pastime alsowill not be disappointed. There is a large volleyball court on the beach. There is a water recreation center where you can rent a boat, catamaran, water motorcycle, ride a banana, try yourself in a parameyling and even go diving. There is also a windsurfing center where you can choose and rent a board, and take a few lessons from a professional instructor.

Do the hotel offer additional services?

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Many travelers as a temporarythe choice of accommodation Bellevue Vastanova 3 *. Mallorca is famous for its comfortable hotels. Here you hardly have to deal with small domestic problems, as all conditions for carefree pastime are created on the territory of the complex.

The hotel guests can use the laundry service. Here you can exchange currency at a favorable rate. Internet on the territory of the hotel is also there, but for access to it you have to pay separately.

The tourists have the opportunity to rentcar, motorcycle or bicycle. The prices here are quite affordable, and the registration procedure does not take much time. Having your own transport considerably facilitates the movement around the city - you can quickly reach any point, explore the most interesting sights and even make an independent trip around the island. The car can be left in the hotel parking lot, which is guarded around the clock.

The hotel has a medical office, which can be contacted in case of health problems. An experienced doctor can quickly conduct an examination, prescribe the necessary treatment and give useful recommendations.

Recreation and leisure travelers

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What kind of service can guests expect?hotel complex Bellevue Vistanova 3 *? Mallorca is an island that is famous for its comfort and unforgettable entertainment. And this hotel is no exception - here guests can have fun in the company of new acquaintances.

In the courtyard there are two spacious outdoor swimming poolswith clean fresh water. Here, guests can relax, lying in comfortable sun loungers in the shade of umbrellas. From time to time in the pool competitions are held on water polo, and still others can do aqua aerobics. By the way, the hotel has a gym, which guests can visit for free. There is a modern equipment, professional instructors, who from time to time conduct group classes in fitness, gymnastics and aerobics. In a word, tourists can easily maintain a perfect physical form.

You can have fun with playing billiards and table tennistennis. Near the hotel there are golf courses, which can also be visited at an additional cost. There is an opportunity to practice archery, as well as horseback riding. At guests' disposal is a video salon with a large collection of films, as well as slot machines that appeal to both children and adults.

Guests can count on show programs,which are held almost every evening - you can enjoy the spectacle of acrobatic and dance numbers, listen to performances of local musical groups, and also dance to live music. During the day, the hotel also hosts a wide variety of competitions, performances and group events. The hotel also has a night club with a disco, where travelers can also have a good time.

Entertainment can be found outside the hotelBellevue Vistanova 3 *. Spain, Mallorca (Magaluf) - a great place that can offer a lot of fun. On the territory of the island there is a huge number of interesting places and historical attractions, in short, hardly anyone will have to miss.

Rest with the child: are there any conditions?

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If you at least once traveled with a child,then, for sure, you know that in such cases the issues of comfort come to the forefront. What can the hotel complex Hotel Bellevue Vistanova 3 * offer to children?

Palma de Mallorca is a great place forrelaxing family vacation. The city has everything in order to make the vacation as interesting as possible. Some conditions can be offered by the hotel itself. For example, a discount applies for children. A large folding bed will necessarily be delivered to the room at the first request of the parents. And in local restaurants you can always find delicious food for a child of any age.

Naturally, the main attractionThe island is the sea and the beach, where kids love to spend time. But you can have fun in the hotel itself. For example, in a large pool there is a safe, separated section for children, where kids can splash in warm and clear water. The guys play and relax on the playgrounds. During the season there is a mini club on site, where you can take your child to any convenient time. Here, the children are engaged in fun and experienced animators who organize sports events, dance and theatrical productions. Kids can do art and just play in the company of new acquaintances.

Hotel Bellevue Vistanova 3 * (Mallorca): reviews

To gather the official part of the information is onlypart of the work on travel planning. It's no secret that much more information can be obtained by asking people who have already visited this or that place. So do you like the tourists Spain, Mallorca? Hotel Bellevue Vistanova 3 * is it really suitable for a holiday?

Immediately it is worth saying that the tourists leavedifferent reviews. Life on the territory of the hotel complex is quite active, and the fun here literally beats the key. Therefore, the hotel is perfect for youth recreation, although couples often stay here.

The hotel is quite large, and the placelocation is convenient - in a few minutes you can reach the sea and the center of the fashionable resort area of ​​Palma Nova. The hotel area is large, clean and well appointed. The rooms are quite spacious, almost all windows and balconies offer beautiful views of the surrounding area or the sea shore.

Meals are also at a decent level - the choice of dishesrelatively large, and the food is always fresh and fragrant. But it is worthwhile to understand that you can not take dishes with you from the restaurant. The reception desk is working constantly, and the staff here are sympathetic and polite. You will always be helped, answer all questions, sometimes even check in before the time indicated on the official website.

Travelers recommend the hotel Bellevue Vistanova 3 * for budgetary rest. Mallorca, Magaluf - a good place for a vacation.