If you travel a lot in the SoutheastAsia, fate will sooner or later throw you into its airports. Kuala Lumpur - one of them - is the most important haven of the whole region. It has the status of an international one, and in this article we will devote special attention to it. The second airport, bearing the name of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, is often simply called "old". It accepts internal and external flights. But the main air harbor of Malaysia is not one, but three airports located one from another at a distance of several kilometers. True, one of them since 2014 is almost not used. And since acquaintance with Kuala Lumpur for Russian travelers begins with its airports, we'll tell about them in more detail.

Kuala Lumpur Airports

History of KLIA

When a hub named Sultan Abdul Aziz Shahceased to cope with the growing passenger traffic, authorities were thinking about building a new air harbor in the capital of Malaysia. To its construction reacted creatively. The focus was on environmental friendliness, and so new airports were created. Kuala Lumpur has two completely different hubs. The new airport was designed specifically. The slogan of the builders was: "The hub is in the forest, the forest is in the terminal." Indeed, a tired traveler, descending from the plane's ramp, immediately dips into the enchanting world of the jungle of Malaysia. The project was developed by the Japanese architect Kisyo Kurokawa, one of the devotees of the idea of ​​metabolists. Construction took several years. The international airport, which received the abbreviation KLIA, accepted the first flight in 1998. He immediately eclipsed the old hub. Now all flights arriving from abroad land in KLIA. Very quickly the airport of Kuala Lumpur came to the first position in South-East Asia. At the moment, it occupies the thirteenth place in the world in terms of passenger traffic, and the eighteenth in terms of cargo reception.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

This greatest harbor of Southeast Asia consists offrom three terminals. Two of them, located in the neighborhood, "Main" and "Sattelite", are connected by an automated system for the transportation of passengers. But the third terminal, for reception of budget air carriers, is three kilometers from the first two. Therefore, with confidence, you can characterize the KLIA hubs as airports. Kuala Lumpur now also accepts cheap airlines. Reviews of tourists warn: to get to the terminal loukostov, you need about half an hour. Therefore, you should consider this circumstance in time for your flight. It is necessary to find out in advance where your plane is arriving from or whence it starts. But if you are traveling with "AyrAzia", ​​"TigerAvevez" or "Tsebupatsifik", you definitely need to get to LCCT - such an abbreviation is a terminal for low-cost. But if you need "Main" and "Satellite", then problems with the achievement of the goal will not arise. Both terminals are in close proximity to each other. In addition, they are connected by free train and shuttle bus - to the choice of passengers.

Kuala Lumpur how to get from the airport

Kuala Lumpur Airport scoreboard

List of flights that this airharbor, will take more than one page. But there are no direct routes from Moscow and other Russian cities to Kuala Lumpur. It will fly with transplants. The reviews mention that many tourists come to the capital of Malaysia aboard the Qatar Airways liners. You can still fly through Kazakhstan ("Ayr Astana"). The main air harbor of Malaysia accepts flights from all countries of Southeast Asia. If you are interested in budgetary transportation, then the most advantageous is to use the services of a low-cost "AairAsia". Also tourists use the airport of Kuala Lumpur for trips to the beaches of Thailand, in particular to the island of Phuket (on board the "TaiAirvayz") or to Singapore. The air harbor of Malaysia is also connected with the countries of the Middle East region. Without problems you can get from here to the UAE, Qatar. Landing here and liners arriving from Oakland, Melbourne, Adelaide and Istanbul.

Airport scoreboard kuala lumpur

Services in the Main Terminal KLIA

Passengers praise all the new airports. Kuala Lumpur has won from their construction - they are very beautiful and functional. In the main terminal (Main terminal) you will find duty-free shops, ATMs, cafes and snack bars. Naturally, there are also storage rooms and other services here. What's interesting is that the airport management provides free wifi for passengers. Here you can also recharge mobile phones and other gadgets - for this purpose there are special racks with a large selection of connectors. Take luggage on arrival, pass passport and customs control, exchange money - all this can be done in the main terminal. The rules of Malaysia require you to remove the fingerprints of two index fingers from the visitor. On the sign of the border guard it is necessary to attach them to the scanner. There is also a lounge area in the main terminal for a fee.

Kuala Lumpur Hotel Airport

Satellite terminal

If you arrive from abroad in a newthe international airport "Kuala Lumpur", the scheme of which is quite simple, you will most likely be taken to the satellite hall. It was in it that the concept of "air harbor in the forest" was realized. A tourist information counter in the middle of the terminal and a few cafes, restaurants and toilets on the sides - that's all you can find here. The rest is the lush green of the tropics. Do not leave out any tourist information, advise reviews. At the reception you can get a free city map and even a guide in English. And if you have no less than eight hours between connecting flights, you can book an overview tour of the city. To set foot on the land of Malaysia, you need to pass passport control in the Main Terminal. Getting to this building is very easy. You just need to follow the Aerotrain pointers. This train-drone. Reviews are advised to sit in the first car to feel the surge of adrenaline already in the first minutes of his stay in Malaysia. Many tourists so spend time between flights - rolling back and forth, because nobody pays money for travel.

From Kuala Lumpur airport to the center

How to get to the city

We'll look at all the options. The first one is the most expensive and not the fact that it is fast - a taxi. Kuala Lumpur Airport is located fifty kilometers from the city center. Naturally, count on a budget trip is not necessary. Reviews of tourists discouraged to use the services of local private traders. They advise to apply to the Limo taxi taxi stand. There are several in the main terminal. The most convenient location of one of them - the third floor, the issuance of luggage or exit from the arrivals hall of international flights. You need to tell the employee the destination and ask for a "badge car", because the fare depends on the class of the car. Next, you pay the fare, and you get a receipt, which you give to the driver of the taxi. The cost of such a trip fluctuates within seventy-one hundred ringgit.

How to get to the train station

Feature of the capital of Malaysia is that itsthe railway station is practically in the center of the city. And this circumstance should be taken into account even for those tourists who are not going to leave by train to the province. From the airport of Kuala Lumpur, two types of trains run to the center. The fare in them is the same - thirty-five ringgit. The train "CLIA-Express" is to the main station without stopping. He arrives at his destination in twenty-eight minutes. These trains run more often: in a quarter of an hour from five in the morning until half past one in the morning. "CLIA-Transit" differs from "Express" in that it makes three stops on the way: to Salak Tinji, Putrajaya and to Bandar Tasik Selatan. These trains follow with an interval of half an hour and reach the station of Kuala Lumpur in thirty-five minutes. There is no significant difference with the "Express". Trains leave from the ground floor of the airport. The ticket is bought at the counter before boarding the train.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

To Kuala Lumpur by bus

This is, perhaps, the most inexpensive and the mostan acceptable method, especially for those passengers who landed in the terminal for low cost (KLIA2). They do not need to get to the main airport building. Unless of interest: between the terminals the "CLIA-Transit" train runs (it costs two ringgit, the journey time is five minutes). There are several bus companies that carry passengers from the airport to the capital of Malaysia and even to other cities in the country. The most convenient operator, judging by the reviews, Airport Coatch. The ticket costs ten ringgit (18 - in both directions). Buses of this firm are sent with an interval of half an hour by day. There is also a night flight at 3:00. This operator for twenty-five ringgit provides a service called "Kuala Lumpur Hotel - Airport". That is, the bus takes you directly from the gate of the hotel you indicated (if it is located within the city). Tourists leave positive feedback about the carrier Star-Shuttle. The buses of this company run around the clock and also pass by Chinatown.

Airport kuala lumpur scheme

Terminal KLIA2

It opened in 2014 and completely replaced itselfthe old LCCT, which is now in a state of liquidation. "CLIA2" is famous for being the world's largest terminal for receiving low-cost airlines. Previously, from LCCT it was not easy to get to the main building of the international airport of Kuala Lumpur. Now the journey by train takes no more than five minutes. On the first floor of this terminal is a whole bus station. From here it's easy to go not only to Kuala Lumpur, but also to other cities: Johor Baru, Malacca, etc.

Airport to them. Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah

Before, until the end of the last century, it wasthe main air harbor of Malaysia. But even now it has the status of an international airport. Airliners from Almaty, Tashkent, Delhi, Dubai, Guangzhou, Canberra, Melbourne and other cities of the world regularly land on the runway. The old air harbor of Malaysia is quite convenient, say the testimonials. Here there is all the standard set of services necessary for a hub with international status. One of the advantages of an air harbor is its proximity to Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the suburb of Subang. So those who arrive in the hub with the abbreviation SZB (Kuala Lumpur), how to get from the airport to the destination, one can not think.

From an old hub to a new one

Another thing, if you are considering Kuala Lumpuras a transit point, and arrive in the hub named Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, and fly away from the CLIA. How do I get to Kuala Lumpur Airport from the old air harbor? To do this, go to the complex A and take bus number 9, get off at Pasar Seni stop, change the route to 2309 and get to the main railway station. And there already trains "KLIA-Express" or "Transit" will take you to the main international airport. Very confusing, and during peak hours is also long. Therefore, reviews recommend taking a taxi at least to the station.