Want to deliver your beloved girl the truepleasure? You must know a lot about how to caress the nipples. It would seem that there are no special secrets in this. However, this is not at all the case. Knowing how to caress the nipples, you can become an ideal lover. After all, foreplay is a very important moment! There are a lot of nerve endings in the nipples. And gentle caresses women really like. This awakens their sensuality. The main thing is to be able to stimulate erogenous zones.

How to caress the nipples? Sensitivity of the female breast

So, more in detail. How to caress the nipples? Chest is very sensitive. Correct caresses give a woman great pleasure and excitement. It is the chest that can transmit to the girl's brain various signals about this very excitement. Even with insignificant thermal stimulation. By the way, pay attention to the fact that at the beginning of caresses, the female breast hangs a little. As soon as the lady is excited, blood flows and it is rounded. Caressing the girl's breast, you increase her sensitivity immediately several times. Do not forget not only about the nipples themselves, but also about the areoles around them. And if you stroke them with your fingertips, you will immediately see a bright reaction.

how to caress the nipples

Erection of nipples

The next moment. If you know how to caress the nipples, you probably are well aware of their erections. This is due to the reduction of connective tissue surrounding the areola. When caressing the areola decreases, and the nipple, on the contrary, becomes firm and convex. In this state, he reacts very sensitively to all touches. Female breasts should be caressed as gently as possible. Rough movements and unskilful caresses lead to unpleasant sensations, and accordingly, and to undesirable effect. All the excitement just disappears. We also remember that to knead and bite the female breast is also not worth it - it's not at all caress!

Gradually from the female breast it is necessary to fallall lower and lower. To the most intimate place. Just do not even think about touching an unhealthy clitoris. This can cause not the best feelings, and sometimes even pain. In any case, include diversity while stroking the female body. The same movements of significant importance will not have.

how to caress the breast

Lick it?

And now in order. How to caress the breast, so that the woman experienced real pleasure? How to give her real pleasure? Most importantly, do not overdo with caresses. Most ladies like it when men lick their nipples. And some begin to lick them and the man in order to persuade him to a similar action.

caress female nipples

Tingling and Pissing

Thinking about how to caress the chest, many menpass to more decisive actions. And not in vain. Tingle of women can not but excite. Only in this matter it is necessary to feel the measure. Keep the nipples gently and gently. If she wants more, do not doubt that she will tell about it herself. Some women love when their nipples not only pinch, but also delay. This noticeably adds to the sensations of sharpness.

Sucking is a kindness for those women who prefer roughness. Sometimes, together with easy biting, the sucks even lead a woman to orgasm.

how to fondle nipples


A man who knows how to caress female nipples,can be sure that the lady will be delighted with the intimate life with him. Many girls like to stimulate the breast in a vacuum fashion. Faced with such caresses at least once, to abandon them is already quite difficult. By the way, a vacuum can be provided by a partner with the help of special devices from a sex shop. And even with the help of medical devices designed for expressing excess milk. The effect is achieved due to a pressure drop that provides nipples increased sensitivity and a steady erection.

Ice cubes

One more thing. How to properly nipples while playing with ice cubes? Almost every woman this process is incredibly exciting. True, not every man is capable of this. Or just lazy. But in vain.

Girls sometimes stimulate their ownnipples with ice. Even if a lady does not like such a stimulation from a man, she will be satisfied with the fact that he is thus "confused".

By the way, many young ladies also likeaffection of nipples sexual partner of his partner. Some women also enjoy the light tickling of the nipples of the partner's hair or pen. This has a very exciting effect.

The most important thing that you should not do, in the opinion ofwomen, it's talking to their breasts. Nipples are not alive! Do not call them "buttons". And the chest - "babes". In a word, no nicknames and "syusyukaniy." Just borrow your mouth with caresses.

women's opinion of how to caress the nipples


And finally. What kind of a woman's opinion? How to properly nipples? In fact, everything is very simple. Women, like, however, men, have very sensitive nipples. The sensations caused by stimulation can be both pleasant and irritating. The best way to check if your chosen option is for your woman is practice! Perhaps a woman will get a great pleasure from the fact that a man will only breathe on her nipples. Well, touching them a little stronger, he can bring her to orgasm. Although, it can cause even pain. Thus, a man needs to learn how to manipulate the nipples, become a real master in the art of sexual stimulation.

Summing up. If a man wants to deserve the title of an ideal lover, he must learn how to caress a woman's breasts. This is one of the most important moments in sex! And if you can not understand what a woman wants, independently - ask her directly! She'll tell you everything!