For Russians, Cuba is the embodiment of freedom andhappiness, absolute exotics. Having arrived here, the tourist is asked by a natural question, that it is possible to bring from Cuba to friends and acquaintances, to itself for memory. Let's talk about what is traditionally famous for the island of Liberty, what is better to buy children, women and men. Also listen to the advice of tourists about what else is unusual and practical you can get here.

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Cuba Tourist Information

Russia will have to get to Russia from Cubanot less than half a day. Having done such a long way, I want to have a rest for the maximum, see all the fun. And of course, the question arises: what to bring from Cuba to memory.

The main historical and culturalthe country's attractions are concentrated in Havana. The historical center of the capital of Cuba is under the protection of UNESCO as an object of world cultural heritage. There are about a thousand outstanding buildings and objects. Here it is necessary to see the Cathedral of St. Christopher, built in the late 18th - early 19th century in the Baroque style. Its interior is notable for good copies of paintings by Rubens and Murillo, as well as sculptures by Biancini. The Sienaga square, on which the cathedral is located, is also an architectural monument. Another noteworthy object is the Havana Capitol. It is very similar to the eponymous "fellow" from the US, tourists are allowed inside, the interiors of the building are of great interest.

In Havana, there are three grandiose fortresses,the most famous of them and the oldest is the La Fuersa complex, founded in the 16th century. Also worth seeing is the Prado boulevard, the most visited place of old Havana, and the Bolshoi Theater in the style of colonial baroque. In addition to Havana, the cities of Trinidad, Santa Clara and Santiago de Cuba are also of interest to tourists.

In addition to architectural and historical monuments,Cuba is extremely attractive for its natural attractions. It is a unique park-reserve "Bolot Zapata" with a huge number of rare animals, birds and plants. The National Park of Topes de Collantes near Trinidad and the valley of the Sierra de los Organos allow you to see the unique Cuban nature and exotic inhabitants. Each landmark of Cuba produces souvenir products with its own symbols: magnets, mugs, T-shirts, key rings, etc. These products help partially answer the question of what can be brought from Cuba.

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What to see and do

The nature of any country can be understood, if onlyTo see how people work and live in it, Cuba is no exception. What to see and bring from the island of Liberty? This question will be answered by visits to the famous enterprises of the country.

For example, it is worth to visit the sugar factory of JoséSmith and see the authentic production of reed and rum. There you can try different varieties of this drink and buy a couple of bottles as a souvenir. A special interest among tourists is the excursion to the cigar factory "Partagas". The building itself of the 19th century is an architectural monument, and production allows you to see the process of creating cigars, which also did not change since the middle of the 19th century. At the end of the visit, you can buy fine cigars as a gift to friends.

It is impossible to imagine visiting Cuba withoutacquaintance with the beaches, for example, the famous coast of Varadero with soft white sand and rustling waves of the ocean attracts thousands of tourists every year. Also worth visiting the famous bars "Tropicana" and "La Bodeguita del Medio", where there were E. Hemingway, F. Castro and G. Marquez. A separate part of the trip to Cuba is gastronomic impressions. Here you can not only taste delicacies such as tortoise and crocodile meat, but also marine life, for example, swordfish, as well as unusual local cuisine.

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Traditional Cuban specialties

In any country, there are products and goods that areThe greatest degree is embodied by its national features. Specialists often become the most popular souvenirs that tourists buy. Reflecting on the question of what to bring with Cuba, it is first of all worth recalling the most important goods with which the country is associated. First of all it is rum and cigars. Also, Cuba, like many countries in Latin America, is associated with coffee. This is the popular souvenirs from Cuba. What to bring back from the island of Liberty for different people, how not to make a mistake when buying? We will tell in detail.


Almost every tourist who comes to the islandFreedom, he thinks: I will bring a cigar from Cuba. But he does not know that making a purchase will not be easy. There are many varieties, and it is not easy to make a choice. They can be thick and thin, of different brands and colors. When buying for yourself the best argument when choosing is tasting, in all official stores there are special rooms where you can smoke a cigar. If the purchase does not make a smoker, then it remains to count on the eye and nose. Since cigars are the main commodity of the island, they are made not only in factories, but also in small workshops and underground. Therefore, it is better to go to a good store for a good product and not to take cigars from your hands. In small shops, too, there may be fraud, for example, in a box of factory cigars may be podged with several fakes. Therefore, when buying, you should carefully examine and feel each, so that they are all the same.

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Acquire good goods is easiest in brandedNetworks such as La Casa del Habano, Habanos S.A., Partagas. They always sell high-quality goods, offer it to try and, if necessary, tell about its origin. Also in some branded stores, you can see a regular cigar cutter that will make several pieces of excellent tobacco right from you. Export from the country can not be more than 50 pieces of factory production and no more than 25 without official marking.


Thinking about what souvenirs can be brought withCuba, of course, all immediately remember the rum. This is a real symbol of the country, and here is produced a lot of brands and varieties of this alcoholic beverage. To buy the "right" drink you can focus on the most popular brands. And this is the most famous rum in the world of Havana Club, popular with the local population of Santiago, Legendario and Paticruzado. To protect yourself from forgery, and they are not uncommon, you need to go shopping in state-owned, branded stores. This will also help to avoid problems at customs, since only licensed goods can be exported, and it is sold only in stores. The average price of a liter of rum is 10-15 dollars, so the cost is also a sign of quality products.

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There is another option for buying rum - this istastings, large factories conduct excursions to their production and talk about each variety, let them try them. Here you can buy licensed products. We need only remember the restrictions on the Cuban and Russian customs for the export and import of strong alcohol.


Answering a question about what souvenirs to bringfrom Cuba, it is also worth remembering coffee. Like many countries in the Caribbean, Cuba is famous for its coffee brands. It's nice that the production of this fragrant drink is completely controlled by the state, so it is almost impossible to meet a fake. Coffee is sold everywhere, there are many brands and varieties. But the most famous and popular are: Arabica Serano Washed, Serano and Turquino Cubita. To choose the best coffee to your liking, you can always try it in a cafe. Tourists are happy to buy many different varieties to choose from, so there is no restriction on import and export. It is worth remembering that Cubans prefer rich coffee, so it may seem stiff to Russians. The taste of Cuban coffee is slightly different from the usual Brazilian, but it has many fans around the world.

Gifts for Men

Any journey is not only a multitudeimpressions and photos, but also souvenirs. What to bring from Cuba? Photos and emotions? Friends and relatives obviously will not understand this, because they want to receive gifts and souvenirs. The Island of Freedom offers a variety of goods for men. In addition to the mentioned rum and cigars, representatives of the strong half of humanity will be happy with the brutal machete knife. Such before the automation cut the sugar cane. Knives can be of different sizes, and can be used for domestic use or for fishing, hunting, hiking. It must be remembered that it is possible to transport machetes only in luggage. Also, a man will be pleased to receive a beautiful hat-sombrero, which is also a kind of symbol of Cuba.

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The original gift will be T-shirts withthe legendary commandant Chegevara, in the local shops you can find many options for such products. Also for men, a national guaiabera shirt can become a good souvenir, they are often colorful and bright, but one can find a one-color, low-key coloring.

Gifts for women

And what to bring from Cuba as a gift to women? This question also has many answers. The first thing the locals advise is decorations with black corals and tortoise shells. They are really very beautiful and original. Local believe that such jewelry has magical protective properties. But when buying it is worth remembering that you can export only licensed products from the country. Therefore, to buy jewelry is only in official stores and must keep a check. Cubans also make very beautiful jewelry made of silver, wood, pitted fruit, with pearls. Many women really like perfumes of local production and cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Local perfumers enjoy the aromas of exotic plants, and the spirits are unusual and very sunny. Also ladies are always happy to receive a beautiful scarf or bright Cuban skirt.

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Gifts for children

For those who have kids, the question is thatcan be brought from Cuba as a gift, is particularly acute. Than to please children? Usually children really like mango or guava marmalade, as well as local chocolate. In Cuba, interesting dolls are made in national costumes, which, no doubt, like girls. For boys, you can buy wooden puppets and national toys in African style. Also children can buy caps and T-shirts with state symbols or funny drawings. Local craftsmen make cars and airplanes from different materials, which will become a good gift for boys and collectors. Even Cuba has long been famous for tin soldiers, which today can be bought in the Museum of Weapons. They also like boys and enthusiastic collectors. Souvenirs for children can also be local coins with state symbols.

Gifts to friends and colleagues

Travel makes you think about the fact thatbring from Cuba as a gift. Photo souvenir shops show a huge range of familiar souvenir details that you can give to colleagues and acquaintances. These are mugs, plates, small bottles of rum, beautiful photo albums with a cover from a skin of a bison, purses. Music enthusiasts can bring their national musical instruments: drums, maracas, bongos. They are beautifully decorated and will become a good decoration of the interior. Colleagues can bring photo frames, decorated in ethnic style. Girls will certainly be delighted with bright handkerchiefs in the national spirit.

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If you do not want to take small things to each colleague, thenyou can simply lay a table with Cuban specialties: sausage, cheese, coffee, marmalade and a bottle of herbal tincture or rum. And at the meal to share with friends their impressions of the trip.

Practical souvenirs

People who travel a lot, oftenprefer to bring something useful that would remind us of the country. What are practical souvenirs from Cuba, what to bring? Photos from the markets and shops show that you can buy a lot of interesting and useful things here. For example, towels or clothes for a house in an ethnic style.

Cuba is famous for its medicines and biologicaladditives, so going to the pharmacy will help to combine the useful with the pleasant. For example, drugs from shark cartilage will be a worthy gift to men, and vitamins like older people or sportsmen. Cuba - one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical market, here you can buy many generics at a comfortable price. It is only necessary to stock up the prescription of the doctor.

A pleasant reminder of the country will beceramic and wooden dishes in the national style. Ladies with pleasure buy woven bags made by local craftsmen, and baskets for table setting.

Travel Tips

If you ask experienced tourists thatbring from Cuba, then, of course, the first answer will be - rum and cigars. But then they will tell that in the country they produce also a good liquor Cubita, which is quite inexpensive and like many more rum. Many people say that Cuba makes delicious chocolate sweets, which can be bought in stores, as well as at the airport. Also seasoned tourists recommend paying attention to local sauces and spices, they will help remember the taste of Cuban dishes at home. Women note that in Cuba you can find beautiful, colorful products from flax: napkins, tablecloths, potholders. Travelers are advised to buy food and cigars only in stores, and the rest - at the discretion. But the markets need to bargain violently, as the price tag for tourists is always greatly overstated.

What you should not even think about

Answering the question about what to bring from Cuba,one can not help saying that it is forbidden to export, and what items can not be bought, no matter how the local people persuaded. It must be remembered that the export of unlicensed cigars, rum, tortoise shell and black coral products is limited from the country. Therefore, their purchase from hand can lead to sad results - the purchase is simply confiscated at the customs. Also prohibited the export of works of art, objects of antiquity, a book older than 50 years. It is also worth remembering Russia's restrictions on the importation of alcohol and tobacco products, a large number of medicines.