Many residents of Belarus go on summer vacation or health improvement on the Black Sea, choosing cozy Anapa for accommodation.

The direction of Minsk-Anapa is very popular due to the fact that it is possible to get to the southern resort from the capital of Belarus quickly and comfortably by choosing the optimal vehicle.

An ideal holiday in Anapa

In the resort city of Anapa it's good to spend summerleave, rest and undergo a course of treatment and rehabilitation in the autumn-winter period. The resort hosts numerous resorts, recreation centers, hotels and hotels, boarding houses, campsites and children's camps. Inexpensive, you can rent comfortable accommodation in the private sector.

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Wonderful wide beaches of Anapa stretch for more than 50 km. Most of the beaches are sandy, 12 of them are pebbly.

A gentle safe entrance to the water, clean sea, developed infrastructure of beach recreation - all this attracts tourists to Anapa from Minsk and other cities.

Summer in Anapa is dry and hot, the water near the shore warms up already in May, and in summer the sea temperature is +23 ... + 25about. The end of the swimming season is in October. Average winter air temperature +2about.

Demand among water and mud therapy arriving in Anapa in local sources.

To Anapa from Minsk by train

From the railway station of Minsk (Privokzalnayasquare, 3) train No. 390B goes to Anapa. The Minsk-Anapa train leaves the Belarusian capital at 12:15 and is on the road for almost 48 hours, passing 2279 km.

Railway communication between Minsk and Anapa is carried out regularly: the train leaves every 3 days.

The train route Minsk-Anapa passes through such cities:

  • Gomel;
  • Dobrush, where it crosses the Belarusian border and enters the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Bryansk-Orel (parking almost an hour);
  • Dace;
  • Voronezh (parking 50 min.);
  • Novocherkassk;
  • Rostov-on-Don (parking 18 min.);
  • Krasnodar;
  • Abinsk;
  • Anapa.

anapa minsk train

Passengers can buy tickets to the reserved and compartment cars of the Minsk-Anapa train and back to Minsk railway booking offices or through online services.

The fare in the reserved seat is 196 Belarusian rubles, the coupe - 419.

The train arrives at the Anapa railway station in Upper Dzhemete, from where it is convenient to get to the city center.

From Anapa, Composition No. 389S leaves Minsk, and the departure time for the train is 17:45.

Air communication

Getting to Minsk from Anapa is easier and quicker. There are 2 variants of the route:

  1. With the landing at the Krasnodar airport "Pashkovsky". Departure of flight В2 927 from Minsk is carried out at 00:25, to Krasnodar arrives at 02:55. Flight is carried out 3 times a week. Pashkovskiy Airport and Anapa are separated by 190 km, which can be reached by taxi or bus, which departs from the Krasnodar Bus Station. From the airport to the Krasnodar bus station follows the city bus number 7 and bus number 15.
  2. Flight is carried out with a transfer in Moscow(airports "Domodedovo" or "Vnukovo") and the flight to the airport in Vityazevo ("Anapa-7"). The direction is serviced by Aeroflot and UTair. The cost of the flight is from 17 500 rubles.

Anapa Minsk plane

By the sea by bus

You can go from Minsk to Anapa on a comfortable tourist bus. The journey will have to spend about 30 hours.

Each transport company thatMoves on the route Minsk-Anapa, makes its own schedule of bus traffic. Buses are not sent on every day, so you need to study the offers of different trucking companies and choose the appropriate option for departure and arrival.

Buses with vacationers leave from Minsk most often in 22-23 hours to arrive in Anapa by 06:00.

Buying a ticket to Anapa, in the same transport company, you can immediately buy a ticket in the opposite direction. The fare is about 5 thousand rubles. The amount of baggage is not limited.

train route anapa minsk

The bus route from Minsk passes through Mogilev, Bryansk, Orel, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, and then arrives in Anapa.

Car travel

An unforgettable experience leaves an automobile journey from Minsk to Anapa and back. The route can be laid through the territory of Ukraine or Russia:

  1. Through Ukraine. The distance is 1700 km. From Minsk to Gomel, then along the E-95 highway cross the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Through Chernihiv, Kiev, Nikolaev, we must go to the Sivash border crossing point, where we again cross the border. After passing the Crimea (Armyansk-Kirovskoe-Kerch), through the ferry crossing cross the Kerch Strait. From the village of Ilich can be reached in Anapa.
  2. Through Russia, the route will be about 2 thousand km. From Minsk to Gomel, then cross the border and take the A-240 road to Bryansk. In Voronezh, you have to turn onto the M-4 "Don", which will lead to Anapa.

The cost of fuel will be about 7 thousand rubles.