Famous Polish resort on the Baltic coastSea - Sopot - together with Gdansk and Gdynia form the so-called "Triple City" - "Tricity". Sopot attracts, above all, its extensive sandy beaches, and European fame was largely due to the Song Festival, held annually in the Forest Opera - a unique structure, the walls of which form wooded hills.

Even in the early Middle Ages in the territorymodern resort there was a Pomeranian settlement, fragments of which, carefully guarded, now serve as one of the objects of tourist hunting for unique cultural monuments. The uniqueness of the ancient settlement is that this is the only monument of its kind known in Poland so far. The city's natives do not doubt that it will remain so in the future, so the former excavation zone, located about half a kilometer from the sea shore on a hill, is declared by the Polish authorities to be an archaeological museum reserve.
Unicum is the longest in EuropeA wooden pier (515 m) is a favorite place for tourists and local residents. To the north and south of the mole are the famous medical baths, the opening of which in 1823 and the history of Sopot, as a resort. Another favorite place for promenades appeared in the 70s of the last century: on the site of the drained marshes along the beach was laid the Northern Park with a length of almost 2 kilometers.
Additional area attractions include Sopotit is worth paying attention to the city's museum, which is located on the Primorsky Boulevard in a chic mansion. In the permanent exposition of the museum, the atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century was recreated, and exhibits depicting the history of the city are presented. On the second floor of the museum there are works of contemporary European art. In the street of Maria Sklodowska there is the State Gallery of Arts, where also there are presentations of paintings by contemporary artists with the participation of authors.
In general, there are many private galleries in Sopot,exhibiting and realizing the work of the masters of the brush and cutter. One of them - the gallery-cafe del Art - is located in the famous Krivoy House, built in 2003. The facade of the house resembles a dancing drunk man, but the interior spaces are standard, like candlestick analysis currency market, they are occupied by shops, cafes and offices of leading companies.
For tourists who do not want to lose during the restsports form, in Sopot there are many sports grounds, many kilometers of cycle paths, golf courses, schools of diving and surfing. And children will like a wonderful water park with water slides, grottos and waterfalls, where not only residents of nearby cities come to the weekend, but also our compatriots from Kaliningrad.
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