Any man who dreams of conquering the heartwomen, the question arises how to surprise a girl. To do this, the main thing is to do something that was not previously in the relationship. And it is necessary to do this beautifully and at ease, so that the girl really was surprised. Ideally, to really hit a girl, you need an unexpected gift, which was a real dream. It's not enough to come up with a good idea, you need to implement it in a proper way and think it through carefully.

And now we will consider several effective ways how you can surprise a girl.

  1. Give a huge bouquet of flowers. Flowers - it's elementary, but very effective and effective. A beautiful bouquet, donated not on a holiday or on a first date, will very much surprise your girl. But it should be noted that this should not be just roses, but the girl's favorite flowers. Many like lilies, daisies, orchids, callas, irises or gerberas. Especially the original gift will be a flower arrangement made by your hands with the help of a professional florist.
  2. No girl who really loves you, notwill stand if you make her an original proposal of the hand and heart. In dreams, every girl already sees herself as a beautiful bride. If your relationship has reached the point where it's time to organize a wedding, then you can make an offer. It will definitely surprise your girl.
  3. If you are not yet ready to marry or have youthere is not enough money to provide a family, then you can invite a girl to choose a ring together. This will mean that you have very serious intentions. In addition, the ring refers to the kinds of ornaments that all girls like.
  4. Another way how to surprise a girl isbuying a trip to the resort for two. What can be more pleasant than relaxing with a loved one in an exotic country or on the beach, away from problems and hassle. Such a gift not only surprises the girl, but will be pleasant to you. But to calculate the trip should be so that the girl had the opportunity to go. The voucher should be as comfortable and thoughtful as possible. If you are limited in finances, then you can buy a weekend permit for a holiday home. Such a trip will not make you change your plans and allow you to have a good rest.
  5. If you do not know how to surprise a girl on the firstdate, show her the most wonderful place in your city, of which no one knows. It can be your own place, where you walked only one, for example, the roof of the building, where a wonderful view opens, an unknown restaurant with excellent dishes, a wonderful park.
  6. Any girl will celebrate such a gift as a picture,which you wrote specifically for her. However, it should be taken if you have talent. Also you can make a beautiful collage of photos in Photoshop, print a photobook or simply transfer your joint photo to canvas. Such a gift will be a memory for many years.
  7. If you write songs or sing, write down youra song on a disk and present it to the beloved, invite the girl to the concert of your group and dedicate the composition to her, invite him to the stage. She will never forget such a gift.
  8. A very simple way to surprise a girl will bewrite her pleasant words on the asphalt for everyone to see. This sign of attention is very pleasant to all the girls, albeit not too original. It is best to use cans with paint. Such an inscription will last much longer on the asphalt.
  9. You can post a declaration of love on the pillars onroad to her work place or home. Such an original surprise will not require you to spend a lot of money. On each piece of paper it is better to write unique phrases, however, on each sheet there must be a signature.
  10. You can send a gift to a girl by mail or order a bouquet of flowers, a plush toy or another gift. Such a surprise will be unexpected and it will definitely surprise her.

These are just a few secrets on how to surprise a girl. Your imagination can offer you more original and interesting ideas. And let your loved one always smile.