Travel to the USA for any traveleralways ends the same way - you do not want to leave. The United States of America is a never-ending series of rare, exclusive, amazing sights that leave impressions for many years to come. About America you can not say - "amazing nearby." The amazing is dispersed throughout the vast territory of the United States, from the Atlantic coast in the east to the Pacific coast in the west. To inspect the main attractions of the United States, you will need to cross the whole country.

sightseeings of USA
So, the journey began. Long flight and finally landing at the international airport of John F. Kennedy. The airport is located in the southeast of New York, near Manhattan, which means that the first tourist shock will most likely be on Liberty Island, in the Hudson Bay, when visiting the main attraction of America - the Statue of Liberty. On the island with a statue of Liberty regularly goes ferry from Manhattan. A colossal forty-six-meter statue is another brainchild of the famous Frenchman, the creator of the Parisian Eiffel Tower. Gustave Eiffel made a statue of Liberty, too, made of metal, framing the frame with copper sheets. At the top of the statue's head there is an observation deck, and if you are not afraid of heights, you can get amazing impressions. A real traveler explorer climbs the observation deck on the steps, ignoring the comfortable elevator.

what to see in the usa
After the Statue of Liberty, the question of what to seein the US, it will disappear of itself, and the next landmark of America can be the Niagara Falls, which is located in the northwest of New York State on the border with the Canadian province of Ontario. Swiftly rushing streams of water - it's not just the sights of the United States, but roaring, never dormant fabulous monsters. Every second from an altitude of 50 meters, about 6 thousand cubic meters of bubbling water overflows. For half an hour, spent at Niagara, it is possible to become deaf if you do not use protective headphones. During the filming of the cult film "Niagara", Marilyn Monroe, who played the main role in the film, was in deep depression. The entire film crew insisted on a two-hour schedule of daytime filming, whereas usually in Hollywood, other films were shot for 14-15 hours.

travel across the usa
After recovering from visiting Niagarawaterfall, the tourist can go to South Dakota, to Mount Rushmore. There he is waiting for another shock - bas-reliefs of four American presidents carved into the rock of a granite massif. Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Jefferson look at the country with Mount Rushmore for 80 years now. Each bas-relief of 20-meter height, 400 workers worked for 15 years over this colossal, in a literal sense, project. The national memorial of the four famous US presidents is the "calling card" of America. After the completion of the work on the memorial began a real pilgrimage of hundreds of thousands of tourists. Any trip to the US necessarily included a visit to Mount Rushmore. It was necessary to reconstruct the access roads, lay wide asphalt roads, install special lighting.

devil's tower
Then the way of the tourist lies in the state of Wyoming, wherethere is another national monument - the Tower of the Devil. It is an absolutely unique monument of nature, a rock formation with a height of 400 meters, with a history of volcanic origin. The age of the monument is about 200 million years. As well as it is necessary to the unique phenomenon, the Tower of the Devil gradually overgrows with legends. The authors of the stories are local Indians who sincerely bow before the tower, bring her gifts as a deity and do not allow visitors to show disrespect to the rock.

Grand Canyon
The next natural phenomenon from the list"US landmarks" is in the state of Arizona. This Grand Canyon is an absolutely inexplicable phenomenon of nature, it is so huge, from horizon to horizon. Millions of years in the canyon the Colorado River is working, insistently laying a channel in the hard-stone layered rocks of the canyon. Everything that the river washes away is in the sea. From the constant clay deposits, the water of Colorado is cloudy-yellow. The Grand Canyon is in fact an independent part of America's natural wealth with its own flora and fauna, its own microclimate.

Golden Gate Bridge
Now is the time to relax in San Francisco,the benefit of it is a stone's throw away. There the tourist is waiting for a meeting with another representative from the category "US landmarks" - with a fantastic bridge Golden Gate. The bridge is laid, or rather suspended above the strait with the same name. The suspension bridge is almost two kilometers long - this is impossible to understand with the mind, but the facts are stubborn, and you can walk along the bridge on one of the two footpaths, drive by car and even ride a horse. After San Francisco, the tourist has a direct route to Los Angeles - the Mecca of the American film industry. Forward, from the last forces!