Any trip abroad - rest or workmeeting, buying real estate, or other reason - is associated with the registration of documents. There are a number of countries, entry into which for Russians is connected only with the design of the passport. And if he is already in his arms? I want to relax ... And then begins the agonizing choice of the country, the resort, the hotel ...

Montenegro: general information

Montenegro is a small country on the Adriatic coast. You can swim from May to October. The location of the resort towns and the magnificent nature - that's what attracts the tourists most of all.

visa for Montenegro for Russians

And the rest is offered here for every taste and purse. In addition to lovers of clean beaches, Montenegro is visited by fans of extreme relaxation (rafting, climbing mountains). The excursion program is very rich. In Montenegro, there are many interesting places that constantly attract tourists and locals.

Visa regime

The circulation in the country of the euro creates a lot of confusion. Montenegro has not yet been included in the list of EU countries. Visa to Montenegro for Russians, while staying in the country for up to 30 days, is not issued. Entry only on the passport. However, registration after crossing the border is mandatory. In any city there are infotouristic centers that register tourists. It should be done within 24 hours after arrival.

If you stay in the country for more than 30 days, the visain Montenegro for Russians is required. The procedure is simple. Registration takes place in the Consulate of Montenegro in Russia. Address in Moscow: st. Mosfilmovskaya, house 46 (the office is located on the 3rd floor of a residential building).

How to get a visa to Montenegro for Russians?

If the period of your trip is more than 30 days, then you need to apply to the Consulate in advance and provide such a package of documents.


International passport

Validity ≥3 months from the end of the trip + a copy of the page with the data about you (spread)

Application form

To be filled in in Latin


The form is free, but it is necessary to indicate the purpose of the visit, the place of residence, the period of the beginning and the end of the trip

Invitation or hotel reservation, lease


Do I need a visa for Montenegro for citizens of other countries?countries? Ukrainians can stay on its territory up to 90 days. including without a visa. Citizens of Belarus, who are in the country for up to 30 days, do not issue a visa, but together with their passport must issue a tourist voucher or carry an invitation from an individual.

Do you need a visa for Montenegro?

Visiting without a visa

Montenegro without a visa is available for visitingcitizens of the European Union, the United States of America, the member countries of the Schengen agreement. For those who are engaged in business in this territory, a visa up to 90 days of stay is not needed. If this time needs to be increased, then it will be necessary to apply to the police stations.

Visa to Montenegro for Russians who have concludedmarriage with a citizen of the country, is registered with the Consulate, provided that a document on the establishment of the family is presented. The term of such a visa will exceed 90 days. Also permits are issued for a long term in the case of training in Montenegrin educational institutions. It is only necessary to provide a document confirming the enrollment. If you have your own property inside the country and a residence permit, the period of stay will also exceed 90 days. This right, among other things, allows you to obtain permission to enter the EU countries (Schengen visa). Montenegro is in close proximity to many states that are part of the European Union. For example, you can fly to Italy in 2 hours.

Montenegro without a visa

How to apply for a Schengen visa in Montenegro?

Russians can apply for a Schengen visa in Montenegro if:

  1. There is a residence permit.
  2. There are relatives officially employed in Montenegro.

Of the documents in the first place will needvalid foreign passport (valid for more than 3 months after the end of the trip). With a spread, where your data is indicated, you need to make a copy. Next, you will need to fill out a questionnaire, the form of which is published on the official website of the Schengen member country. The requirements for filling it out are listed there. It will be necessary to have a photo of the proper quality and the right size. An insurance medical insurance is required from an accredited company for an amount not less than € 30,000. Confirmation of sufficient amount of money on your accounts is required. There are some nuances. If you reckon on them less than € 50 per day per person, chances are you will not get the Schengen. Documents about the reservation with the prepaid payment or payment of the full cost of living. Additionally, notarized travel authorizations for children with you may be required (if one of the spouses is traveling and the other is not). Or the permission of both parents for travel of the child till 16 years together with tourist group.

Schengen visa for Montenegro

This concludes the list of documents. An embassy employee issues a visa within 1 week, but a package of papers can be submitted for 3 months. Also there is the possibility of issuing a visa urgently. The cost of the visa fee will be twice as high, but you will get the entry permit faster.