The first love is extremely rare without sex,especially in adolescence. Remember yourself at the age of 16. The guys fluids go off at the sight of the young beauty for the mark of 100, and the girls at the sight of their "macho" pink cheeks and sweat palms. In this there is nothing to worry about, so our physiological world is arranged. And sooner or later to learn not only a vivid sense of love, but also a blessed intimate connection will have to everyone.

For guys, the first sex is the realization of one's ownconceived plan called "to become a man", and the first sex of the girl - is the opportunity to learn what sex with a loved one. And everything would be great, if not for one "but".

The first sex with a girl, as a rule, passespainfully. And for that there are reasons. Firstly, sex for the first time for any girl is a kind of overcoming of some psychological barrier. For many it is very difficult to imagine that only a couple of minutes, and you become a woman. Of course, this is quite natural. However, a little unpleasant. In order to avoid feelings of discomfort in sex, the main role should be taken by a man. Here comes a special demand - lovely girls, if you are still ripe for sex for the first time, try to choose an experienced male partner. Only a man with "experience of Casanova" knows what the first sex of a girl. Thanks to rich experience in the intimate sphere, sex for the first time a girl will pass a minimum without pain and maximum with pleasure. For those young temptresses who have already chosen their partner in the same juvenile in the field of sexual pleasures, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The first sex in a girl should be called onlypleasant associations, for example, passionate embraces, gentle touches. Therefore, your partner should not attack you at once, but prepare, more precisely, to warm you up to a state of sexual euphoria. The meeting should take place in a cozy atmosphere, you do not need to do it at home or away. The ideal option is a rented apartment. No one will disturb you here. Start with a romantic dinner and smoothly move to light strokes of the hand.
  2. The guy should make a relaxing massage, gently touching the lips to the neck and touching the ear lobe. Just do not get carried away and passionately vpivatsya in these erogenous zones of girls.
  3. Smoothly go to unbuttoning the blouse. After removing the bra, stroke the nipples with a wet finger, this is very exciting second half. Next, the tongue should take up the job. If you see that the girl's cheeks start to turn red - this is the signal about the next correct step.
  4. Take the girl in your arms and take it tobed. After completely releasing her body from clothes, start caressing it. First of all, the belly and the clitoris of the girl need caresses. But, do not forget about her breasts. If you use all the erogenous zones, the girl will be able to relax at most, which is extremely necessary for painless sex. When the girl starts to moan, without ceasing to caress her nipples, check her vagina for moisture. If the lubricant is sufficient, then it's time to introduce your "friend" to the little and modest girlfriend of the girl.
  5. Enter a gentle "pussy" should be abruptly,otherwise, if you do it gradually, pain can not be avoided. Thus, you can simply cause discomfort and complete disappointment in the girl. One sharp movement and "the fortress is surrendered."

The first sex a girl can pass, as withbloody discharge (break of the virgin pleura), and without excretion. It depends on the physiology itself. But, as a rule, a small spot on the bed can not be avoided. After a man made a girl a woman, sex should not end abruptly. Caresses need to continue so that the girl feels the support of her lover. After all, sex must first be remembered from a good side, and not vice versa.