Spending time in the sauna is a great way toretire and relax, one of the best ways to take a break from the daily hassles, stresses and problems. Also a great way to get better. It is especially good to have a rest with a loved one. Therefore, many saunas in Moscow offer a wide range of services for two. Now consider the most popular.

An institution with an interesting name - "Halva"

This sauna offers Finnish and Russian steam rooms. The cost for two is 1400 rubles per hour. In addition, you can order brooms, massage, various bath accessories and aromatic oils. In the "Halva" there is a large pool in the form of an oak barrel.

sauna in Moscow for two

Visitors can enjoy Caucasian cuisine dishes. For the most comfortable stay in the sauna there is satellite TV, karaoke, air conditioning.

There is also an infrared cabin. All sauna lovers know about its useful properties. There is a banquet hall.

Sauna "Halva" is located at: ul. Great Spasskaya 8. Those who have already been here, leave the most positive feedback. Therefore, we can assume that "Halva" is a good sauna. Book your seats in advance. Record - on the phone +74956800178.

saunas in moscow cheap for two

"Calypso" - a great place to relax

This sauna in Moscow is suitable for two people. A maximum of ten people can take it. The steam room is designed for six visitors. The "Calypso" offers a sauna in Finnish style and Russian. In addition, there is an opportunity to additionally order a massage, bath attendant, brooms. In the pool there is lighting and heating. This makes the atmosphere more romantic.

There are also dishes of European and Russian cuisine andbar. Lovers can retire in the common room. There are two. Comfortable rest will be complemented by: satellite TV, hookah, Russian billiards. There is a secure parking in the sauna area.

This complex is located at: ul. Trifonovskaya, 15. The most convenient way to get on the subway. The nearest stops are "Dostoevskaya" and "Marina Grove". The telephone is + 7495723-01-95.

Visitors will be pleased with the pleasant atmosphere and systemDiscounts for regular or frequent visits. Prices change periodically. Therefore, at the time of the visit, it is better to check with the administration. Regular customers talk about a comfortable and pleasant stay here.

"On the Lower Fields"

What is the sauna with Jacuzzi for two in Moscow? For example, "On the Lower Margins". This is a popular place. The total capacity of the sauna is seven people, and the steam room - four. Visitors are waiting for infrared cabin.

Additional services will make your stay more comfortable. They include massage, bath brooms and other accessories.

Visitors can also enjoy dishes of Caucasian and European cuisines. Excellent novelties are offered by the famous chef.

There are many additional entertainments: American billiards, satellite TV, air conditioning, hookahs and karaoke.

This is not only a sauna in Moscow for two. Here you can spend a romantic evening, or a birthday or another holiday. Those who have already managed to visit here, talk about the beautiful atmosphere and nice prices.

There is an institution at the address: st. Lower Polya, 29. Any information about the sauna can be found by calling 8 (985) 5215241.

"Little Mermaid" - an interesting institution for recreation

By right, we can say that this is an elite sauna. It can hold up to thirty people, and a steam room - up to ten. Standard Finnish and Russian steam room. In addition, you can order massage, bath attendant and, of course, brooms. There is a swimming pool with lighting and a geyser.

Visitors can taste European cuisine.

The sauna is located in the center of Moscow - along the street. Litvin-Sedogo, 10. Here is a luxurious and warm atmosphere, excellent staff. There are two rooms for rest. In addition, there is a podium for striptease, satellite TV, hookahs and karaoke. For fans of billiards there is an American.

Here is a very beautiful interior. The walls were painted by hand in antique style. This makes it possible to feel like the gods of Ancient Greece and Rome. Everyone who has already visited here, share their positive impressions.

Phone of the sauna - +7 (495) 7072678.

"Flamingo" - an institution that provides discounts to couples

What kind of saunas in Moscow are inexpensive? For two, a place called Flamingo is suitable.

In this sauna offer a system of discounts, as well ascarry out various actions. The price for loving couples in the period 9: 00-16: 00 is 1000 rubles per hour. Sauna is designed for 6 people. If the number of visitors exceeds this figure, then for each next guest it will be necessary to pay extra.

sauna with Jacuzzi for two in Moscow

The view of the steam room is Finnish. Additional services - bath attendant, bath brooms and massage. There is also a swimming pool with Jacuzzi.

A wide choice of dishes of different cuisine: home, European. There is also a rich assortment of seafood in the menu. In the bar you can enjoy a cool draft beer.

In this sauna there are two rooms for rest, a banquet hall, a living room, karaoke, hookahs, satellite TV.

The institution is located at: Sevastopol Avenue, 28. Do you need an inexpensive sauna? Then pay attention to this one. Those who have already visited here speak about good conditions and affordable prices.

sauna in Moscow for two with pool


This is a whole complex of saunas. For two, it is suggested to try the sauna "Tet-a-Tet". On weekdays there is a system of discounts. The cost for two is 1000 rubles per hour. A wonderful sauna for two, the price per visit, as you can see, is affordable. In general, it is designed for four people, and the steam room itself - for two people. Type of steam room - Finnish. There is a pool-font.

The sauna is decorated in high-tech style. There is a lovely room for rest, a shower in which you can pour out of the bucket, home theater, satellite TV, a bar with home cooking and a massage chair. In addition, there is a massage bed and a vertical turbosolarium - two pieces.

There is a sauna at the address: st. Ostrovityanova, 32 / a. On the territory there is parking. All who have already been here speak about good conditions and beautiful interior. Phone of the sauna - +7 (495) 3326009.

"The Steam Room"

Shares are effective on working days at a certain time.Time - 800 rubles per hour. The usual cost is 1300 rubles per hour. Sauna accommodates six people, and a steam room - only four. Visitors are offered Russian and Finnish baths.

sauna for two in Moscow 24 hours a day

There are sauna brooms and other accessories,fragrant oils. There is one room for rest and an additional banquet room, table tennis and more. Also there is a swimming pool with filtration, heating and lighting. Visitors can have a bite of Russian cuisine, and at the bar enjoy a draft beer. In the territory there is a guarded parking.

Recently, new halls have been opened: a large one for ten people, a small one for six people and a billiard room for eight people. Here you can relax together, celebrate an important event in the banquet hall, relax from everyday problems and turmoil, watch the broadcast of sports matches. This sauna for two in Moscow works round the clock. Its schedule, of course, pleases its visitors. There is an institution at the address: st. 3rd Post Office, 65. Regular guests speak about the cleanliness and comfort of this complex. The phone of the institution is + 7916703-38-86.

elite sauna

"Zavalinka" is a wonderful sauna for rest

This sauna in Moscow is suitable for two people. The price here for an hour is 3000 rubles. For couples in love there is a special offer - 2000 rubles per hour. It is an elite sauna and very popular. It is located at: ul. Zonal, 12.

In general, the institution is designed for 20 people, andsteam room - at 10. Offer visitors a Russian steam room on firewood, if desired with the use of aromatherapy. In addition, you can use a broom and bathhouse attendant services, as well as a massage therapist.

There are two swimming pools and four rooms for rest. Various additional entertainment: hookahs, podium for striptease, massage chair, broadcast of various satellite channels.

Large assortment of dishes of Russian, Caucasian and European cuisines. In the restaurant visitors can order a delicious barbecue on the coals. But guests can come here with their food and drinks.

New cottage is completely locatedunder protection. The same applies to parking. There is also an outdoor swimming pool. Different types of props will allow you to relax as much as possible. Time to visit is better reserved. Phone for booking - +7 (495) 4888653. On holidays, visitors are waiting for surprises. All who have been here, leave positive feedback. Guests say that after visiting they left a lot of good impressions.

"Pierce" - a popular bathhouse with various services

What kind of saunas in Moscow are inexpensive? For two, for example, "Pier" is suitable.

This is a very famous bathhouse club, whichis located on the street. Ozernoy, 42. Sauna for two here is 1200 rubles per hour. The total capacity of the institution is 8 people, and the steam room is 4. Standard Finnish and Russian steam rooms. A large list of additional services: hay, oak brooms and other accessories, massage, fragrant oils, bath attendant.

saunas for two price

There is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi and a shower with hydromassage. There is one room for rest. Standard additional services: banquet hall, Wi-Fi, SPA-procedures, air-conditioning. In the territory there is a guarded parking. This sauna in Moscow for two offers dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Also here you can enjoy a drink in the bar. But you can come here with your food.

In this sauna you can spend romantic evenings or other important events. The institution is all that is needed for a comfortable and full rest.

There is one point that distinguishes this sauna fromthe rest is a steam room on the hay. In this case, therapeutic stones are used, and in the whirlpool are added different collections of herbs and salt of the Dead Sea. There are entire programs for the correct steaming and complex massages for better effect.

This sauna in Moscow for two with a poolIt is homey and comfortable. If you are looking for a place to rest, then pay attention to this institution, phone - +74957867569. Everyone will like it here. Pleasant and positive staff will fulfill all the wishes of the visitor and make his stay as comfortable and unforgettable as possible. Once you are here, you will definitely want to come back again. Visitors talk about a pleasant and unique atmosphere.

A small conclusion

Now you know what saunas are for two,The price depends on the establishment and the services provided. As you can see, there are many interesting places that you can both visit together with your loved one, and a big noisy company. The establishments offer services at various cost. We hope that the information provided in the article has helped you to choose a good institution for recreation.