Since Greece belongs to a group of countries that have signedSchengen agreement, you can visit this country if you have a Schengen visa to visit other European countries located in the Schengen area. As well as the Greek visa gives the right to visit any country located on this territory.

Greek visa
Before applying for a visa to Greece, you need to take a certificate confirming your solvency. That is, a Greek visa is not available to every citizen.

The Schengen visa for Greece is issued in the presence of the following documents:

  1. Passports with a validity period of at least three months after the end of the planned trip.
  2. Copies of the passport page with data and a copy of all visas available in it.
  3. Copies of the pages of the internal passport with significant marks.
  4. References from the place of work, with the signature and stamp of the head.
  5. Two color photos.
  6. The completed application form.
  7. Extracts from the bank account, which confirms the availability of the required amount of money to stay in the country.

Tourist visa to Greece is made outtour operator, also you can get an individual visa if you travel by invitation of the Greek side. If you go to Greece by invitation, then in addition to your documents, you will need documents and parties that invited you, including a certificate of its financial condition.

Schengen visa for Greece
To visit Athos not only Greekvisa, but also an additional petition. Permission to enter Athos is issued only for four days, and only people connected with art and science can visit this place. Regular tourists do not get permission. In this case, you need to apply for advance - even before you go to Greece.

Please note that if available in yourpassport of a note on a visit to Northern Cyprus, most likely in a visa you will be denied. This is due to the difficult political relations between these countries.

Subject to entry into Greece with a minora child in the absence of one of the parents, requires his permission, certified by a notary, to leave the child from the country. A Greek visa is issued for three days.

In the Greek Consulate you can get the following types of visas:

  • Single and double-entry visas allowing a maximum of 45 days to stay in the country, taking into account the purpose of the trip and the time specified in the tour ticket or invitation;
  • Schengen multivisa, with a validity period of 6 or 12 months. Such a visa entitles the holder to stay in the country for a maximum of three months within six months;
  • Schengen transit visas, with a validity period of up to six months, including hotel reservations and tickets.

Tourist visa to Greece

When applying for a Greek visa, you have to payconsular fee. The amount of payment depends on the visa category. Payment is made when submitting documents to the consular department of the Greek Embassy or Visa Center.

Note that in some transitions throughThe border between Greece and Bulgaria is intended only for EU citizens and their families. Citizens of other states can not cross the border through the border crossing points. Therefore, before the trip, specify information about their work.